Warren G - Do You See Lyrics

The Blues has always been totally American
As American as apple pie
As American as The Blues
As American as apple pie
The question is why?
Why should he Blues be so at home here?
Well, America provided the atmosphere

You don't see what I see, every day as Warren G
I take a look over my shoulder, as I get older
Gettin tired of mothafuckas sayin' "Warren I told ya"
(You don't hear what I hear)
But it's so hard to live through these years
With these funny-bunny niggaz, ain't shit changin
Got my mama wonderin if I'm gang-bangin
But I don't pay attention to these father figures
I just handle mine, and I'm rollin with my niggaz
Off to the VIP, you see, Snoop Dogg and Warren G
Unbelievable how time just flies
Right before your eyes, but you don't recognize
Now who's the real victim, can you answer that?
The nigga that's jackin, or the fool gettin' jacked (Yeah)

You don't see what I see, every day as Warren G
You don't hear what I hear
But it's so hard to live through these years
You don't see what I see, every day as Warren G
You don't hear what I hear
But it's so hard to live through these years

Another sunny day, another bright blue sky -
Another day, another muthafucka die
These are the things I went through when I was growin up
There's only one hood, and niggas shit be throwin' up
And I knew it, There really ain't nothin' to it
Thinkin' every fool's gotta go through it
Now let's go back - (How Far?) Back in time
Draggin to these hookas tryin to mack for mine
I remember when we all used to stop at the spot
Back then my nigga-name was Snoop Rock (huh)
It was all so clear
Eighty-seven, eighty-eight, then eighty-nine's the year
You say "everywhere we roll, you can say we roll thick"
Way back then two-one-three was the click
Somethin' to stay paid I was just a young hog
Warren G, Snoop Rock and Nate Dogg

You don't see what I see, every day as Warren G
You don't hear what I hear
But it's so hard to live through these years
You don't see what I see, every day as Warren G
You don't hear what I hear
But it's so hard to live through these years

You make me wanna holler, get out the game
Too many muthafuckas know my name
While Snoop Dogg's servin' time up in Wayside
I puts it down on the street, don't try to take mine
I had to reassure the homie that he wasn't alone
We'd talk, and him n Nate'd conversate on the phone
He kept sayin, "Nigga, it won't be long
Before a little skinny nigga like me'll be home"
I said, "Snoop, things done change, it's not the same
We need to get about the game
Cuz we can get paid in a different way
Wit you kickin' dope rhymes and I DJ"
Well as time goes past, slowly we try to make it
But things are gettin hectic, I just can't take it
Should I A: Go back to slangin' dope?
Or should I B: Maintain and try to cope?
Or should I C: Just get crazy and wild?
But no I chose D: Create the G-Child
It's been on ever since with me and Mista Grimm
This shit is gettin so hectic that I can't even trust him now
What would you do for a Warren G cut?
Would you act the fool and nut the fuck up?
Back the fuck up, act the fuck up?
Niggaz talk shit they get smacked the fuck up, straight up

[Chorus then fade]
You don't see what I see, every day as Warren G
You don't hear what I hear
But it's so hard to live through these years
You don't see what I see, every day as Warren G
You don't hear what I hear
But it's so hard to live through these years

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Warren G Do You See Comments
  1. Derek Chapman

    Dre killed that beat tho 🔥

  2. Derek Chapman

    2020 beyond classic forever timeless

  3. Chrissy M

    Break 💯💯💯💯💯half of hundred 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    Chrissy M

    Be backkkkkkkkkkk 💯💯💯💯💯half of hundred 💯💯💯💯💯💯😇😇😇😇😇😇💯💯💯😎😎😎👏🏻🙏👼💎🎂

  4. Chrissy M

    Hello auntie enjoy half of hundred 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯😇😇😇

  5. Aaron Kelly

    2020 still a sick track

  6. Trent Rama

    this is a true story

  7. Josh

    these tracks man ... not to mention warren's lyrics ... but damn these tracks.

  8. Jerome Sears

    This and Regulate are my favorite from the G-Funk Era.

  9. Adriana Fotu

    2020 and we still thumping this

  10. Westside Radio


  11. Raya Kelley

    Do You See #HappyNewYear2020

  12. Tina Dolly

    2020 from Ireland mf's

  13. Choppa Gang Music

    i love the new rap wave but imma always give these classics the proper appreciation ❤️🙏🏻 its called love

  14. Christopher Baines

    I missed this shit

  15. Pennies on a Dollar

    1994 was a Great year for HipHop

  16. Keanan Johnson

    Do You See, Regulate, and This DJ were easily 3 of the baddest jams in Hip Hop. Rip Nate Dog

  17. Homedude R

    Who else here in 2019?

  18. LUCKY

    Great song

  19. CommissionerAG

    Why all the thumbs down? This is highway, mission music...

  20. TheASSedoTV

    It’s so unusual to hear the clean version! “If a sucker talk trash they get smack the hell up” 😆
    For an OG he was here he sounds like a Cambridge professor 😂

  21. fffraaankkk

    "Why should the blues be so at home here; Well America provided the atmosphere".

  22. Antuan Claude

    This cut right here is absolutely legendary.

  23. Road runnner

    Do you see what I see In 2020 keep up the good music

  24. Yashteer Chotoo

    This is the shit 👌🏻

  25. Juice

    This my jam boys.

  26. Mr. Spock

    Eternal change

  27. Mr. Spock

    in 2019 it would be I don't pay attention to that crazy uncle.

  28. Carlos Gutierrez

    Real rap

  29. Nathan Crawley

    When there was no internet drama and gossip.Street beat rep the real of life!

  30. Zeus 0886

    Damn I haven’t heard this in years!! I got over 100 thousand songs on my library. I just pressed play and shuffle and this played.

  31. peter Maina

    The era of cassettes.

  32. oasis endriss

    Great tune!

  33. Reginald Simpson sr

    miss my error of music

  34. Juan Cardona

    "holding up my bridges with my new belts goldNsilver" blinkz

  35. B Rob


  36. Silvia Arreola

    Now days music suck!! 🙄still listening to this 2019😎

  37. djenn434

    Warren G the man.

  38. Bruce Krom

    2019 anyone??

  39. Joseph Hale

    This would be #1 today!

  40. highgaming

    I had a new found love for kurrupt after finding out he wrote this song

  41. highgaming

    I had a new found love for kurrupt after finding out he wrote this song

  42. Mike West

    So damm hot love it 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  43. Luniz5150

    How does this have 1.2K dislikes

  44. Gilles Koller

    We loved that in France in the 90,s and i always love it today, ✌️

  45. Unfinished Sympathy

    Back then both coasts had their own signature, reminds of a west coast Nas , great times and memories 90’s

  46. Jorge Martinez

    Met Warren G back in 1994 When I worked at a Check Cashing Center in Long Beach. He came in to cash a "small" check as he put it. It was $5k. Homeboy was cool af.

  47. Blake Franklin 88

    Snoops I wanna thank me movie brought me here. Didn’t know Kurupt wrote this



  48. mr T

    Dr DRE.s step bro

  49. Gaston Lagaffe

    Junior : Mama used to say

  50. Jedi32r

    not enough credit for this O.G. - still bumpin 2019


    This still my shyt that sample is smooth as shyt

  52. Dahly Lama

    Warren G’s sound is so unique and chill.


    Warren G's is the definition of G-Funk, nothing less.

  53. Σάρα Αλεξόπουλο

    I was born in 2004. But I don't like the music taste of my generation. So I keep playing some old school shit. And I can say that this is wayyy better than mumble shit

  54. Tyson Anderson

    I Always Loved Dis Song!!!

  55. Ron Harrison

    Warren G cute 😍😩

  56. Antonio Romero

    Awww memories!! 1994 was the year! So many moments at that time: Bill Clinton was president of the U.S., the Northridge earthquake, OJ Simpson Bronco chase, Mandela freed from prison, Forrest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, Speed, Lion King and Pulp Fiction were released Yahoo and Amazon were born and Kurt Cobains death.. that's what was happening or was going on at that time

  57. Lathen Patterson

    Damm sure brings back memories of high school

  58. Okwudili Nwabugwu

    The G in G Funk.

  59. B C

    I always wondered, hmmm. Did you create the G child? I musta missed it...Anyways, I still bump that Mista Grimm's Shit! Grow Room!

  60. Keep Da Faith in You

    As American as apple pie the question is why sick start off brilliant track by Warren G

  61. Sawyer Scott

    Jesus wArren this dope af

  62. Miss Boss Campagna

    I love his voice so sexy. He a bad ass and one if my favorites and I so want a t-shirt. Seriously he another one of my hero's. Thanks I needed to hear him it been a very long and stressful week for me. I'm so thankful for God and all my angels watching over me. :)

  63. Louis Valenz

    Off to the VIP....

  64. Sami Ahmed

    Nutting changed

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    I'm still listening to this song 2019. #classic

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    I don’t like you

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    Dope jam

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    Now this is tha gfunk era

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    Warren G was the real man.....no frills just pure fresh sound and lyrics....grew up on this album.

  70. MrManCube

    That charisma tho

  71. King Hannibal

    Warren G is Dr. Dre brother

  72. Candy deadmeme

    Favourite beat

  73. Eliot McLellan


  74. Thee Xo

    2019 summer?? WC REPRESENT

  75. Botshapa

    Is this the only time u see Dre on his brothers videos? They should’ve done more together

  76. Sherwin Mariah

    still banging in summer '19 🔥

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    Classic shit 🔥

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    Love West Coast sound

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    This is when music was real and music made sense

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    That's that real old school shit rite there

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    my life theme here

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  87. Stanislav Stanev

    I have these conflicting emotions about this song. Reading Wikipedia, it says Warren G sold drugs. Can we please have decent music being made by decent people? Or am I failing at separating artists from their art?


    haha stfu

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    Here from 1994 in 2019!

  89. JDeezy 1997

    One of my fav songs by Warren G

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    .........👀you dont hear what I hear......👂👊

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