Warwick, Dionne - Can't Hide Love Lyrics

You want my love and
You can't deny
You know it's true, but you try to hide
You turn down love like it's really bad
You can't give what you never had
Well bless your soul, you can fool a few
But, I know the truth and so do you

You can't hide love, you can't now
You can't hide love, it's got ya
Betcha you want my love, I betcha
You can't hide feeling inside

You can't pretend there's nothing there
Girl, I look in your eyes, I see you care
So why not stop trying to run and hide
You won't find out, if you never try,

You can't hide love, you can't now
You can't hide love, it's got ya
Betcha want my love, I betcha
You can't hide feeling inside

Love has found the time to kiss you
Can you find the time to listen
Life found the time to bug you
Can you find the time for blessing.

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Warwick, Dionne Can't Hide Love Comments
  1. DejaVu 32

    Great vocalists Dionne Warwick, she should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for all that she's accomplished and bringing class and standards to music that are still being used today.

  2. Grace Hinds

    Ms. Dionne! Love Her.

  3. Giuseppe Tessarolo

    Besides make it sing to Dionne,you can make it sing to Jenny B!

  4. Doc Brown

    This entire album is flawless.

  5. TheDarryl76

    A childhood favorite, there's no wrong way to do this song. I first heard the EW&F as a toddler and then the Carmen McRae version. Both are very exceptional versions but this one is much more sultry, darker and seductive. The chords from David Foster on Rhodes piano are very scary yet beautiful and melodic. The. Best. Outro.Ever!!! 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  6. mrstarguy5

    Good screwin music

    YaBoi BURG

    "Can we get some screwing music?"

  7. Lou Kaye

    One of my favourite versions of this song.

  8. J Eshun

    A great version of the Creative Source track, made famous by Earth Wind & Fire, the Skip Scarborough produced classic get's retouched by Art Webb, Dionne Warwick also recorded this on a live album with Isaac Hayes

  9. Daniel

    It's so smooth... DAMN!

  10. みーひーふー

    カッコよすぎるよ エモすぎるよ

  11. ken james

    It really doesn't matter who sings it.....its just a great song. I saw EWF in London in 1976 ? with Santana and i liked EWF the best even though they were unknown at the time as they were the support band....been hooked on them since. Marvelous Band.

  12. craig perkins

    An incredible voice.....she made every song by Burt Bacharach and Hal David the best they could possibly be.....

  13. nelson monteiro

    This is awesome but no one can do this song like Maurice White. Rip; you're surely missed.

  14. bigpoppa 1967

    Sound like the same band that Al Jarreau use during the 80s.

    Lou Kaye

    Spot on James Johnson! Jay Graydon was producing/arranging/playing for Al Jarreau at this point too.

  15. olskoolist

    For me this is the best cover of all covers of this tune. Well, hope to hear from Skip himself his opinion. Hope this reaches him. So everyone, what's yours?


    I agree.
    Ms. Warwick just hits the right emotes for me and the production is SICK!
    Actually kinda reminds me of Ms. Anita Baker's Cant You Feel The Need..

  16. MsTexas73

    So many great covers of the classic. EWF's version is definitive, but so many of the covers are really good. This is Dionne's second version. I like it a lot; however I LOVE the version she did live on tour with Isaac Hayes better.

  17. Boi

    Best version of this song

  18. Anna Garber

    love her voice great

  19. Tina Kendall

    Always always

  20. rEvolución MGTOW México

    slow dancing version

  21. Ken Flagg

    Would you believe I discovered this song thanks to a KMart Radio tape from 1989?

    Joseph Pratt

    That's how I discovered it as well!

    Kitanai Sunshine

    That's how I found it.

    Shanina Wabitson

    Teddy! Best farken buy of your life. XXX

  22. Luis Rojas

    This is my personal list of the best covers of this song.
    1. Carmen McRae
    2. Dionne Warwick
    3. Earth Wind & Fire
    4. Najee

    Thank You Creative Source for the original.



    Alessio Arca

    wow never knew that! thanks for introducing me to the original. really groovy. however i have to say that most (all?) covers follow EWF chord structure - not creative source. I'd say they're covers of the EWF version.

    Joe Flores

    Luis Rojas Perry and Sanlin? No?

    maurizio sabatini

    this wins any day graydon is the man !!


    @JamesBottlehead Good call

  23. kz1000ps


  24. siberia1409

    Hey everyone, try listening to Wayman Tisdale's instrumental version of this! VERY NICE!

  25. thiscocks

    Cover from John Tropea 'Short Journey to Space' album.

  26. thesaxguy

    Sounds like a Jerry Hey horn arrangement.


    @thesaxguy Never mind...Just saw the credits...It IS Jerry hey...duh

    Zee Gee

    @thesaxguy Yup.. Jerry Hey classic horn section sound.. (y)


    +thesaxguy Jay Graydon, Jerry Horn, Steve Gadd, Abe Laboriel... just the usual suspects :)

  27. Nostal Jack

    Brilliant stuff.  Dionne sounds great and that arrangement!!

  28. Bob Chalk

    A nice version .Dionnes voice not affected by the ciggies at this stage.  A very smooth performer,

  29. 9hotcars

    whenever im' spending time with my passenger cars from NEED FOR SPEED,this is what I be rocking to!! this song rocks!!

  30. Eddie Holmes

    That ending. Leave it to Jay and Foster.

    maurizio sabatini

    oh yeah !!!!!

  31. Jenny Humphries

    I like it but like Earth wind and fire much better

    maurizio sabatini

    no this is better :)

    maurizio sabatini

    @maurizio sabatini but Maurice White's  leaves his mark on EWF's version

    Kidwaryod Production

    Everyone who sing this song was all good in different style. EWF, Dionne, Carmen Mcrae but my favorite version was Jaye P. Morgan version. Check it out.


    @Kidwaryod Production I agree!!

  32. Manoel Marcos

    I love this version!

  33. Stifléér StiíífMaistéér

    best verzion

  34. Robert Vandenberg

    Steve Gadd on drums!!

  35. snucke62a

    Thanks for post & info! Maybe the best version of this gem?!