Warwick, Dionne - So Amazing Lyrics

Love has truly been good to me
Not even one sad day
Or minute I had since you come my way
I hope you know I gladly go
Anywhere you take me

It's so amazing to be loved
I'll follow you to the moon in the sky above

Got to tell you how you thrill me
I'm happy as I can be
You have come and changed my whole world
Bye bye sadness hello mellow
What a wonderful day

It's so amazing to be loved
I'll follow you to the moon in the sky above

And it's so amazing, so amazing
I could stay forever, forever
I would leave you never, never
Cause we go amazing love
Truly it's amazing, so amazing
Love brought us together, together
I would leave you never, never
Cause we got amazing love

So amazing and I've been waiting
For a love like you

It's so amazing to be loved
I'll follow you to the moon in the sky above

It's so amazing to be loved
I'll follow you to the moon in the sky above

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Warwick, Dionne So Amazing Comments
  1. Sipho Dhladhla

    Is Luther in the backing vocals? I think I can hear his tone.

  2. iloveoldschool

    😵 this is the first time I've ever heard of this version.

  3. Darlene Ramsey

    This song is beautiful!!!!!!!!

  4. john clegg

    Music a fantastical.

  5. Joe Jones

    No matter who sings this song, Luther or Dionne, I love this song, neither one them hurt their version at all...Both versions are simply amazing.

  6. Joe Jones

    This song is so amazing...Thanks you Ms Warwick.

  7. Jimmy Harper

    Dionne Warwick songs Forever

  8. shview james

    I can hear Luther in the background. Both Vandross and Ms. Warwick each make this song their own in their inimitable way. Great voices.

  9. Joe Jones

    No body gaves this version of this song any credit...I wonder why? I'd Follow you to the moon and the stars above. It's amazing.

    Joe Jones

    I agree...

  10. B. F.

    Always thought Luther's version was the original. This is my first time hearing Dionne's version...

  11. ikomw

    Isn't that Luther's voice on the background vocals?

    Shell Stewart

    Idk how you hear it but he wrote this for her....as far as I know. So he may be in her backgrounds

  12. pablo yeb

    preciosa canción de luther cantada por la genial Dionne

  13. Valerie Lee

    i am SO THRILLED!  DW actually replied to my Tweet...she's returning to San Diego one day for a concert!

  14. Robert Taylor

    i love this song


    Perfeitamente Dionne! Amo!!!

  16. Brendon Cariah

    Ms Warwick killed this!!! this is my preferred version in front of Luther, don't get me wrong Luther is one and only but Dionne made this her song!!!!

    Shell Stewart

    Because it was her song

  17. victor mirror face

    Her voice is such a joy to listen to truly a pleasant gift she is blessed .

  18. Alberto Luiz

    Tem Crítico que bate na nossa pele, na nossa cor . Aí seus criticos racista,observe a voz e a cor da pele de que está cantado, não é um show à parte ?

  19. Mr. Wilson

    this whole time I thought it was I got ego

  20. Snoop Chappelle

    Would have loved to have heard Dionne and Luther sing as a duet!


    https://youtu.be/tkoZFPuzEzs Here you go

  21. Marilou Fernandez

    Classic.irreplaceable Dionne💝

  22. Ananias Wilkins

    Wow .... so pure, clean and undistorted!  Nothing like the original!!

    Jimmy Harper

    Ananias Wilkins this is the original


    Her voice is like honey, like miel, so beautiful.


    Truly it is.....she is amazing. 

  24. DaOrigTruthSeeker

    I wonder some people feel a need to give one person a compliment at someone else's expense? Dionne did a masterful job on this and so did Luther. No need to put one down to lift the other. If you like one over the other that is cool,but no need to put the other down.

    Joe Jones

    I bought both albums around the same time...They are both "So amazing."

    Midwest Mommy Files

    You are so right. I love the Luther version and I love this version as well🙂

  25. Gary Lewis

    wow nice figure at 1:14

  26. Armand Blenker

    I Love Dionne Warwick and so did my men in the US Army.  The Men were homesick
    and I would hear them crying at night.  Then I put on Dionne Warwick, on my little record player and I say a little prayer for her. 

  27. Denoo Bruno

    très délicieux

  28. M M webb

    Beautiful voices her Cousin Whitney Houston, Cissy Houston, Dionne Warwick god's gifts

  29. Liston Page

    DIONNE WARWICK IS A QUEEN!!!! we don't get to hear SANGERS like this anymore.

  30. colombe paula


  31. dabodyrobinson

    @TheKoolkanadian I so agree with everything you said. Folks think Luther did it first, but he wrote for Dionne and sang background and produced. He later included it on one of his cd.

  32. isa berthet

    j adooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore

  33. Naji Almahdi

    amazing .. beautiful .. stunning

  34. TheKoolkanadian

    Patti Austin has a GREAT version of this too. DW had the original as prod by Luther etc. Beyonce should have left it alone & Stevie couldn't even save that 'duet'. So, it's DW, Luther Vandross' own version, & Patiti Austin's 'smooth jazz' or Pop version. : )

  35. Ray J

    @MurvMuzik This was on Dionne album "How many times can we say goodbye" which Luther produced. Both Dionne and Luther stated interviews in seperate interviews that they both wanted to release this song as a single but Clive did not see it as a hit. Luther was angry with Clive for not releasing the record as single which is why Luther at some point did the single himself. And the rest is history.

  36. beatinitup79

    wow i never knew she sang this first. always thought it was luther. i love him to death my fav singer. however missD got this 1

  37. MurvMuzik

    how old is this song ?

    true music

  38. DJR

    I did say she sang it very well, yes.
    But, I would have to give the edge to Luther.
    His version has more style and pitch.

  39. beatinitup79

    took the words right out my mouth i love luther his #1 fan. however she is the originator and i hate to say it but i like her version more wow

  40. DJR

    And wow what a nice glamour shot of her at 3:02.

  41. DJR

    Didn't know till now that she sang it first --written for her by Luther.
    I must say she sang it well - very well.
    Go, Dionne.

  42. Simon S

    Dionne's voice is truly amazing. So soft, so smooth and still full of emotions... That's what makes her special. A wonderful collection of pictures, too. A Lady whit lots of style and good taste. Thanks. Love her!

  43. Corey W

    One of the most soothing voices ever

  44. Jeff Cifra

    Beautiful. She sings with so much sophistication and class - but still injects that much emotion and passion. That makes her one of the top vocliasts of our time - aside from teh fact that as a singer, she can hold her ground in the same stage with Patti, Gladys, and Aretha. She's beautiful. Beyonce and the legendary Stevie Wonder also has a beautiful version of this song in the late great's Luther Vandross Tribute CD. On a personal note, I love Dionne's version more. This songs makes my day. =D