Warren G - Intro Lyrics

[Warren G:]
What's happening?
Yeah, this that thing
Yeah my dog, this that thing right here
Ya know what I'm sayin' man.
Yeah, we gon keep it moving like that
Yeah, some of that, that ghetto, rats and roaches funk
(CPT, LBC, G-Funk here tonight, oh yeah)
Some of that, that... that incredible funk (funk)
Some of that some ol' time P-Funk
(Some of that, some of that funk)
Yeah, and most of all, it's that G-Funk
(G-Funk, G-Funk baby)
Yeah, yeah, so ah, we gon' keep this thing grooving
(G-Funk here tonight)
I want you to sit back, screw ya wig on tight
Grab yourself, a blunt or a joint or whatever you do
(Roll with me, ride with me, G-Funk here tonight)
And get ready to take that ride, if you wanna ride (ah yeah)
(G-Funk here tonight)
Keep it like that
Yeah, so check this out, while I'm in the mood right now
I'm a go ahead and let one of my little young scions
Show y'all what time it is, that's how we doing it
(G-Funk here tonight, that's how we rollin' man)
G-Funk, so Damone, let 'em know homie

Yeah, this is something to ride to, slide through
Heat G-Funk prvide you, turn it up, blow ya speakers out
Nigga like I do, my nigga on some other shit like Erika Badu
Warren you killing 'em ever since 94 yo I been filling 'em
Wait for the rhythm and the new millennium
Watch this, drop enough controlable hot shit
Ripping the lock kid, controling the market
Nigga fuck what they tell y'all, thought a nigga fell off, nigga hell nah
Nigga, we ripping the shit, pimping, get ridiculous chips
I'm sick of this shit, y'all niggaz put a dick in ya lips
I'm tired of it, resign from rap but die from it
Orgasmic niggaz gone through the way that I'm coming
No holding me back, let 'Mone exploring the track
The soldier is back and everything is caught in this fact
It's getting critical, you finna twist this game something pitiful
Ya have niggaz getting blackballed rap execs get rid of you
Nobody's feeling you, quit wasting ya time
Keep waiting in line, muthafucka you ain't getting signed

There you have it, Damone, yeah, put that down G-Funk
Ha ha, yeah, so we gon, gon ride this out
Flight C-17, bud, pipe, damn

(Na na na na na, roll with me with G-Funk riding tonight)

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