Warren G - My Momma (Ola Mae) Lyrics

Yo I wanna take this time out to dedicate this song
to one of the most beautiful ladies in the world
could never imagine
Yeah, Ole Mae, that's my momma, y'know
To one of the most beautifulest ladies in the world
I love ya momma, keep it strong for ya

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

My momma, used to tell me quit smoking weed
My momma, gave me everthing I need
My momma, said keep faith in God
My momma, momma, momma, momma, momma

[Warren G]
From the beginning, soon as my feet touched the earth
For what it's worth, she loved the boy from birth
Kept me fed, combed my head
and tapped that tail when I didn't do what she said
Through the years comin up momma always provided
And when the times got rough momma always tried to hide it
Divide it among us, but pardon the youngsters
Told us never to lie, smoke dope, and cuss
She stood tall and proud like a supermodel on a catwalk
And momma didn't take no back talk
She's the main reason why I roll today
That's why I dedicate this to Ole Mae
That's my momma


[Warren G]
As a young teenager I started to clown
My momma did all she could to try to slow me down
Tired of her son be brought by the cops
Sent to go stay with my pops
He taught me to be my own man, and when I disrespected
he put me out on the streets to find my own land
Now I'm servin on the urban street corner
Smokin bud, sippin Coronas in Long Beach, California
But I promised my momma I would make it to the top
And use this rap to put her in the drop
She the main reason why I roll today
That's why I dedicate this here to my Ole Mae


[Warren G]
As I grew up, blew up in the G-Funk Era
I see my momma everytime I take a look in the mirror
I'm thankful she gotta chance to see me shine
My momma's in my heart and my soul and mind
Controllin mine, so I can stand strong
For ya grandkids to let em know that ya spirit lives on
I really miss you, but I know ya looking over
Lead me on the right track, the angel's on my shoulder


[Warren G]
So I want y'all to treasure ya mom
Ya know, so if y'all got a bad relationship
or y'all on bad terms, patch it up
Ain't nothing wrong with that
Thats a precious jew-el
Remember that, we all gotta go through it
So stay strong, down dis, dis road, ya know
But I cant forget about all the poeple
Out there that I love, and got my back
So I'm gonna go ahead and im gonna shoot a shout out
My daddy, my sistas, my brothers, my girl, my kids
my cousins, my aunties, my uncles, my grandmomma
my granddaddy, all my homeboys, all my homegirls
and everybody out there that got love, knowwhatI'msaying?
We gotta keep it like that, we gotta keep it groovin

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Warren G My Momma (Ola Mae) Comments
  1. Andrew Warren

    Hey that's funny man that's what my mom used to do

  2. K Baldwin

    Warren G........ This song........"G" Shit!!!! Thanks Bro. This song 4 ALLLL OUR MOTHERS. THANKS😔

  3. Tical Benjamin

    This and dear momma made me start writing mama songs. I love u ma. Minnie

  4. Henry Navarrete

    One nation okey!!!lol

  5. Negus6

    Love and appreciate your momma ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Chrome2daDome

    RIP to my jefe love N miss you so much can't wait to see you again just know I'm holding it down for the grandchildren you never got to meet🙏🙏🙏

  7. MacFrugal

    Such an underrated track! Why hasn't the industry and fellow artists put him on like Nate Dogg was???!!

  8. JohnS Corey

    Ironically Ola Mae Robinson

  9. davido Kennedy

    West coast for life❤️❤️

  10. davido Kennedy

    I love you Warren g 😜😍👌💥💣

  11. Gerald Brown


  12. silvester dorsey

    Very underrated track. Rest in peace to my mother

  13. DJBlack909


  14. BombTapesRecords

    New Shade Sheist single released!

    "Follow Me To The Smoke"
    Produced by RTN & Shade Sheist.
    From Shade Sheist's forthcoming "BLACKOPS" LP.


  15. Guin

    Procurei "Olá mãe" pra achar o Lucão e achei isso

  16. Jesse T.

    this album is 16yrs old now damn!



    King Beamen

    MACC MALONE listening to it right now. Just lost my heart, my granny and I'm tore and this song got me in the right zone. :-(

  18. No Body

    i love this song so much! Back to 1999  the whole album helps me throuhg hard times! I#m lovin you my niggaz for the beautiful musik u gave 2 me! much love from GERMANY!

  19. GH mode

    Happy mothers day to everybody,Specially my Momma!!

  20. ShitWatchDis

    My momma is a legend too , much love mumma g

  21. Emmanuel Otto Owino

    My MAMA !

  22. steve nissen

    yes u know that i love this son you are the best i love ya and am very proud of you son.... and its funny because yr grandpa robert lawsons mothers name was ELLA MAE AND I LOVED HER I CANT WAIT TO SEE YA COME HOME AND START SCHOOL AND NO U WILL NOT BE SMOKIN ANY WEED HERE N CALI !!! NO BURNING TREES LOL NOT MY SON IVE SACRIFICED AND SO HAVE YR LOVED ONES TO SEE YOU DO BETTER BEE BETTER SUCK SEED RITE BOO LOVE YA MAMMA

  23. C Knicks

    Rest in peace to my mama who just passed away 6 days ago I'm still grieving r.i.p.

    Jahrell Nus

    Rip bro


    Rip my man - she in a better place

  24. Collovision

    Rest in peace to my homeboy mama.........R.I.P. Ms. Pat

  25. loco floco

    warren g is cool =)

  26. Thibaut

    just discovered the sample : valdez in the country - donny hathaway

  27. Ian Jordan

    This song is a piece of humanity! The beat... Too sick , the message .... 100% relatable. Thank warren, thank ms. Ola Mae respect

  28. SensuousO

    Remembering when I played this for my grandma Ola Mae who happens to have a son named Warren she was soo happy about the conincidence :-)

  29. Tony Grams

    This song always touches my soul.

  30. martynasbartas

    Listen Planet Asia - Boil Makers

  31. gejza bendig

    respect broo

  32. sadam bomb

    sippin Coronas! :D hell yeah i love this song thnx to warren G for creating such a beautiful song

  33. Alen Hasanbasic

    EPIC! :)

  34. RTNProductionz

    Soopa Doopa Fly fresh smooth beat. My MOMMA!!