Warren G - Dollars Make Sense Lyrics

[Kurupt talking]
Y'all don't know nothin about this HEE-ARE
Hahahahahahaha, yeah! It's Kurupt Young Gotti
Hehaha, sup Warren G? It's my homeboy, huh?
With my niggas Crucial Conflict, huh?
Chillin, huh? Bumpin, puffin on a little bit of that Hay
[TOKE] Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

[Warren G]
Dollars make sense, it's all incorporated
I'ma get it all, since a BG I done did it all, was in it all
When I first thought I was in the wrong
Couple tokes, alcohol
Got everything I need, Hennessey and weed
Since my arrival, based on this modern-day survival
Evrything is technicality, everything based on reality
So how do I get paid, all these licks nowadays
They want me laid, dropped and plagued, AK mouth is sprayed
It's like I'm blind, and I just can't see
Warren G, I'ma holler at the homey Shorty B
"Shorty B IT'S ME!", G Dove, I'm out to make a grip
So call Crucial Conflict and let's make us some bomb shit

Look at me on the M-I-C
Tryin to stack my tips, comin in a big ole ride
With all that bumpin side, livin up in your eyes, surprise
Hangin on the corners where the young brothers be comin up
The gangbangers be gunnin up, the type of brothers that roll with us
High tech with much respect, with all that G's swarmin
Like G-Funk in your eyes and make you see we about that cashflow
Put em in a lasso, don't try to sweat, no joke
We illa your side, in the back we get hot, trade bump and hit em up
With the jigs up,
freaks from the West to the east to the South where they chief
Kurupt in the mind, Young Gotti down with the raw dog Flict
I ain't no tricks, nigga Wildstyle, enemies get closed down
We rock the shows, slammin do's, Cali to Chi-town

So chop it up, I'm gonna kick some shit about what's goin on
Have to get my loot up so I suit up
looked in the mirror said to myself "It's gon' be gone"
I'm sick of goin thru the things that I have to do do
Cops are happy to jack fools, I'm strictly ever gon' gank move
I hate to be the one that have to take it
But you best believe I'd die to make it
anywhere in the world I'm standin with my pockets naked
Set it out set it out, that's what I'ma holler
On some slick, tryin to come up quick, witta trusty ole dollar
Watchin you watchin me, hope I slip and bust my knees
I'ma have to greet you at the pond, you should just be thinkin C's
Comin out at ease, no matter what I'm still hard to please
Flap flappin sky, be real til the day I leave so sneeze

[Chorus: Reel Tight]

Talin bout that money, dollar
Gettin that money, gettin paid
[repeat x3]

We, smackin and stackin, packin, strappin, what's happenin? Rollin
Cruise-controllin, the fo' and Daynes swell up
Get the hell up, trump-tight click just in case I'm lavish
Tryin ta fade me, you crazy ladies, babies created
Men are shady, straight make me drink til my thoughts get swavy
I think, maybe if I blink things will get back gravy
But loccs in the hood they lord be makin it hard so lately
But I gotta stay at the table, cos that raw dope is that will pay me
Westside of California, on these corners pimpin daily
Retire out on the lakefront, smokin blunts
Takin the sale G, trap me like the male be
To the Westside I'm a mental, all the regulators trail me

Don't kick it out, let's do this
Comin out the do', we down to wall
Gotta get in the business,
tell me waht's the call, we to the fall to ball
We can't just fold up,
gotta whole bunch of homies dependin on this, sho'nuff
This only hustle is for brothers,
feel to bring the business so slow up
And we still up on a mini gold rush
Ready to make the world go down
Bound to get it cos I'm down wit it
Now shitty the city, Conflict's causin critics to bite tongues
Ain't the one, with the shotgun, showdown
My town to your town on the rebound for them papers

[Warren G]
It's like brother brother brother how you make em get down?
From the LBC to the Chi-town, Westside straight gettin down
Hittin switches and we checkin all snitches
Gettin all riches, and flossin in our pictures
It's time for some new hits, one of us
You know I spit some coast to coast love from your homey G Dove

[Chorus (x7)]

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Warren G Dollars Make Sense Comments
  1. sbcjraid

    1000 Grams of Mack was definitely not last, Never was, Kilo was before him

  2. newswars-dotcom

    Kickass fuckin jam!!! Crucial Conflict is fast!!

  3. imOJ

    DRE is the genius you recognize but Warren G beats is what you always love

  4. imOJ

    Ahh that feeling of these classic rap music, something today's kids will never understand

  5. Kid Nsane

    On this song in the description... Never verse is Kilo rapping.. And kilo verse is Never rapping

  6. bj By tmobile

    Still the shit 💯🤔 from Tulsa

  7. Poo_Cake

    Kurupt shouldve had a verse on this

  8. Mac Turtle

    🎶DOWN Wit da RAW DOPE FLICT , Aint No Trix , Nigga Wildstyle , Enemies get closed Down , We ROck da SHOWs , Slammin Doors , Cali to Chi-Town🎶! WEst Side Comptown in da Building!!

  9. briandeaton36

    Wow, haven’t heard this in along fuckin time

  10. Mikey Moore

    Hell ya 2018 almost 2019 dam time goes

  11. Michael Sisneros

    From the LBC to Chi Town, West Side straight gettin' down!

  12. Emre Devrilmez

    ima holla at the homie shorty b shorty b its meeeee

  13. COMBkO 76st LLOEC 1

    I bought this cassette bacc in the day for this song. Critical Conflict stole the show

    aermax 7321


  14. William Rivera


  15. William Capone

    chiraq style!!

  16. RyanKendrickTV

    Hip hop was PEEKING when this came out! Takes me BACK! Memories that I will never forget!

  17. Crip's 4life Blue Gang


  18. Bobby Johnson

    Real rap 💯 from Tulsa

  19. Bobby Johnson

    Warren g 💯 CC real West coast n Chi Town real rap

  20. Willie Matthews

    Here in 2018

  21. ya step daddy

    2018 u bitch u 😂 G funk..

  22. HamOnTheCob

    Man that snare from Painted Picture is so good, I don't know why you'd replace it with this one. But what a great track. Warren G - the most underrated of all time.

  23. Ramón Andrés Godinez Garro

    Make money now👋🏼👊🏼💵💵💵💰💰💰

  24. Kevin Paul

    All across the world
    What will they do for a pearl
    I think we all have seen it before
    Another brother falls to the floor and is no more
    Another mother can't deal with the horror feeling it straight to the core
    I open up the door of my heart the sparks start flying trying to depart from the dark
    I open up the drawer of my heart I can't be no mark apart from the fake I pump my breaks it's now time to park
    The key in the ignition but I'm getting sicker of slipping this city slicker is tripping applying to get my grip quicker
    I'm harder than a brick slick like Rick moving up bit by bit ready to hit
    This weed indeed time to increase my speed steady staying keyed ain't feeling no greed
    Ready to hit this weed split from a seed I be a different breed why thy wanna see me bleed
    I need to feed my mind so I can be freed
    I need to succeed agreed do the right deed like read
    Way between the lines go and get mines....

  25. Douniadchccxxvvc Bjkkm Kortalli

    The flow is unreal

  26. Usman Saeed

    Music supposed to be like this nowadays

  27. gethighonlife11

    Alright man, you messed up on some of the lyrics! Really! ??? 0:30 "When I first fucked, I was in the raw....." is the actual lyrics. Come on man!

  28. capitano moe

    why does it sound like bone thugs ??

    William Capone

    this is the midwest flavor

    aermax 7321

    ^^^....they completely jacked notorious thugs ....beginning to end
    ......good track though

    Travoris Harris

    Stop it fool, these guys were rapping at the same time maybe before Bone. Ya'll stay trying to take away the shine of Chitown. But Warren a real one that's why he reached out to the midwest Brothers.

    Travoris Harris

    Stop it fool these guys were rapping at the same time as Bone if not before. Ya'll stay trying to dim the light coming from Chitown. But Warren a real one that's why he reached out to the midwest Brothers!

  29. arc angel kriz

    wonder why the radio dont play music like this

    Sean Rose

    arc angel kriz cuz there isn't autotune or dudes dressing like women

  30. Baltimore Z-Wad

    Classic & one of my all time favorites from Warren G, off a slept on great album


    Getin getting paidddd ......

  31. ElectricDreams

    I bought that album the day it came out, for me it was unbelievable in terms of beats

  32. Guilherme Semensato

    Mais top que tem!!!!

  33. Jr.


  34. Bella Garcia

    fawkkk. a favorite
    talkin bout that money dollar luv . getting money gettin paid

    Uncle Victor

    Mighty dollar 😜

  35. Alan Bird

    puffing a lil bit of that hay still

  36. Vildan Camic

    Real Music!

  37. Chris Tunstall


    ya step daddy

    mighty dollar.. my nigga

  38. Mike Beezee

    Kilo and Nevers verses are swapped

  39. Sleeping

    Wildstyle reminds me of layze bone.

  40. x AimShot x

    This is Music !

  41. Rashaad McClenton


  42. Fernando Nunez

    Warren G is the MAN NObody is putting out tracks like this now 

  43. carmona christophe

    painted picture by The Commodores

  44. doggies2win

    Warren G is just as good as dre... he knows how to make a unique beat and flow perfect on it. I wish his brother was as loyal to him as he was to his brother.


    The only reason he wasnt so succesfull is because he didnt sold himself out completely like dre and snoop did..

  45. furyhunter27

    this song is bosss and im only 13

    Shadow Riku

    Damn you’re 19 now

  46. Triple IX


  47. John Clancy

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  48. Chkhitoooo

    1 of my favourites!

  49. beeee2222

    one of the nicest tracks from a under rated album

  50. Petko Moynov

    more than EPIC :)