Warwick, Dionne - Walk The Way You Talk Lyrics

Just because you said things have got to change
They won't go away
Nothing goes away
Not unless you do the things you promised to
So walk the way you talk and talk the way you walk

Saying something's wrong isn't good enough
That won't make it right
Gotta make it right
And the only way is doing what you say
So walk the way you talk and talk the way you walk

There's nothing that's so bad that leaving it alone
Just doesn't make it worse
Time won't wait
Maybe tomorrow it may be too late
Don't just stand alone on a mountain top
Join the world today
Do it right away
Don't you know that you are only what you do
So walk the way you talk and talk the way you walk

Don't you know that you are only what you do
So walk the way you talk and talk the way you walk

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Warwick, Dionne Walk The Way You Talk Comments
  1. M K

    Thankful that Osunlande bought me here.

  2. Soul Star Cris


  3. Hubcaps219

    Listen to 0:36 then click the link below. You’ll see what I mean. Then click the like button 😊

  4. michael lawson

    So dj khaled sampled this

  5. Jasi_Reelz

    Shining Shining​ Yea! All this Winning..... I've been losing my mind!!!!!

  6. Andrea Lewis

    Osalunde bought me here

  7. Christoph Gogg

    Great Warwick/Bacharach /David all time favourite classic

  8. PHAT4LifeTV


  9. James Stewart

    Shining by DJ Khaled brought me here...Great ear, Khaled!

  10. SK Productions & Entertainment

    Its Dionne Warwick's song FIRST!!!✔💯

  11. Andrew’s Closet

    Bruh this is the clearest voice I've ever heard

  12. Derrick Harley

    I think we're forgetting that DJ KHALED wrote and produced the track... Jay-Z and Beyoncé just rapped and sang on it. But this song is a classic!!! I love Dionne!!!

  13. A Crosthwait

    Another one

  14. Lainas Crochet Wigs

    I'm glad I found the original!

  15. SodaMoOo

    Listen to Osunlade - Dionne, it's better sampled then Khaled version..

  16. Delvin Carey

    DJ Khalid brought me here and I'm loving.

  17. Zedric Tucker

    Ole School. Y'all Youngins Fall Back. 😂😂😂

  18. Maria Dickerson

    Also check out Osunlade Dionne that's the sample in Shining

  19. chris edwards

    childish gambibo riot


    Such an odd Range and melody used for this song. Not everyone could sing this easily.

    M K

    Agreed! Sergio Mendes and Brasil *77* 😉 tried in 1973. Not bad but couldn't compete with the original.

  21. Delana Johnson

    Shining shining shining shining yeahhhh

  22. Cheryl Berger

    I'm so glad Jay Z and Beyonce sampled this wonderful song. I LOVE DIONNE!!!! Shining is a boss track today!

    Delana Johnson

    Cheryl Berger 👍👍👍👍👍

    Yagurl Renii

    Actually osunlade sampled this song, then dj khalid added a little something then asked jay and bey to sing and rap to it. But yes I agree that Dionne and shining and shining is a bomb song too.

    Life Of Dionne


  23. Zedric Tucker

    Mother Fuckers No What Time It Is. Old School Rules.

  24. creativmindplay

    is it me or does she flub the lyric in the first chorus? every other time she says "walk the way you talk" but the first time she says "walk the way you walk"...the producers rightly assumed no one would care...

    M K

    I noticed that too!

  25. Andre Caldwell

    Had to drill down to get to this one. Soul is sample rich.

  26. Ricky Moss

    Dionne Warwick >>> beyonce


    Bitch please

  27. Dave Horatio

    Osunlade Dionne is the actual loop on Shining.. sampled from this track

    Michele Starks

    Exactly. And Khalid just put a beat to it.


    @Michele Starks he barely did that.

  28. Liporn



    I love tracking samples and finding great music

    Tluv Jonze

    CHRISTI XX glad im not the only one

    Yagurl Renii

    Yes me too I'm glad I'm not the only one

    Sibulele Tyesi

    CHRISTI XX I agree 100%...This is such a beautiful song


    kilo kish

    Nycole Littlejohn

    Swear me n my cousin live fa that shit lol

  30. muggledon1

    the hardest sample ever?

    Ethan Robertson

    muggledon1 not even close

  31. anwalborn

    I'm glad Beyoncé, Jay Z, and DJ Khalid introduced me to this tbh

    Caira Walker



    Me too! :)

    M K

    Never heard their version, just know Osunlande's version.

  32. la miki minach

    Since shining introduced me to this song, I've been listening them nonstop, both are amazing in their own ways!

    Delana Johnson

    sh00keth Exactly




    la miki minach same here

    Jason Lovelace

    Listen to OSUNLADE.... Dionne

  33. LoveHouse

    Go Dionne! SHINING......

  34. Gremlin2123321

    Jay-Z & Beyonce -The Shining

    encrypted html

    this is better and original then that bullshit

    Nathan Kilcourse

    Actually the rip off that Jay Z did was from Osunlade- dionne.

    q! Clef Jones

    Nathan Kilcourse Actually it's really DJ Khalid that ripped it from another song that rips off of of this one. He then asked Beyonce and Jay-Z to be on the song and both songs are amazing. This one and DJ Khalid feat Bey X Jay-Z - Shining. Bey and Jay had some good lyrics that seemed personal and in some ways relatable.

    Nathan Kilcourse

    Latrell Wigfall no dude. Check your facts. Trust me and go do the same. Osunlade -Dionne.

    q! Clef Jones

    Nathan Kilcourse lol! That's what I said. All I was saying is it's really DJ Khalid's song and I said he ripped it from another song that samples this one. It's not Bey and Jay's song. They are guests on DJ Khalid's song.

  35. claudiorga3231


  36. zainol rahamat

    personal all time fav of mine

  37. poetgb

    This song has a smooth melodic sound. This is yet another fine melody by Bacharach. Dionne Warwick seems to have sung the Bacharach David songbook. One of the best team ups in music history.