Warren Zevon - The Long Arm Of The Law Lyrics

When I was young, times were hard
When I got older it was worse
First words I ever heard:
"Nobody move, nobody get hurt"

It's the long arm, it's the strong arm
It's the long arm of the law
It's the long arm, it's the strong arm
It's the long arm of the law

After the war in Paraguay
Back in 1999
I was laying low in Lima
Working both sides of the borderline

It's the long arm, it's the strong arm
It's the long arm of the law

You can run, but you can't hide...

Well, I have to live like a fugitive
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Someone's coming after me
And I'm running, running, yeah

Now, don't protest your innocence
Only the dead get off scot free
And when the judge says, "Whodunit?"
You'll be crying, "Not me! Not me!"

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Warren Zevon The Long Arm Of The Law Comments
  1. Arthur OBrien

    With alittle help from Gilmour.

  2. Doug Roux

    That war with Peru was just awful

    Andrew Butchers

    Worse that the one in Paraguay ?

    Doug Roux

    Andrew Butchers
    Civil War II
    was just bad wasn't it

  3. Ralph Chunksoup

    Always leaves strong messages

  4. Ralph Chunksoup

    Never heard

  5. putnpaint

    Hello Denny......was Surprised to see that YOU had posted this. All`s good back here in Central Pa. Take Care My Friend, Rick........Dalton is becoming quite an impressive artist too. To the rest of you looking in....Check out Denny`s western art sometime....Beautiful stuff !

  6. Marcus Pennington

    We were truly blessed to have Warren Zevon touch our lives

    sancho delgado

    Marcus Pennington it hurts me he isn’t more popular

    Brenda Harper

    Marcus Pennington Oh my gods, you are absolutely 1,000% CORRECT, my friend! "Blessed" is the perfect word for what we were, to have WZ....what we actually still ARE. For Gods and Legends NEVER die....and Warren Zevon IS both....

    Brenda Harper

    sancho delgado It is a heartbreaking commentary on the dearth of actual good TASTE in popular music, that Zevon's genius continues to go unnoticed, unacknowledged, and unappreciated. "Transverse City" was SO far ahead of it's time, that it is just NOW finding an audience among people who like their music hard, bright, innovative...genius-driven. When it came out, "Transverse City" received a lukewarm reception from both critics and fans; and I read in Crystal's book that that tepid response hurt and mystified Warren. HE knew it was quality. But then HE is a genius. I say "IS" because Gods and Legends NEVER die...and Zevon IS both....

    Cristina Popescu

    i feel so blessed to see such heartwarming comments about Warren on almost song of his.. not a common sight on Youtube. Shows WZ fans are special people! Love you, guys!

  7. Corea Kixx

    This track is too good!!! Never heard this one before, although i've been a Zevon fan for nearly 40 years now. My favorite musician is Chick Corea, so when i saw that Corea was playing piano on this track, i had to hear it. Thank you.

  8. Ted Heekin

    You'll Be Crying " Not Me !! Not Me!!!

  9. Oswald von Wolkenstein

    The future used to better too.

  10. Colette Bembenek

    Never heard this one before, but WOW.........great song. I can relate -- love this guy and
    his work, voice, personality, and soul. Now his soul is in the Light. We miss you Warren!
    See you on the Other Side someday cuz "Life Will Kill Ya." :) Peace!

  11. Reverend Dave

    I do!!!! I was born in 1961!!!!

  12. Dennis Karchner

    Hell Dude, I remember when 1984 was the future! lol!

  13. SpookyJohnathan

    Anyone else remember when 1999 was the future?

    Ralph Chunksoup

    I played it off ...I was living to die

    Ralph Chunksoup

    Finding God was the best part , He was always been there for me

  14. newley

    Thanks for posting this song, amigo!