Warren G - They Lovin' Me Now Lyrics

[Warren G]
Ooooo weee
See y'all lost confidence
Talkin with that nonsense keepin comets
This is compliments
From me to the industry
The locest G when you see one
When them G's come from where I'm from it's unspoken
Doggin' and locin', squabbin', jaw broken
We ain't hopin', we wish to tear this bitch
I ain't scared of shit I'm swift with the Smiff
And that motherfuckin Wessun
Droppin dope on fools with no questions
And thats a fact when I bust you ho's guessin'
True confessions
And many lessons get dealt with
From coast to coast and loc to loc
I won't go broke and smoke that smoke
That you choke [*echoes*]

[Bridge] [*caughin'*]
Is he allright?
Is he allright?
Is he allright?

[Chorus: Butch Cassidy]
They lovin me now
I get my way now, make 'em say "hey now"
Look and brake my pay down
Or I make my move on you
No other you foul
Can mess with my sound, [?] up in your town
Laughin as we smike ponds
Ain't no stoppin me 'til I [?]

[Boss Hogg]
Y'all don't wanna see the great game
With the way down
Bitch y'all take a change in the gate now
One: Dear Sabrine
Came right back
Where the fuckin monster on the team, like that
Our way [?] our [?] back boy
[?], [?], E-dub and fat boy
The realest, fuck the McCoy
Go get us
Why the fuck you think the gangsters in the game roll with us
Long as ??? ritches when I ain't backslapin'
Checkin this bitches, that include bitch niggaz too
Let me holla after slugin you
Suck dick, show dollar motherfucker you
Start speakin on me wrong
If you mouth gotta move
Bitch I got the perfect thing to put your mouth on
My own like it should
Don't worry about what Boss do
Obviously doin good

[Warren G]
Now it's a tip how they treat us Boss
But I ain't trippin it's a trip how we beat 'em Boss
And now we dippin'
64, Lac's, Bently's on D's
Hittin hood's and blocks climbin in the [?]
Industry suckers and fake companies
All Y'all can eat on this
For not believein' in me, for trippin on me
You better check them stats while you hayin on me
I'ma 10 year motherfuckin vet'
From 2pac to Snoop and Dre I get my respect
Warren G, the Long Beach imperial
They lovin me now nigga and ain't nobody feelin you


I'm so dope
Man I ain't no joke
You see me comin in a crowd and smoke
?So baby why you take the toke?
Why you hang with loc's
Keep it real
And tell me how you feel
Mess with my money and it's time to kill
Cause I'm out to make a mill
I got to pay my bills
Don't make you hit you off in the jaw
Ain't no tellin what the hell I do
Man I'm comin' in the darkes way
It's the dopest in the industry


They lovin me now
I get my way now, make 'em say "hey now"
Look and brake my pay down
Or I make my move on you
No other you foul
Can mess with my sound, [?] up in your town
Laughin as we smike ponds
Ain't no stoppin me 'til I [?]

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Warren G They Lovin' Me Now Comments
  1. Krausey Music

    Who's still bangin this out in 2018?

  2. CainGemer

    2018 high asf and listen to this dope shit

  3. Eazyroger

    Still bumping this classic joint in 2015

  4. Anita Jason Jackson

    thi is it...

  5. samuel grica

    gots to listen to this everyday brings me back in time going to school with a b

  6. Seer-of-things

    @WstCstFllwer haha I was kiddin. just came and saw this lol

  7. trotters213

    Warren G - Butch Cassiy - Boss Hogg - Warren G - Butch Cassidy

  8. Oobe

    @jgk381 Shaq Supreme

  9. Eazyroger

    10000th view!

  10. WstCstFllwer

    @edwardocortez florida is chill. I went there in the inner old town hood in the deep forest backwoods outside the tourist boardwalk in the city of pensacola, florida in 2004 and it was bomb. ..There was a mcdonalds, krispy kreme, walgreens, popeyes chicken, subway and a food market slash gas station within a 5 minute walk from my house where i was posted for a month and im white. ...i was like the only white guy around those parts. ...It was a good memory, but i am born n raised socal :P

  11. Seer-of-things

    @jgk381 I think its butch cassidy, if it ain't it's SOMEONE from tha eastsidaz, think lay low form snoop

  12. Seer-of-things

    nobody cares where your from, fuck florida

  13. popdee954

    wow I was bumping this so hard in high school. fort lauderdale FL

  14. Stephen

    @jgk381 Boss Hogg

  15. jgk381

    @2113ChargersFan WC? that doesn't sound like him to me, but I haven't heard him in a long time.

  16. 2113ChargersFan

    @jgk381 dub c

  17. jgk381

    who's the 2nd verse? He tore it apart.

    Krausey Music


  18. Golden Starling

    dope shit, Warren G is a muthafuckin OG fo real.. 5!

  19. Nanducci

    sick track..
    thanks for that!

  20. Kurtis Jackson

    this shits tight

  21. afrojack8

    yeeeeeeeeah, the g child