Warwick, Dionne - Yours Lyrics

They told me love don't last forever
Now I understand
To think that only yesterday
You held me in your hands
And I became a woman
And you became the world, to me
I was lost, no dream to high
No star to far apart
Your carpet ride holding me
You led me to believe that I was yours, yours
I swallowed every lie
And you will cry when I'm away, on your own, like me
when I was yours

I could live my life without you, that is not enough
I can't lie awake believin' you don't want my love
Alone in my desire
And still the fire burns, my friend
I was there. I loved you well
Though we are far apart, I love you still
I relive the very moment when you called me yours, yours
Don't let me die inside
Save me from the memories, the hours that I cried
Say to me that I am yours, yours, mine eternity
And you will cry when I'm away
On your own, like me, when I was yours
Yours, yours, don't let me die inside
Save me from the memories, the hours that I cried
Say to me that I am yours, yours for eternity
And you will cry when I'm away
The hours that I cry
Say to me that I am yours, yours
Don't let me die inside

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Warwick, Dionne Yours Comments
  1. carlos ferreyra

    La mejor voz de las cantantes de los Bee Gees.


    I still love this song.. 08 Dec 2019.

  3. Angelete Ashley

    I’m still listening in 2019

  4. Darlene Ramsey

    Torch song!!!!!!!!!

  5. BNG MLN

    Blacks should be owing music companies and musical instruments, not Sony Yahama (Japanese)

  6. Keitumetse Segomelo

    Yours m getting emotional

  7. Airnergy

    Ein klassischer Gibb Song. Spannungsgeladen von Anfang bis zur letzten Sekunde!

  8. Raul Collado

    I agree. This is her best and my favorite. I just can’t stop listening to yours. Brings me back.


    I love this song... since released in 80'.....

  10. Denise J

    Wonderful song and one of THE great recorded performances.

  11. Sonwabo Koti

    She looks like Whitney Houston

    Mamonkie Dlamini

    Sonwabo Koti she's her aunt

    Aretha Franklin Whitney Houston

    She's Whitney's cousin

    Aretha Franklin Whitney Houston

    @Mamonkie Dlamini Cissy Houston is Dionne's aunt making her Whitney's cousin

  12. Junell progress

    Amazing song so emotional

  13. Erasmo Camelio - PassioneMusica

    Dionne in this song is ..legend !!!

  14. Nadia De Simone

    0.39 🌹

    Pogisho Shuping

    Pogisho Shuping
    My private song ,most touching, ten out of ten.

  15. Nadia De Simone

    one my fav 😍😍😍

  16. Simon Dentry

    Drop dead bloody gorgeous

  17. cameronpaul

    One of the least played songs of Dionne Warwick yet probably the best! Written by the amazing Bee Gees so it figures.

  18. jesus Rodriguez

    written by the bee gees (Barry gibb sang background vocals)

  19. Charles

    reminds me of my late mother

  20. Charles

    melody. not showing off body to sell music.

  21. Sultan Graf

    U can't judge or decide Wether it's good song or bad one time it's release unless u have good taste of music

  22. Sultan Graf

    What an epic

  23. narinoamor

    Stunning song so full of emotion and pain! Dionne Warwick is a legend

    Lindile Adons

    I totally agree

  24. sesame nyambe

    my fav  UNCLE WAGGA MOKGOSI NYAMBE reminds me of him love this song from your setlogolo bosele nyambe will always love

  25. peter sommerville

    its beautiful......................................

  26. iran rodriguo

    linda música,toca a halma.

  27. Shaheen J

    My sister used to play this album, even as a kid this track got to me and still does, love it.

  28. Fayruz Jansen

    lately my favourite

  29. Queenphaho Phaho

    I love this track this are the very best hits ever

    Keitumetse Segomelo

    It makes me feel so emotional

  30. Rudolph Applegreen

    love it

  31. Aaron Shore

    Why this song wasn't more heavily promoted, I'll never understand. Should have gone to number one!

    Olivia Manamela

    I totally agree