Warren G - This Is The Shack Lyrics

[G Child]

Mr. President, hey, this is the G Child
Spacekateers, I'm back baby yes I'm back
And Mr. President you're not chillin in the house baby
You're not chillin in the house
Ya know why? huh? huh? Should I tell ya?
You know why? Yeah.. cuz ya ya ya ya chillin in the shack beeyatch!

[Chorus x2]
This is the shack, this is how we act
Caps I peel, flex my steel

Its ya muthafuckin third letter of ya alphabet
put Knight at the individ
its a nigga you can't get with
funky styles, I be showin niggaz
I be blowin niggaz straight out they socks, because
The Dove Shack is comin more twisted than dredlocks
now plot on the shack if you wanna
but if you get caught slipping
we will be dippin
down your block
just to street sweep your spot, nigga
but you can still follow along, grab ahold of my nut sack
because I've got the doja
oh I haven't told ya much love to my nigga Warren
He's a G, hook me, now I'm gettin funky
I'm chillin with my feet up on the table in the shack
with my revolver, problem solver
waitin for a nigga to fuck with this
so I can let his ass know who he is

[Chorus x2]
This is the shack, this is how we act
Caps I peel, flex my steel

[2 Scoops]

Its the nigga 2 Scoops, the Long Beach Eastsider
niggaz start to duck when I come cuz I'm a ridah
so I suggest you get the 411 on the shack
we peelin caps to the front, then we peel em back
approachin the wrong way, with no delay I blast your ass
draw for the gat but the Scoop is much faster
you can't miss me with that, step in my path
I let the AK ripper cut that ass in half
I dwells, I bells, in the LBC
the real menace to society
packin up alrighty
a flow, but watch the one I used to abuse this track
we in front of that ass and you still can't see the shack
so pack up your gear and run and hide
(and pass the doja to the left hand side)
we comin like that, it ain't no love for no rat
I guess thats how we act when we chillin in the shack

[Chorus x2]
This is the shack, this is how we act
Caps I peel, flex my steel

As you enter into the zone called the G Funk (now relax)
here a lie a war with the west (Dove Shack)
kicks it is a know em
rip em will be torn
dip it as we flip it
wicked with the Warren G child
see styles, meanwhile freestyles have been rendered
I see the door of your mind, may I enter?
I knock and I promise I wont hurt you
the definition of G Funk is just something to like swerve
to something to smoke herb
to sunk we and we serve
get with the dope herb
take a tall kid beat the loccness
lessons will be taught before caught in the shuffle
flexin all the muscle, livin large is fuckin rustle
I'm Simmons, I'm Robin, like givin
I know you love this funky style
out this world, make your head twirl
hear the less, now play the squirrel as you earl on the track
who am I Bo Roc from The Dove Shack

[Chorus x2]
This is the shack, this is how we act
Caps I peel, flex my steel

Cuz you ain't in the house, cuz you's in the shack
fire up the sack, this is how we act

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Warren G This Is The Shack Comments

    Dis album was 🔥 🔥 🔥 and underrated Bc Warren G was the DJ

  2. the Butcher Dishon

    I was 17 when this hit. Wowser

  3. the original barber chino

    If you grew up as a 90’s baby😎 you know how warren g regulates 💯🤔how I miss them days💪🏾😎

  4. Tommy James

    2019 anyone?

  5. Graciela Reitz

    Patience Persistence Preserverance 3p's If Life

  6. TheTech660

    They don't make em like this Shit anymore...

  7. Warren Geti


  8. YungDabMaster69RipX

    My dad and I used to jam to this before he lost custody of me. But at least he passed on OG hip-hop to a new generation.

  9. Lauren

    Had this album on cassette 🙏🏼

  10. Cyril Trois

    This is FLOW right here !

  11. Aidan Perrin

    I be blowing niggas

  12. Juan Cardona

    No Mole SlepT banquetChicken FoodStampS chineSe fk U MicheaLPorn StaR i60tSomE last fk UstaminGod

  13. Juan Cardona

    Laughlin 666 mmmmmmmmmmm

  14. William Randle

    4 years old Street fighter or Super Mario on the SNES with this playing in the background, chilling with my two Uncles living in my Grandma's house. Milk and cookies on deck. That was the life


    Ballin rollin wit my strap.... back in the days... straight out the Mil town....

  16. kush Kush

    Rip all, and fuxk these soon to be who listening to comments

  17. Boston Xtortion

    This was my shit when I was like 7

  18. johnchurchie useful

    Those Were the days

  19. Graciela Reitz

    Mr. President F u! 😘with a whisper

  20. Thomas Jefferson

    They seem to be talking about a rape shack

  21. Ninja Turtle Mark CHULO


  22. Steven Rodriguez

    4 years old when I 1st heard it in 94', I miss the 90's

  23. joshplaystheguitar

    Dope song but wtf was that intro?

    jesse fortini

    Full Swing agreed. Song would have been just fine without it. Haha


    jesse fortini fr 😂💯


    That’s the g child u faggot. Listen to indo smoke by warren g.

  24. Robert Swartzentruber

    Undeafeated and way underrated album of the 90s.

  25. Ray Vaughan

    One of the finest tunes & albums of the whole G funk era and in the game as a whole! The Doveshack! I've been bumping this loud since it first dropped!

    "So pack up your gear & hide ...and paasss the dutchie pon d'left hand side"

  26. jesse fortini

    Bo Rock broke his promise to 14 people

  27. Samisoni Tupou

    Damn this song is a really good song. Great for a damn cookout or a chill sesh man for real.

  28. Isai Ramos

    Most dope

  29. Israel Chavez

    This was real Rap ..... 😎G Funk Era

  30. SouthSide Chicago

    and pass the doja to the left hand side
    we comin like that, it ain't no love for no rat
    I guess thats how we act when we chillin in the shack

    Bastiaan Bootjes

    Dutchie* to the left hand side😉✌

  31. Akoma

    When they made music....

    The Driver

    They still do make music... people were saying your same comment about 90s hip hop back in the day sayin it’s not music. The universe doesn’t revolve around the time period you happen to live in

    jesse fortini

    I agree with Akoma

  32. Aliche charles

    with my revolver....problem solver

    jesse fortini

    Aliche charles my favorite line

    Akai Dan


  33. G Unknown


  34. Miguel Estrada

    Takes me way back

  35. Roberto Lopez

    8th grade like a Mutha!!

  36. Jeremiah Hawkins

    Bring me back

    jesse fortini

    Jeremiah Hawkins i feel u bro. This is the soundtrack 2 my smoked out room, as a teen.😎

    Donald Doaty

    This is my shirt

  37. YA BOY O

    Blue Khaki Suit With The Blue Chuccs Giving It Up At 15 To Everybody Walking And Rolling Lol 😁😁😁

  38. Char Roberts

    alwayz takes on a journey to <3 MEMORY LANE <

  39. Torrey Bauer

    This song takes me back to my teens rolling in the dirty south🚘🚘

  40. freddie dejesus

    the bugout

  41. Sam Snead

    I'm knocking I promise I won't hurt you...... classic

  42. Jess Tonga

    rappers nowadays need more of this g funk era this is where it's at


    90s guy here.. they aint rappers now a days.. theyre all hip hop

    Paradoxical Psychosis

    It's not even real fucking hip-hop. It's a half-assed rip off of what it used to be.

    swoop G

    I really don't know what to call it these days. it's really some shit from junk yard, most of it is. sad the way the culture has turned

  43. Just Me

    Used to blast this song at friends place while wagging school, miss the 90's

    dan dan

    Yeah brother tha good ol dayz

  44. Henry Tongotongo

    Str8 old school G sheeeet, fuk this generation and their skinny jeans gangstarrz. 90s baby alll day!

    jesse fortini

    Henry Tongotongo ALLLLLLL day homie.

  45. Daddytamai Hake

    love this song

  46. YRN xcvi

    Dove Shack...Summertime in the LBC

  47. Joseph Maltos

    ssshhhh use to listen to this in the back of my house rite in my shack , haters would not get near n police would shine their light at us from the alley , bad kids just chillin we would say !


    those were the days dog true that may god bless u i love interacting with real people





  49. AJtheRastaman

    one of the most awesome warren G songs without a doubt.

    jesse fortini

    Wish he had a verse on it!

    Puna Mataroa


    jesse fortini

    Undoubtedly. Glad I'm in good company, with good peeps who enjoy quality hip hop.😎


    Not a Warren G song tho

  50. lorenzo montini

    this is one of the most cool rap songs I ever listenet to... in all mi f...ng life.....