Warren G - You Never Know Lyrics

Got a little something for the summertime
While you on the grind
Getting yours
Hell yeah! I'm getting mine
I take trips and dips just to recline
I blaze up the orange weed
To relax my mind
Spend time with my kids on the weekdays
And I holla at my momma and my
Grandma on the threeway
She say, If you do right
Baby boy I promise you live
A long life
I can't argue
I try hard to
Not blast niggas
I walk past niggas
With my head up to the skedai(sky)
Nigga tried to pull a fast one
On Snoop Dogg
To get some shut eye
What I do to him I can't speak
You know the episode
And the code on the street
I keep it all the scriffin' y'all
But real street for y'all
Cause you never know
When you're gonna go, no

You never know where this road's gonna take you
Got to be strong
You got to hold on
Cause you never know, where
This life's gonna lead you
Just Hold on
You never know

[Warren G]
From the killing
The robbing
The squabbing
And jacking
Car jacks to kidnaps
What? Niggas be acting a fool
Trying to set me up at the park
But I'm cool
Act a fool
My daddy said throw them thangs
And stay strong
My momma got sick
So I'ma keep it strong
As long as I got my feet in the game
And make this beats
And bring heat to the game
Fuck the fame
I got a little boy to see through
And him without me
Is like me without you
Keep it true
And stay down for your grips
Homies and licks staying tight
Like this
You never know


[Phats Bossi]
You niggas never know
Which man are blasted for
Never know which man to kill
Just to settle the score
It wasn't long ago
I had this partner of mine
Knew him just a short time
But he's stuck in my mind
My nigga lived perfect
Said the streets wasn't worth it
If you don't die rich in the game
Then what's the purpose for this struggle?
We stay piece to puzzle
Invest half the wealth
And pray to god it double
We just in this
Trying to get rich at the interest
Keep it pimping
Stay with niggas that's relentless
Smoke dough
Just because I say so
Money pronto
And niggas never would know
They never know nigga

[Chorus til fades]

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Warren G You Never Know Comments
  1. Jovani Paredes

    Love reading the comments of where everyone was at when they first listened to this track.

    This reminds me of working my first job out of high school and riding in my first car. An 89 Corolla with a stereo I put in with the face able to be pulled out. I was 18 would always make sure to put this song on when driving home, the whole future ahead of me

  2. TFIGBassPlayer

    The beat also sounds a little like Float On from The Floaters

  3. TFIGBassPlayer

    Warren G used Commadores  - (Sweet Love) - song

  4. Myanmar Vlog


  5. candylouz77

    Here igo again with the same shit , Just hold on

  6. Klay Henry

    This was my shit

  7. Jay Ali

    Real life

  8. Frank A bernal

    Stay strong candy g

  9. Jason Bird


  10. Massao Alabama

    Clasic....2018 from Brazil. VAI CORINTHIANS!!!

  11. Kevin Herrmann

    Love warren g is the best

  12. Hakeem Shakur

    Nice commadores sweet love sample

  13. I Calhoun

    So smooth

  14. swl9380


  15. lesconnus

    Love this song...g funk at its best 4sure..still listening this in 2016 cheers!

  16. Oliver Hernandez

    I don't really like warren g

    Shoot you Onsite

    Oliver Hernandez ...Who cares you FAGGIT BITCH.....but You can Suck DEEZ Nuts!! you little bitch boy!! lmfao🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Raymond McClain

    Your opinion ain't stopping warrens checks

  17. BombTapesRecords

    New Shade Sheist single released!

    "Follow Me To The Smoke"
    Produced by RTN & Shade Sheist.
    From Shade Sheist's forthcoming "BLACKOPS" LP.



    thx for that m8

  18. 鈴Owl木

    I still remember the day in summer of 2001

  19. Sonia Orduno

    these lyrics take me to a corner of my life when my nana was still with us and the East side of Casa Grande keep shit Arizona Hott

  20. fantom46224

    Reminds me of purchasing the record from Tower Records, damn near braking my nail trying to pierce the rubber stickerry label to open the CD, putting it in the 90s home installed cd player in the hoopdie (with potentional). and just cruising all day, smiling and not giving a damn

    Daniel Lawler

    fantom46224 - same fantom! Can totally relate. I was in the same boat/mindset as you when this came out in 99!

  21. sssongyo100

    LOVE this song(G-Funk)!!


    its that cr1p shit nigga

  23. Osirus_Jack

    Love west coast music !!! :D <3

  24. itsjustabout2007

    Now is the REAL time this video should be on BLAST!!!! Love to the humble and West Coast Luv forever!!!

  25. OnlyMeLaLa

    My fav....

  26. Christian S

    Warren G and the G is for G-funk!

  27. Milford Kemp

    Nice song but shit lyrics! Life in the ghetto sucks with us Bloods & Cribs killing each other for phony worthless paper money!

  28. 83Dars

    NATE DOG can´t forget u

  29. FeelGoodCollective

    Hey we are 4 french dudes and we created a blog featuring good music, fashion and street art. This song is featured on it, so if you dig it feel free to check out our blog, feelgoodcollective.blogspot.co­m

  30. lyra721

    this song means so much to me... i love it

  31. ermtz1

    I Love this song real g- funk me and my wife both love this song

  32. biskeybee

    you uploaded this the day my baby was born! and i didnt even know warren g got new stuff out, i love this! will keep this close to my heart! bo, london love in the house ! uk! kilburn

    chiller stones

    biskeybee london big up

  33. RTNProductionz

    Anotha' heat from tha brotha' Warren G the G' Child. G-Funk We Funk.