Warren Zevon - Please Stay Lyrics

Please stay
Please stay
Two words I've thought I'd never learn to say
Don't go away
Please stay

Don't leave me here
When so many things so hard to see are clear
I need you near to me

Will you stay with me to the end?
When there's nothing left
But you and me and the wind
We'll never know till we try
To find the other side of goodbye

Please stay
Please slay
Two words I've thought I'd never learn to say
Don't go away
Please stay

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Warren Zevon Please Stay Comments
  1. linda jones

    'Will you stay with me till the end when there's nothing left but you and me and the wind?' what a lyric. A legend whose music will stay with me till the end. Still miss you Warren

  2. Matthew Griffiths

    I feel hypnotised when listening to this

  3. SatansRealm

    My girlfriend/best friend has breast cancer and I listen to Warren all the time to help me get through. This one especially hits me hard. I'd stay with her til there was nothing left but her and me and the wind.

  4. Danthe Couch

    Jesus, this man could write a song. Will we ever see his type again.? I doubt it.

  5. Geir Rognø

    Ooh..That one messed me up.When i left the elder home were my mother was hospitalized ,and she knew she was coming to an end.That was she said.But i left......Still i'm crying.Mistakes you can't do anything about.Take care.You never know...

  6. bateriadepetaluma

    I love Warren Zevon and I love this song … until the saxophone comes in. It's so harsh.

  7. barbara crawford

    Did she stay? That sexy model from NYC.God,I hope so.

  8. Kathy Allwood

    Staying was the easy part. compared to


    Last year I had a heart issue that became what was actually a heart attack and at 53 it scared the shit out of me. So to make it easy for anyone that can figure it out I'm making a list to play when they lay me out.
    Hope this gets played and someone hears this beautiful song and feels the lyrics like I do.

  10. ThermoNuclear GR

    Τι περναω βραδιατικα μεσ'την σουρα μου

  11. Kristin Kindinger

    Right from his heart into the music. This hits me in the heart, big time!

  12. Karen Hughes

    How did he manage to sing such a song with his pain raging. I have learned from Warren Zevon...so very missed. Btw- incredible sax and harmony.

    Rhys Williamson

    It would have taken a lot of patience by the studio, as he would no doubt have needed plenty of breaks. Queen did that when Freddy was dying, recorded the vocals when, and as much as, he felt capable.

    Pete Ford

    He did it so well because it truly came from his heart and soul!

  13. P Weeda

    prachtige song van een geweldig mens!

  14. Brenda Harper

    KAT Harper, since my system meltdown, had to change first names. This one tears a hole in my heart, every time I hear it. Warren, in his last days, finding the ultimate courage: that of letting those who loved him close as never before. The last words he said to his friend Ryan, who was with him til the end. "...will you stay with me til the end? Til there's nothing left but you and me and The Wind?" Soon, for me, too, that's what will be left: you and me and the wind, Warren. And it'll be OK....

    Jack McDonough

    If we can be as lucky to have

  15. nickpug

    Great song. Emmylou Harris always there. Gil Bernal absolute great sax solo.

  16. David Priol

    Very true Miss Lara.... :)

  17. Trev Mac

     love the werewolf of london man

  18. Thomas Hofheinz

    Just had to drop by here, again. This is such a magnificent song. My best friend Laurie died two years ago, 56 years old. I don't think it's hit me yet, but this song will help provide a soft landing when it finally does.

  19. baler johnson

    Shit ..How can ever send her this song?

  20. baler johnson

    Holding mensa card but still feel like a small fry when I hear Zevon. We wont see or hear his likes again.RIP Warren Zevon..every thing you wrote and sang was pure and perfect.

  21. Brian Grant

    Emmlou And Warren "If you belive in forever than life is just a one night stand " YOUR RIGHT MR. Knotts HE was gone less than 5 weeks later I CAN"T BELIVE ITS BEEN A DECADE RIP WARREN!!! Emmlou KEEP ON TRUKIN BABY AT 66 YOU AND YOUR VOICE CAN"T TOUCH WELL LET JUST SAY YOUR STILL HOT AS HELL!!!

  22. baler johnson

    RIP Warren Zevon..I swear to God this song is amazing.its pure and perfect.

  23. Bentley Knotts

    Tina, he had terminal cancer and was on the verge of death when he did this song. he could barely breathe

  24. Thomas Hofheinz

    Love at the limit of time. Every passing year clarifies how great this song is.

  25. Amhlair

    Hateful. Brother can express his own opinion, dude.

  26. Brandon Young


  27. gippydogg

    what means period?

  28. ginnoveffect

    May i ask why my comment was removed? i don't remember saying anything insulting or inflammatory about Warren, who is one of my favorite artists.

  29. songbirdnw

    The lovely female voice is that of the fabulous Ms Emmylou Harris

  30. Dzon Houldsworth

    this is a really happy song.

  31. TheScarlett56

    if you watch the video he made while making his last c.d. it might help the naysayers. it was a beautiful tribute to his family and friends and he gave it all. great c.d. thanks warren

  32. Nicholas Leishman

    Ouch! this one hurt just a little. thank You Mr. Zevon, thank you!

  33. westen groh

    that saxophone makes the song.. i love it

  34. Rodrigo G. Hendrikse

    Esto es precioso...

  35. Will Kerns

    So sorry about your mom, I have been through that with both my parents. God keep you...hold your memories close. Warren Zevon's music will help you do that.

  36. doran44

    The man knows he is dying and he creates one of the most hauntingly melancholic beautiful love songs ever written.
    I am so in awe of what a truly brilliant singer/songwriter/musician that Warren was.
    It is so unfortunate that things couldn't have worked out differently for him.

  37. Lou especia

    Warren went too soon. He had so much to offer!

  38. Barbara TN

    Love the entire album, especially his rendition of "knockin' on heaven's door' R.I.P. Warren.

  39. ktpinnacle


    And you are a waste of youth.

  40. Kamyar Shahmoradi

    @ktpinnacle you are older than the internet

  41. ktpinnacle


    Why reveal your ugly thoughts.

  42. bcinnz

    who is the lovely female voice in the chorus? And the sax player, what a great sound played with such feeling!

  43. Marti Gilley

    breaks my heart every time...

  44. danynumero6

    @PesarTarofi This was the cover of Warren Zevon's final album. He was dying of lung cancer when this picture was taken and when this song was recorded asshole.

  45. Kamyar Shahmoradi

    why advertise a ugly face

  46. Susan Knowles

    There has been no one like him and there never will be.

  47. Brendan Murphy

    beautiful song

  48. Susan Knowles

    My mother is dying of cancer and I've said these words to her. Not exactly these. I said don't go. Big difference. I'll stay with her to the end with all of my family. But she can't give me my wish that she not go. What else is there. If you've gone through it, you've got it.

  49. Vidike

    Such an amazing artist he was. Rest In Peace!

  50. JamesCGI

    Odd how some songs stick with you. Heard this song on NPR shortly after my father passed away. It's now forever, and rightfully so, associated with that time in my life. Well done Warren, well done.

  51. Aaron Friesen

    @eclipsephoto The female voice would be that of Emmylou Harris.

  52. MyMoppet52

    This is a masterpiece. I appreciate you posting it. I am going out this weekend and getting a copy. I can't believe he did this writing, singing, and recording while as ill as he was. He was a blessing to all. He is missed! ALWAYS. I hope to use him for my example some day. Thank you for posting.

  53. ginnoveffect

    Over ten thousand views and only 40 likes? What the hell?

  54. ginnoveffect

    @landonmac77 ah, let me fix that.

  55. landonmac77

    @ginnoveffect likes*, and agreed

  56. LightK44

    oh my god, that saxophone... amazing

  57. freewheelinQ

    This man is an example of true genius, true skills and true courage!!! He decided to face Death not by weeping and crumbling down!!! He faced it leaving this AMAZING album: THE WIND as his last MASTERPIECE!!! I truly admire him!!! RIP Mr. Z

  58. Nate Woods

    one of the best songs ever written... a true renegade

  59. the Coffey nerds

    i love this song it just perfect a song that is timeless we all miss you so much

  60. Jim Short

    @jcb30rock Actually he died of mesothelioma, which is a cancer of the lining of the lungs.

  61. joe handcock

    why don't u get mad about something totally mundane and stupid, good job

  62. mavis41558

    Pay attention, I just repeated Tina1300's stupid comment so you would know that I was insulting her. Try reading.

  63. joe handcock

    @mavis41558 he did have a better voice he sang thid duying of throat cancer

  64. Tina Payne

    @alsippi17 I wonder if it was played at his funeral. I bet it was. Paul Shaffer would probably know.

  65. A-Low35

    i want this song played at my funeral.

  66. Tina Payne

    First I want to make sure and say I am a different Tina who loves Warren's voice in this song at that point in his live, it makes it even more meaningful. Thanks for posting it. This was listed as an inspiration for my fave actor & writer Michael Easton for his "Soul Stealer" trilogy and I can see why. It's heartbreaking yet beautiful.

  67. Bentley Knotts

    He had a great voice. But was pretty much on his last breath when he did his last cd. I think he did great for a dying man.

  68. Joseph Page

    warren deserves more respect than he ever got.

  69. LordXzavior

    The Wind
    His last album, he made it in the last weeks of his life. He refused treatment and just wanted to finish his last album

  70. damianrwhite

    fucking hell, what a song

  71. mavis41558

    Tina1300 - If he had a better voice this could be a good song.

    You should go to the nearest
    Mensa Club meeting right away.

    Somewhere a village is missing its idiot.

    David Epley

    mavis41558 This person is way past being an idiot and it’s obvious she was never a fan of Warrens. He was not going to be silenced until his last album was done and he damned well did it so voice or not it was and still is a fantastic song. His failing voice makes it that much more remarkable!!!

  72. seangotgame

    The saxophone is beautiful. Damn near brings tears to my eyes.