Warlock - True As Steel Lyrics

Go ahead all around the world
Step by step, our flag unfurled
Let your spirit rise
Got to fight for glory
On the wings of an eagle
We're flyin'

Breakin' free
And you're gone
Yes we're movin' on

Stay hard !
True as steel
Stay hard !
We're goin' down in history
Stay hard !
True as steel
Stay hard ! Stay hard !

Hear the bugle call in golden starlight
We're on highway to heaven
Don't hide like a thief in the night
You've got a heart of gold
Courage and pride

Breakin' free
And you're gone
Yes, we're marching on

We will rock your feelings
You can hear our song In the air !

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Warlock True As Steel Comments
  1. Michael Hicks

    Wonder if she ever said that ,to nay of her lovers?

  2. Todd Freeman

    Unlock the door

  3. Mike Capizzi

    Good tune, reminds me of Dokken a little

  4. Marc NRW

    Diese Stimme... der Hammer!!!
    Doro ist der Hammer!!!

  5. Michel Murray

    M FANS.good album memorial

  6. MyLittleStar18

    Does anyone knows where I can find the "Dirty Diamonds" music from Doro/Warlock? Have looked everywhere for the music and I can't find it

    Kent Duggan

    Classic diamond album ? Or rare diamond song ?

  7. Hernan Dio


  8. Sergey Kim

    какой год? под каким метом ?.. на хуцй мне и не только мне, твои лицезии.. чмо ебаное - чем ты притронулся к классике - ответь..

  9. Jamie Couanis

    Remember to accept and stay hard.true as steel 🤘🎸❤️

  10. holly bolly

    mit der beste Song aus diesem Album...Damals noch Warlock... ich vermisse diese Zeit...

  11. john graham

    Doro still awesome .as I first played this in 1985

  12. Anthem 2112

    Don't worry Doro...I have NO problem staying hard for you!

  13. victor manuel guemes mere

    Doro diosa emperatriz ama reina señora del metal y madre de [email protected] [email protected] yo beso tus pies

  14. Реваз Чухлый

    до 1990 года было слушабельно, а дальше .. скорее ерунда!

  15. D Bailey

    Warlock! A most under rated band! Stay hard, true as steel!

    Mark Cox

    Still the best! Early stuff like this is just amazing, True As Steel Baby!!!


    Doro rocks True As steel 4 life
    your a true Siren of Metal