Warwick, Dionne - How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye Lyrics

Here we are so close to the end now
Still holdin' on, we try and pretend now
Clinging to love we both know is dying (It's dying)
We've tried and tried to find us a way out
But darling, our dreams have now all been played out
Still we go on hopelessly trying

But how many times can we say goodbye
And how many times can we see love die
And how many times can we give it one more try
Before we really say goodbye
Mmm, goodbye (Goodbye)

We're so in love, but wrong for each other
Each hurt that heals brings on another
Both of us used and both of us using (Hey, hey)
Darling, it's time that we stop pretending (Stop)
There's just no way to rewrite our ending (No way)
We're caught in this game and we both know we're losing

Oh, but how many times can we say goodbye
Hey, how many times can we feel love die
Tell me how many times can we give it one more try (One more)
Before we really say goodbye
Yeah...oh...ho... (Whoa...oh...oh...)

How many times can we break up and make up
Both of our hearts refusing to wake up
Just can't go on (No) and on living a lie
Though I'll always love you

How many times (Ooh) can we say goodbye
Oh...and how many times can we live this lie
Hey, how many times can we give it one more try (One more try)
How any times before we really (Really, really) say goodbye
Bye-bye (Goodbye) Bye-bye
(Goodbye) Bye-b-b-bye-bye-bye
(Goodbye) Ey, hey, goodbye

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Warwick, Dionne How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye Comments


    Michael D. Williams III

    A CHOSEN VESSEL Yup!! Here proudly, this is still one of my favorite classic ballads to listen to, from time to time.🙂

  2. Bridgette Small

    30 years ago I went to Luther Vandross concert at 15 with my first love he was 17 couple of years later he broke my heart and said goodbye

  3. Bridgette Small

    I see Whitney Houston in Dionne Warwick❤❤❤

  4. Mister Carlton King Of Loving Everything

    I only have heard a small piece of this song until now & I Love The video

  5. John Edward Kassawa

    Those days our sisters doesn't need to wore cloth that showing they're body open just respect with the talented

  6. John Edward Kassawa

    Bring back our old school music please

  7. Honey Kone

    Masterfully written by Steve Goldman. Beautiful song.

  8. Cynthia Stevens

    Dang I see whitney in her.

  9. John Edward Kassawa

    R. I. P EDDY ZONDI Sunday will never be the same again Metro Radio station

  10. Critter

    Rest in peace, brilliant artist, Luther Vandross.

  11. Muneeb Manjiya

    Still one of the best duet/songs ever. This is what you call music♡

  12. Valerie Brown Cheers

    I love this song and how many times can we say goodbye!

  13. Nico Chimal

    only tuher weeee always lovee you nfrom 🇸🇰

  14. Ching90034

    One of the Most Beautiful Duets EVER !!!!

  15. Luis Dolmos

    OMG... this is a true gem... 2 of the greatest ever in a same song!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  16. Donal Alderman

    A song that resonates with you when you still love someone but you know it's over and you have to move on. I still love that special lady that was in my life always will no matter what. This song resonates with me and my heart and life

  17. Roosevelt Thompson Jr

    A classic

  18. Sne Sangweni

    I really need love.... Dear God

  19. Given Ntshingila

    Rip my brother Luther vandross

  20. Loveystar78 cloud

    How many times can I hear this song? Not nearly enough.

  21. George Beier

    I know I should move on to "new music" but this old stuff is just so good.

  22. chantay Harrison

    Dionne W and Luther V nailed, true love songs that don't exist ANYMORE

  23. chantay Harrison

    Dionne Warwick and love songs, was a perfect match in the 80's

  24. Precious Williams

    Youngins better recognize the LEGENDS that are Dionne Warwick & Luther Vandross🎧🎤🎶 #Timeless #MusicAtItsBest

  25. Wm Petroff

    Classy video, Classier vocalists.

  26. Great Gowns Beautiful Gowns

    Glad Luther got to record a song with one of his idols.

  27. Romeciouse Romeciouse

    I ply this song everyday because it brings such joy in my heart sometimes i cry😭😢

  28. Ronald Elston



    Ya no se hace musica como esta

  30. D W

    ❤ this song til the end of time. We need more ballads back out again. We need REAL SINGERS back again on a regular basis

  31. tasha wiliams

    Wonderful amazing woman.

  32. R. Higgins

    Gotta be in the top 10 of best duets ever!

  33. Shane G

    Where is this quality of music today??? Miss the days of amazing music with incredible true talent, no gimmicks.

  34. wl adams

    I came here to hear Luther say Haaee and goodbye ,bye,bye,bye,bye,bye !!!

  35. Chellie Chelle

    Singer/Actor Chris Brown & Singer/Actress Rihanna must remake dis song ("How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye," by Dionne Warrick & Luther Vandross), Model/Actress Eva Marcille must b castd as The Illustrious Beautiful Dionne Warrick, Ruben Studdard must b castd as The Late Great Luther Vandross n their lifetime movie/biograpies..Amen

  36. Pag Patpottsy

    Love hearing them sing together. I sure miss him!!!!

  37. Diane Walker

    This is some real singing here!!!! Love, love, love this song. 1/18/2019

  38. Bryn Muza

    She has a unique voice

  39. Deborah Applegate

    Incomparable and beautiful. What happened to these precious duets?

  40. Marticia Wood

    This is a very nice song. I sure do miss Luther Vandross very much.

  41. James Onyilo

    "we are so much in love but wrong for each other.."thought provoking from legends!

  42. Critter

    Rest in peace, Luther!

  43. gayle english


  44. Sthe Mnqayi

    Luther Vandross iskhokho

  45. kidijiah

    Well Whitney Houston looks just like her Dionne has a banging voice

  46. Nicola Giacopelli

    Fantastic duet!

  47. Alfonso Green

    I loved this video. 2 of the greatest singers of all time

  48. Lakoal Douglas

    Whitney looked a lot like her cousin.

  49. Jay West

    If I ever have my own house I want it to look old fashioned like this lol.

  50. luyanda Luyanda


  51. alex graham

    And still 1000 times better than what we have today. Love!

    Desmond Morrison

    Amen I agree with that I was born in 1989 but today's music is just trash Love Old School music it's the best music ever

  52. Jerome B

    so love this duet one of the greatest classics got through quite a few breakups with this song

  53. Odhiambo Stephen Ouma

    what a wonderful song

  54. Betty Bynum

    Love this song. One of the best duets from the 80's. Without Luther music has not been the same.

  55. Yoanis Perez

    perfect voices and talents.

  56. Kevin Josey

    means. more. 2. me. now. very. good question


    I agree with you wholeheartedly homie bar none one of the best R&B duels ever RP Luther you will never ever be forgot your music will live on forever Dionne Warwick you simply the best God bless you girl keep making it do what it do and never ever let them see you sweat

  58. Blessings Shalom


    Pag Patpottsy

    We sure did!!!!

  59. Terrell L. Jenkins

    How could 243 people give this a thumbs down?

    Aretha Franklin Whitney Houston

    They're deaf

    Raymond Curry

    They must be DEAF or DUMB !!

    Tennie Greene

    They haven't a clue to real music. Who cares, those that do savor the moments!!!!!

  60. neil palmer

    Luther may be the best vocalist of all times.   Dionne is fabulous. What a duet.

  61. Santiago MURILLO

    Take note to you all Millennials! This is Music, when they wrote songs with written Music, & ZERO computerized. This song is also sang by two of the most beautiful souls, & I'm so grateful that I had Life just to be able to listen & appreciate Music & Song.... + the way it still hurts deep when I think of all the ladies I courted, respected & loved....But they were cheating Skanks though...

  62. Darrell Sadler

    I definitely remember watching this on BET's Video Soul program back in the 1980's. It was our MTV!

  63. Santiago MURILLO

    It's a great Break-up song. Amicable & respectful. If it doesn't work out, just walk away with the exact dignity that brought you two together....

  64. Andile Makhathini

    Great song by great artist


    Dionne looks so beautiful in this video.

  66. Daniel Doster-Mann

    Its Like they Shot this Video While The cast of 'Little Shop of Horrors' were out to Lunch😂😂😂

  67. Daniel Doster-Mann

    You hear Whitney in the Background at @1:03 !??

    Music Exactly

    Good catch. I did not notice that before.

    Andre Suston

    I think Luther was already in good hands with Lisa Fischer, Ava Cherry, and Kevin Owens during this era as his main backing vocals.

  68. willtynellyworth

    Looking at Dionne in the vid you can see Nippy a bit.....

  69. praiseaddict slay

    this has been my jam for so many years. a time when life was simple!

  70. MikeAnthony51


  71. Sthembiso Khumalo

    some things were predicted long ago l think i can relate to the song

  72. Marcin Barczuk

    Piękna piosenka najlepsze lata muzyki pop.

  73. Luciene Romero

    Uauuuuu Divos , que maravilha , que show !!!

  74. Brandon Fernandez

    I hear "The Greatest Love Of All" in here... <3 Whitney must have loved this song.

  75. Melody Sanger

    Luther and Dionne Warwick asked “How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye” in 1983, and on this day of that year it peaked at No. 4 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart! It was the first of seven Top 10 singles on that chart for Luther.  [11/19/2016]

  76. billy prince

    October 1983

    Jerome Holloman

    wow I was born in 1990!!!

  77. Nonceba Ntsume

    Mic u with your Angel voice

  78. Chie Chieko

    Nice great Love Love 👄

  79. Wuelliton Manoel

    you im from Brazilian forever Luther tribute 😥😥😥😥😥😥Voice angel

  80. Horace Douse

    great music...bring bac lot of memory

  81. Orquídea Oncidium

    Wonderfull voices.

    Alfonso Green

    Orquídea Oncidium yes indeed

  82. goodlife925

    Such angelic voices listening to Dionne en Luther. Thos song is so timeless and real.

  83. Marcos Luis

    eu gosto de todas as músicas de Dionne Warwick

  84. 2 stellar talents

  85. Bass51 worthy

    this song match what's going on in my marriage right now. how many times....?

    Betty Bynum

    Sorry to read your misfortune. Hopefully your marriage healed without having to say goodbye. As for me, I went through the same thing . . . it ended with a goodbye.

  86. enmaxus

    Miss you Luther.

    Jerome Holloman

    how long has Luther been gone?? I miss the 90s!!!

  87. jerseytomato100

    I miss Luther. What a loss.

    Jerome Holloman

    how long has Mr Luther been gone? thank god I grew up in the 90s!!!

    Brutha Dnubian

    Jerome Holloman We lost him in 2005 i think😢😪

  88. Owen Rich

    Very lovely song as well video. Well directed. Dionne Warwick is sure exotic beauty throughout all shots of this video. I surely would rewrite the lyrics to the song. I can't live this lie...I isn't saying goodbye to a beautiful woman, without a warm divine wet romantic bedroom fight. Red wine, rose pedals with hot love on our minds lol.

  89. Terrence Malbrough

    Dionne has a weird looking face in this video.
    I'm not saying she's ugly not hardly but something is weird about her face.

    Brutha Dnubian

    Krayola D It's DIONNE😕

    Jasmine Janea

    Terrence Malbrough tru tru

    Jaziah B

    So true but not necessarily ugly

  90. higirlize

    god this lady is drop dead gorgeous


    higirlize Agreed! A young Dionne looks like a young Whitney 😍

  91. shonnitaf

    No internet, wifi, twitter, or instagram. I miss days when music has meaning that captured the heart. I truly miss the man and his gift that he shared with the world.

    Margaret Garraffa


  92. Velle M

    I'll listen to voices like Luther, Tevin Campbell Kenny Lattimore, Peabo Bryson, and Jesse Powell before those 1 dimension "whiners" like Tank, Avant, Usher, and Joe. Damn! I just realized these one namers have no depth to their voices.

    Jay West

    Those newer guys aren't so bad. Certainly better than Bieber etc.

    Derrick Crawford

    Please take Joe out of this list, he can actually sing.

    Jay West

    Derrick Crawford So can Usher and I don't remember how the others sound but I am pretty sure they can sing.

    Derrick Crawford

    Jay West Yes, Usher can too.


    that list of "whiners" is ridiculous they are definitely not 1 dimension. These guys can put on a live show like the rest.

  93. Daniar Suryowati

    The best duet song ever written! Thank you luther, you will be missed.. Your voice, your music will live on forever in our hearts

  94. James Hall

    Love this song so much, Thank You !!!

  95. B Swain

    Great song

  96. vumile ncapai

    Beautiful song.

  97. Neuber Gonçalves

    Dionne my favourite singer! I love Dionne!