Warwick, Dionne - All The Love In The World Lyrics

In your eyes I see only one - find me the place for us
That's where I belong. There we rise - your blory and mine.
Your pain is over now
I make you shine - still believing:
All the love in the world won't take me away from you

My love is stronger I am what you make me.
All the love in the world won't take you away from me

In all my wonder I forever lay down here with you.
I find when love slips away
reach out for all you can
Before it's too late
there you fly returnin' to me

Out of your darkest nights I stand alone - still believing:
All the love in the world won't take me away from you

My love is stronger I forever lay down here with you.
My love is true
all your darkest nights - I stand alone - still believing:
All the love in the world won't take me away from you

My love is stronger I forever lay down here with you.
All the love in the world won't take me away from you

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Warwick, Dionne All The Love In The World Comments
  1. Kwenzokuhle Khuzwayo

    Great voice and a sober tone of all times great Dionne Warwick

  2. Kahmun Kwok

    all the words in the world cant describe how beautiful this song is..

  3. Christol Badal

    This song will never get old ❤❤❤ beautiful voice ❤

  4. James Glenn

    The world was a more relaxed and simpler place back then with a lot less problems compared to today.

  5. Delois Jackson

    All the love ❤️ in the world 🌎 won’t take me away from you.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Lucia Panella

    Dionne Warwich sei bravissima.

  7. Mark Bradley

    Somethings we're destined to stand the test of time. Here's a good example. Perfection.

  8. Wayne Humphrey

    2020! Still classy.

  9. robert harper

    Anybody here Xmas day 2029 listening to this Jem

    robert harper

    2019 I mean lol

  10. kelsey hewitt

    This was my nans furel song

  11. Web Surfer

    I love this song so much, those words " reach out for all you can, before it's too late" i needed to be told those words back then, when i was 16, with my life in front of me!

  12. Otis Night

    Great song A great singer for sure!

  13. BROWNBASE1973

    classic 2019

  14. Nack

    For my beautiful Hoda . Love you sweetheart - forever .

  15. HR 3 MILANO

    Love this song...2019

  16. mastermind

    Good voice, melody and lyrics make excellent songs. Enough said!

  17. Neil Hunter

    In loving memory of my mother c smith 3 0 5 56 to 26 08 2019 sadly deeply missed

  18. Jeroen Stobbe

    Those Gibb brothers made so many beautiful songs... A sad tragedy that the oldest of them saw all his younger brothers kick the bucket. I feel so bad for him. Must be very lonely..

  19. jesus Rodriguez

    Between 3:4 and 3:10 Barry does the vocal lead mixing his natural and falsetto voice...what a wonderfull

  20. T G


  21. Maxine Smith

    Love this reminds me of someone very special xxx

  22. Mo Eagleton

    True classic

  23. Christine Belton

    Played this song at my mum's funeral . So fitting my mother my best friend .i use to sing it to her ( she had dementia for 15 years) not a time went by when i would not sing this song to her 🌻

    Linda O'Neill

    Hi Christine. Yes your mum is your best friend god bless you dementia is a terrible thing and may your mum rest in piece xxxxxxxx

  24. johannababy143xo


  25. Nicolae Marian

    ...a musical "jewel" ...

  26. denise lefeuvre

    All the love in the world couldn't save us,, though you were in the wrong
    . But I never stopped loving you and probably won't 😞😞😞😪😪😪😪

  27. p 28

    Oh my! Those Bee Gees and the music they've given us.

  28. Denise Waghorn


  29. John Rhodes

    Such a magical song and voice

  30. SickKent

    Gosh what a beautiful song.

  31. donna hookem

    Bloody heavy lyrics

  32. Sean May

    Just superb

  33. Andre Van Rooyen

    As usual written by the bee gees the best song writers and group that has and ever will live.. All their songs are beautiful.

  34. Sarah Gregson

    Dionne Warwick
    Love this clip.
    This woman wos related to Whitney Houston both available talent great voices. 🌷♥️🌷♥️😇👍

  35. yomi williams

    Love 💕 this song

  36. ian francis


  37. coo-ee alexander


  38. Stefano Gagliesi

    Wonderful !!!

  39. HR 3 MILANO

    Love this song...2019


    Every time I finish my writing work in this newsroom, I pay homage to the Bee Gee, by listening to their music. Yet I discover something new about them, every day. They were, and still are a musical institution. Their legacy is truly encrusted in the stillness of time. In the voices of those who sang the songs that they wrote. And also in their voices. Their footprints are spread across the different genres... Country, Rock, Soul and Disco. I hate to imagine how death stalked this wonderful family!!

  41. Wael Omar

    Listen to Barry's backing vocal, simply magic!

  42. Colin Langdale

    Wow wow Dionne Warwick best songs in the world ever, 26.4.2019,COL OF BRISTOL CITY UK ✨ ✨ ✨.... ..... ..... ..... ..... .... ....

  43. Artie Gloucester

    People have to know some things about this song, 1st) This song was written by the Bee Gees, 2nd) was recorded in Middle ear Studios in 1982 (the studios of the Bee Gees). Was produced by Barry Gibb, (the elder brother of the bee gees ) who also sings the background vocals, and the production was made togheter Albhy Galuten and Karl Richardson (Co-producers and sound ingenier of the bee gees), and they used the most of study musicians than the bee gees worked with at that time. Is almost completly a Bee Gees job. Dionne give her wonderfull voice at this song and made of it a marvellous work of music and feeling.

  44. Lee Stevens

    Private sexy video 18+

  45. Carlos Terterola

    Essa Dione canta muito.Merece um gramy.

  46. Raymond Hunter

    It brings all the memories back....so cool.

  47. Diana Higuera.L

    Favorite song !

  48. donna harrison

    Beautiful song they don't make songs as precious as this today .

  49. Edvalda Cavalcante

    São músicas lindas

  50. Kiyingi Elly

    Meeting the utmost definition of a super ballad
    Warwick a super legend , serenading smoothly you cant fail to fall in love with this song and its singer

  51. MrParisienWalkways

    Wonderful, her voice is just amazing, I have loved the sound of it all my life.

  52. Cosmos Daniel

    A classic of all classical songs from a icon singer she doesn't need a Queen position to get respect just her golden voice will work for her the only Dionne Warwick .

  53. Liyla Cruz


  54. Liyla Cruz

    Love Sonhs!

  55. Doreén et Christophe Gavin

    Très très belle Chanson !!!

    schnoggel73 73

    Yes,its a very very nice Song.Greetings from Germany :)

  56. Denise Waghorn


  57. Tim Jones

    Back when gorgeous songs still became popular..

  58. jesus Rodriguez

    Can You listen the leader of the Bee Gees, Barry Gibb , making backing vocals?

  59. Marion Borgschot

    Heerlijk nummer, wou dat ik nog in die tijd terug kon keren!

  60. Carleton Candis

    Somebody's peeling onions

  61. daniellepfiffner

    My mummy has just passed and out of nowhere it came to my head to play at her funeral and it's perfect ♡

  62. Garotcho Mann


  63. barbara covell

    super channel
    im babs from the uk

    i subbed you

    say hi if you like x

  64. T G


  65. carl lawson

    Every time l listen to this song it melts me :)

  66. Rossano Santos

    Muito linda

  67. johannababy143xo


    Laurie Shreffler

    I would add that they had hit songs across five decades. How is that for longevity?

  68. Tiffany Xiao

    Love it!

  69. Jason Duff

    Dionne Warwick simply gorgeous 😘

  70. alex

    Tava no faustao agora canta muito

  71. claudio ezequiel piña silva

    How can there be such beautiful songs? What a wonderful voice. I love this lady.

  72. Neil Hunter

    Just a beautiful song :)

  73. ravenhill the hooded of sherwood † 1968

    a great video and classic from yesteryear, reminds me of my aunt and mamma, godbless.

  74. Givanildo Bento Lima

    Bons tempos que não voltam

  75. Gilvan Santana

    Gosto muito!

  76. -HALCÓN-

    Preciosa canción.

  77. Ruth Holmes

    Classic sung by a ledgend

  78. tony Decobellis

    The incredible Barry Gibb

  79. Gilvan Santana

    Show show show muito muito muito muito bom!

  80. andrew roden

    Just sooo mellow :)

  81. Michael Reacher


  82. Ebrahim Ebrahim

    Beautiful great

  83. Gregory Canfield

    The great Dionne Warwick singing a song written the great Bee Gees. Streisand was the first artist that the Gibb brothers wrote and produced an album for. Barbra was good, but Dionne was actually as great as the Bee Gees themselves. I don't remember this song being released as a single at the time. Go figure.

    Jimmy Harper

    Top 10 hit in the UK

  84. Emma Woodall


  85. Matthias Just

    Was für ein schönes Lied kenn ich aus der MDR 1 Radio Thüringen Musik Nacht

  86. Peter Fullerton

    Dionne at her best..CLASS

  87. Dee Vah

    Such an amazing song. I think of my darling when I hear this. Nothing can ever take my love away from him, not even death. It lives in my heart always. Didn't know the Bee Gees wrote this. Respect to them.

  88. David Franklin

    Muito linda.
    É a música que mais gosto dessa artista fantástica.

  89. carl lawson

    Written by the greatest band ever bee gees

  90. Robert Lowe

    Dionne's beautiful voice go's with any song she sings, fantastic !! especially this one! I met Barry, Robyn, & Maurice at festival hall in Melbourne, way back in 1974, before they moved to the U.S.

  91. julie robinson


  92. David Davies

    Dionne Warwick and the BEEGEES, what a combination. WOW

  93. Alejandro Buenahora


  94. Ishmael Seshupo

    Love this to bits

  95. carl lawson

    classic song deep but true about life written. by legendary bee gees

  96. Monetli Jim

    l love you so much Dionne Warwick...I wudnt mind making u my sugar mommy..u hv such angelic voice


    Dionnes beautiful voice singing the bee gees beautiful words .