Warren G - G-Funk Is Here To Stay Lyrics

Definitely On The G Funk Vibe

This rap shit got my own cactuses
like we never slept on the same mattresses
Young age football practices
Biscuit shine, Five of the ones on the waistline
I ain't worried about no platinum change
I'll give ya a 59 with a batman ass go range
[Mumbled speech]
Ok, musta being the zodiac
V.I.P I really don't let this shit get to me
I just flip tracks, spit facts
get relaxed, with G Funk laxed in the back
We stay in the ghetto, havin a tap with rugrats
cats, and taps, with flaps
Foul language, old english it's dangerous
It stays the same and never changes
[Crumbling cries]
G Funk is here to stay
I pop a cap
domino's and spades
with a bag of gange and smoke it all day
there's a staircase, its a true 21
Here's a toast to the thugs
High drop 4 sheezy, drinkin' ma bud
i still love n-a-t-e
rollin from the sheezys
With a dress code like dubsy and a circle arse
G-Funk is here to stay

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Warren G G-Funk Is Here To Stay Comments
  1. Chris Jackson

    Respect... . 2020

  2. Jeremy Burkhart

    Used to tell people dre n snoop and warren set pac up...19 second mark homie says my nigga 2pac stick a dick in ya mouth...hense the title g funk here to stay...but fuck them....pac kills these shady mafuckas even in death

  3. RB Colbert

    One lame ass dislike! G-funk bitches!!!!

  4. Jeremy Burkhart

    Fuck these dudes ...yall didn't hear dude say in the beginning my nigga 2pac stick a dick in ya mouth stay fly...fuck them

  5. Dercio Issufo

    Mestre do g funk

  6. Mike Baer

    Kokane on the intro and hook! The G Funk originator

  7. P-Crazy

    so dope !!

  8. Mitch Lackey

    this uh... this.....hmmm....fire? yeah this fire 🔥

  9. malakaijub

    you mean the same dr dre who cuttin tracks with lil wayne?

  10. themadrapper101

    hahaha yup!

  11. jamesc8450

    they was sum high muthafuckas

  12. Killerof Mezzer

    its the 2000's now?? dumb shit. they aint makin music like they used too. i cant think of any hits from DJ Quik, Suga Free or Warren that compare to stuff they made in the 90's. i dont care if you think its still alive, g funk isnt what it used to be.

  13. Killerof Mezzer

    @TrollingForSure quit hatin. 2000's gay shit doesnt even compare to the 90's G Funk Era. name 3 artists that actually produce G Funk like Nate and Warren used to?

  14. estoesdestop

    G- FUNKY

  15. Killerof Mezzer

    RIP Nate Dogg.
    When Nate left so did the life of G-Funk
    all i can do is reminisce on warren g and nate regulating the sound.

  16. oldskooltunes eighties

    No dislikes...good :) this tune is deeep...love it...

  17. Conzo

    @MrCheapsk8 Damn right....fuck nowadays music G-Fonk Fo Lyfe!!!

  18. Neesh

    You can dowload his dicography on pirate bay. Great Quality!

  19. charliehustlenflow

    i swear this is off kokane album dont bite the phunk

    mario juano

    charliehustlenflow Nah homie its off Warren Gs Return of the Regulator around 2000-01. I know I couldnt believe my ears when I first heard it back then. I was thinkn damn he actually made some hard soundin shit. Kokane came out with Lost Angels in the Sky about the same time. Both songs hit hard as fuck tho.

  20. Clintong

    shit audio quality

  21. Tw1zee

    Thank you for this track!! I've been looking for it so long...