Warren G - I Want It All Lyrics

[Warren G]
What's up negros and negrettes?
It's your boy Warren G
You know what I'm saying?
Chillin' with the home boy Mack 10
And we gon' lay a lil' sumpin' down for y'all
Let y'all know what time it is
Show you how we keepin' it real wit' it
You know, cuz this world is built on material thangs
But we ain't trippin' off that
We want y'all to know this, check it

I want it all; money, fast cars
Diamond rings, gold chains and champagne
Shit, everydamn thing
I want it all; houses, expenses
My own business, a truck, hmm, and a couple o' Benz's
I want it all; brand new socks and drawls
And I'm ballin everytime I stop and talk to y'all
I want it all, all, all, all
I want it all, all, all, all, all

[Warren G]
They say, 'There go Warren G with that envious stare'
I love this game too much, I wish these haters wasn't here
It's a shame, we came too far to turn back
It's a cold world, it gets so hard, you learned that
From falling, tryin' to walk from crawl
Tryin' to hustle up from broke to ballin'
And, yeah, y'all in effect that's all me
The jiggy G-Z, all my niggas that keep it real and do it easy
Believe me, young nigga, fat meat is greasy
And shit stank, so if you plot a lick and hit a bank
And get away, or get gaffled, the very next day
Don't cry, hold your head up high
And remember what you told yourself, nigga
I said remember what you told yourself, nigga
I said remember what you told yourself, nigga
I said remember what you told yourself, nigga


[Mack 10]
I want it all, so I got to wake up and ball
And thanks to y'all, I got plaques on the wall
Mack 10 laced with the know how to paper chase
Crushed ice, throw my Rollie face in the platinum fan base
From net workin' and hustlin', no doubt, I got clout
And live the lifestyle that Robin Leach talkin' about
Slow down player, don't hate cuz you can't relate
The Bently Coupes and kickin' gears on Harley's with the straights
I got more lime light than Vegas on cable
Will it enable to shoot C-Note "Yo's" at the crap table
And while you can't get off the ground, I'm getting high
A nigga fly and fly, with the desire to build an empire
I strapped up and took flight like a missle
Told them loud and clear as a whistle 'Hoo Bangin' is official'
Handing out gold medallions at roll-call
I'ma ball and never fall cuz Mack 10 want it all


[Warren G]
Me and 10 get paid escapade to the spot
We hot like rocks served on hot blocks
I notice money make the world circulate
So we gon' stack and stack and take a sip and perculate
Bump, let the woofers sub (sub), show the homies love (love)
Warren to the G (G), and Little G-Dub (Dub)
Surface on the low, slide or don't slide at all
Ride or don't ride at all

[Mack 10]

Warren, I couldn't be more serious about my 'fetti
I stay tight on the mic and keep the pen movin' steady
I want it all, dog, and it might be greed
I hate to trip, but I got two little mouths to feed
They don't know nuttin' about no excuses and disrespect
Or somebody bein' jank with they Daddy's royalty check
And at that point, I'm through talkin', dog, enough said
So, if you owe Mack money, then I suggest you break bread
I want it all

[Chorus x3]

[Warren G]
Mack 10
[Mack 10]
What up? I know
[Warren G]
The paper's out there, ha ha
[Mack 10]
Yeah, Warren G
[Warren G]
What up?
[Mack 10]
You know
[Warren G]
The paper's out there, ha ha
[Mack 10]
[Warren G]
G Funk
[Mack 10]
What up? You know
[Warren G]
The paper's out there, ha ha
[Mack 10]
That's right
[Warren G]
What? Hoo Bangin'
[Mack 10]
What up? We know
[Warren G]
The paper's out there, ha ha
[Mack 10]
That's right, what?
[Warren G]
The whole world
Paper's out there
[Mack 10]
Speak on it
[Warren G]
Ha ha
Wrong: All the hood
Right: All the hood rats
[Mack 10]
What up? You know
[Warren G]
Paper's out there

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Warren G I Want It All Comments
  1. Charity Jones


  2. 7Shol

    "What's up negro?" This guy is saying the N-word and he got 99% like ratio, all those fucking racists idiots 🤮

  3. Bigg Dad

    Greatest song

  4. Larry Oliver

    Love it

  5. Connor Dziadul

    A little fuzzy audio, but websites and music apps other than YouTube have good quality. Still love this song, 5 years I’ve listened to it. G-funk is such a nice genre

  6. GrandAdmiralGamez

    I want it all, but cannot have it all because Black people cannot succeed in this white man's world.

  7. luis gonzalezrosario

    In the 90's I was gang banging hard this is all the music that I played west coast. It pumped me up now I here it and I get depressed miss my homies but love my kids now too much.

  8. Hersey Mitchell

    Good memories ❤️ still gonna listen on 2040

  9. Anwar Willis

    I wish the rap music of today would have the same impact of 90's hip🎤 hop music 🎶🎵 pure classics

  10. luis gonzalezrosario

    Us mexicans being from SOUTHERN CALI will never sleep on our great rappers . Warren g, Shade Sheist , Bg knock out, Goldie loc, mr. Grimm , kurupt, Suga free , cocaine, man o man . Gangster rap motivated me gangbang to the fullest this era was like no other 80's , 90's fuck

  11. 山田花

    long time no seeee!

  12. naMarcRe

    I just want all the weed every last bit of it every last bit of it I want it all
    gawd damn 4:30 and im flying

  13. 山田花

    G!! miss you!!

  14. TheSuperhuman622

    This song motivates me on another level #realgshit

  15. xXTRIP2endZONEXx

    2019 and still WANTING ALL

  16. lolbot

    "I said, remember what you told yourself, wigga"

  17. baguette

    i like it-DeBarge

  18. Truth Hurts

    New socks and draws

  19. TuMuch Infomation

    2019 & I STILL WAN IT ALL!!

  20. Tay -Tay Razors

    Till this Day in 2019 I want it All.

  21. Trashboye

    Warren g: this world is built on material things, but we aint trippin on that
    Also warren g: I WANT IT ALL

  22. BushidoBrownSama

    Debarge - I Like It

  23. Larry Rodriguez

    Still bumping this shit nigga Neva forget💯

  24. Matthew Hughes

    Who bumpin in 2019🔥🔥

  25. Home stead

    "I want it all dogg I know it might be greedy,I hate to trip but I got 2 little mouths to feed,they don't know about no excuses or disrespect or somebody being late with they daddy's royalty check" Shit hit me hard .

  26. Adrian Lanief

    One of the low key hard rappers

  27. benjamin pablo

    Suena a la base de NAUGHTY BY NATURE - would've donne the same for me

  28. King TravisSearles

    Now i'll just chill out and see how smart or stupid you ALL really aeef

  29. Joshua Manzanares

    Geah i want it all too, like a houses expenses and my own truck n the girl i want mostly dope shit

  30. PsychoLifer86 Leonard

    What year did this come out?

  31. MrManCube

    The most nostalgic album ever

  32. Tom B

    Motivation music

  33. Frankie Kotiar

    Mack one oh!

  34. Jhon Doe

    I Was also under mc10, crack ,and more

  35. WiscoFresher

    Here from The Parkers

  36. J Lepsha

    Ima get it all 💰

  37. Keith Burton

    Long Beach and Inglewood !

  38. flomash

    Warreeen G "RAP FOR ME 🥰🥰🥰"

  39. LA BoutaBagDoe

    9th Grade High School Days shit😤💯

  40. 轻剑风流。

    please remember this is real hiphop

  41. Danny Valencia Bueno

    Still bumping in 2019 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  42. Eduardo Merino Mendez Merino Mendez

    Real Gangsta 😎$$$

  43. Roane H.


  44. Juanye Ward

    good motivation

  45. Gatekeeper Aquatic

    *”What profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul”*

  46. tee baby

    Warren GGGGGGGeeezyyyyyyyygggGG

  47. Nicole New


  48. Nicole New


  49. D Johnson

    I Want it All 🔥🔥🔥🎹🎹🎻🎻🎺🎺🎙🎙🎵🎵🥇🥇👑👑👑🏆🏆🏆

  50. seannw11

    Brand new socks and draws......

  51. Luis Garibay

    The original sample is Debarge- I Like It
    Youre welcome🤙

  52. free way

    Takes me back to when I use to bump this man time flys rest in peace nate warren g one of the best in the West forsure

  53. rodney brown

    Remember what you told yaself nigga!

  54. Twenty Eight


  55. Rick Gonzales

    #2019 iwantitallrickglikeyee

  56. ydelgado89

    I'm folding my husband's socks and draws right now lol

    Anthony Rojas

    You're the real MVP

  57. German Vargas

    I’m 19 and this is better then today’s rap

  58. Black Sheep

    RITE NOW!!!!

  59. Xavier Ashkar

    Debarge I like it

  60. Luis Solano

    Straight up

  61. Adérito Matola


  62. SuperTylerhayes

    2019 still grinding.

  63. Heather Ramos

    2019 😍

  64. DJ 2NOA

    Still bangin this in 2019 😎

  65. Myranda Dotson

    My heart & soul belongs to Thomas K. Upchurch 4eva and as my everything and whole world he knows better than ANYONE why we both are Real [email protected]$!ers that have it all and then some ....and we wish Mr Warren G the best as he's "wants" it all we both used to as well and now can proudly say to all of ya "We both HAVE it ALL FRFR" and it will never change . 💎💯👑♊💕♏

  66. Dylan Ranalli

    Why did I barley hear this song for my first time today ? Thru the RADIO too haha

  67. Garion Bush


  68. Sad Io

    True hip hop is dead

  69. Luis Solano

    True shit

  70. Chris Young

    Hip hop will never be the same 80"$ babies fill good Growing up in the 90"s

  71. Nkechi Ndukwe

    2018 still vibin to this music

  72. Judah TheOracle

    Hustler Anthem

    perry porter

    Mack go in like a Real G.

  73. J-DubDMG

    Warren g, waddup...u know the papers out there!!! B4 ending lmbo

  74. J-DubDMG

    How tf I 4get this until 2day🤔🤦🏾‍♂️💙💙💙

  75. Van Tarrant

    I was born 2000 but i grew up listening to all the 90s music my father raised me right

    Gigantic Animatics

    Van Tarrant sammeeeeee


    damn right.

    Anthony Pantoja

    Same here bro


    Your pops is a good man this comment makes me feel old

  76. duran andrews

    Who remember listening this in elementary school with they homeis

  77. That Dude

    One love.

  78. e_rrestible Nichole

    Yasssss love when rappers sample old tunes REAL rapper's like him

  79. J.Samuel Q.

    200 mofos didnt want anything 😒2018!

  80. Crecia Bonner

    Lovin what he saids in the beginning of the song 😎😎

  81. Crecia Bonner

    Still listening in 2018

  82. Risou Rizou

    This song is perfect..!!!

  83. Gabriel Gsss

    First day of school always had me kicking off with this song taking it way back to them old school dayz. Fohi 97 909 Gs Shit

  84. Graz

    Frankly, Warren was better off for signing with Def Jam and not Death Row. For whatever reason, Suge didn't like Warren and was pissed when DR artists made appearances on Warren's shit


    perry porter wow, write a book, man. I'm not reading this, this is YouTube not your blog

    perry porter

    @Graz nobody asked u too, Bruh!!💯


    perry porter first off, I'm not your "bruh". Second, if you didn't intend for me to read it why did you make it in response to MY comment???

    perry porter

    @Graz man, go somewhere


    perry porter I ain't going anywhere.. so deal. It's not my fault that your long-winded and can't write a concise comment.

  85. Everett Posey

    Currently in riverside ca. Originally from bangtown (banning) ca son

  86. Ryan Chicko

    there's nothing better than brand new socks and draw's 😐

  87. Joe Jordan #23!

    *Remember what you told yourself*

    Kiana W.

    Joe Goliath 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  88. Elreypachuco

    The very next day don't cry
    Hold your head up high

  89. Trevesia Blount

    Warren g sampled this song from El Debarge.The song is called"I Like it".

  90. Alex Becerra

    2018 🤘🔥

  91. King Booshay

    Imagine biggie on this beat fckkkkkk