Warren G - Annie Mae Lyrics

[Warren G]
1, 2 buckle my shoe,
3, 4 we gotta hit the store,
5, 6 back in the mix,
7, 8 Warren G and Nate,

[Nate Dogg]
Bang to the boogy say up jump the boogy
to the rhythm of the boogidy beat
I dont love no hoes they know so they don't be fuckin wit me

[Warren G]
A long time ago I met Annie Mae
she was killing me softly like everyday
penetentiary steel, was stickin for real
blockbustin through the walls
now I'm makin housecalls

[Nate Dogg]
I thought I'd met a lot of scandalous women, and then I met Annie Mae
Got a thin big butt like steel
But she didn't have a place to stay

[Warren G]
She was shackin at mine and shackin at his
blowin my socks, tellin his biz
Nate Dogg this and Nate Dogg that
213 skirt, and we stay intact
So I told the homey Nate don't be mislead
ain't no fun if the homey can't shake a leg
so I went to the house and knocked on the door
and guess who it was, Annie Mae you H-O

I once knew a trick named Annie Mae (Annie Mae)
(I once met a bitch named Annie Mae)
I once knew a trick named Annie Mae (Annie Mae)
I once knew a trick named Annie Mae

[Nate Dogg]
Remember yesterday I asked you baby have I seen you somewhere before
with just one look, the pussy was took
cuz I make music that you adore
Now I'm not sure and I might be trippin
but in 94 I heard a song
it ain't no fun unless the homeys can come
so Warren G put a condom on

[Warren G]
Now Nate you know me and I know you
I got rubbers, gin and socco(?) too
so lets do the do, on how we do,
never my boot, just a freak that I knew


[Warren G]
Annie Mae, Annie Mae, you ran out of time
Warren G and Nate Dogg blew your mind
cuz if you trickin wit him
you trickin wit me, you trickin wit the 2 1 muthafuckin 3
I came from rags to riches
trustin no snitches
thats how we do on 9 C I X bitches
buck em, fuck em, and put em in the trash
and jump in the 600 Benz and dash

[Nate Dogg]
Hold up Warren before you go just a couple things I got to say
Are you goin home, I wanna be alone
You need to take this... home

[Chorus x3]

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Warren G Annie Mae Comments
  1. привидение

    Still don't get this whole 'anime' thing but ok

  2. Julio Batres

    g.funk best of the best saludos desde monterrey mexico

  3. RAZED 273

    RIP Nate Dogg 2019

  4. Pawn Poker

    "I want to be alone, can you take this ho"

  5. Pawn Poker

    I saw snoop walk off stage like a bitch.

  6. Pawn Poker

    Woah ooh!!

  7. James VR4G63 Silby

    Who's still banging Warren g an nate dog in 2019.... annie may ohhhhhhh

    Island Bro

    Always cuzzy.. Always

  8. Hearty kuz 13

    Never my boo.just a trick dat i knew


    Hearty kuz 13 Locked up 4real, penitentiary steel.

  9. Hearty kuz 13

    2019 an 4ever

  10. stella autistic

    fuck everyone for not paying this

  11. stella autistic

    hold up warren
    blazing a zoot song

  12. judge judy

    Snoop wuz cool until he went PoliticAL.....now he is just an unKieTOM

  13. judge judy

    Black culture used to rule in the 90s,,,,,now its just a show .....farking JayZ shouting down Kanye......fucccccking pathetic.

  14. Bk_ Dymond

    Once knew a trick named annie mae.... Memories

  15. Ariel692769

    Song was underrated since the mid 90's. Need way more likes.

  16. Paul Gondek

    My boss's name is annie mae play this for her all the time

  17. Tiara Is Hitler

    I love This song my Aunty plays it in the car sometimes 😍😍

  18. Nate Jacquez

    I once new a trick named Roxann May

  19. Wear Montgomery

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.clairmillenniumapps.kidsfunnymemes/ @ti / @clairehusctable #sinclaire #clarvoyant`| @BILLCOSBY @GOOGLECLOUD

    Garith King

    Wear Montgomery one of the best hooks

  20. Wear Montgomery

    @ftc @selinsky #2008 @kennilwood

  21. Creddy Fruga

    classiccc... g funk era

  22. niclaren

    the lead of How To Get Away With Murder is Anna Mae and hey boyfriend name Nate...

  23. Adam SUC420


  24. Aaliyah Mishady


  25. Juan Quintero

    real shit

  26. GantzIsSloppy

    I once knew a bitch named ANIME

  27. MT09 2017 Yam

    Découvert sur l'album que j'ai acheté dans les 90's.........trop génial.

  28. Alex Lee

    RIP Nate <3 I swear I cried when I got the news

    OG BonG HiTTeR

    Alex Lee real Gs don’t shed tears.

  29. Derrick neal

    Wish Nate and Warren made a g funk album

    I love Rykeem Doggy Dogg

    Derrick neal the g funk 2 has nate and him


    uuuuum lol they did

    Christopher Miller

    LOLZ! If you are going to fail, fail big.

    Tiara Is Hitler

    Same there soo cool✌️

  30. Medicine Bird

    lol they used to call my ex wife Annie Mae lol

  31. Timmy O'toole

    G funk - The dopest & smoothest hip hop ever made

  32. Alexandre P

    legendary combination, never again to happen, good times.

  33. Chico Pincheira

    this deserves more likes

    Alex Lee

    Too old school maybe. Not enough real music lovers left in the digital world.

    Rodrigo Heriberto Gutierrez Cisternas

    Chico Pincheira chile in tha house

  34. Luis Zavala

    No doubt it was great times!!!

  35. Ben2thaP

    best collaboration in music business