Warlock - All We Are Lyrics

All we are
All we are, we are
We are all, all we need
All we are
All we are, we are
We are all, all we need

There's beauty in the heart of the beast
Fear behind the eyes of the thief
I know you know we're all incomplete
Let's get together and let's get some relief


Stronger than a mountain of steel
Faster than hell on wheels
We've got we've got all the power we need
Let's build a playground on this old battelfield


Now we're stronger
We no longer want you bringin' us down
We've got the magic
So we're gonna spread the magic around yeah!

Now we're stronger
We no longer want you pushin' us


All we are
We are all, all we need

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Warlock All We Are Comments
  1. Sidney Nascimento

    2- COVEN
    3- LEE AARON

  2. Harley Man

    Yep....her guitar players wanna do the singer.....when I was watching this on Headbangers Ball.....in the 80s.....it was near impossible to find their CD.....but I did.

  3. Stu Pidasso

    RIP innocent occupants of the car that got blown up

  4. Michael Scott Watson

    This is a GREAT song but it needs to be 5 minutes longer

  5. Jimmy Frank

    Theres pnly ONE thing wrong with Doro Pesch. My dick isnt in her. Lmao

  6. Alpha 1337

    Never Gets old~1337

  7. J Sz

    She moves so sexy in this video. I like the closer shots of her hip and butt with her long hair. And the headbanging scene on the car's hood is uber sexy.

  8. Kris N

    I'm back to being 10 years old ☺

  9. Leroy Granados

    Doro,Lita Ford and Vixen. Lady's of rock. Great voices.

  10. Briley Van Dyke

    I am in love with Doro Pesch.

  11. Wolf Death

    I love this song. The energy is strong.

  12. Аристарх Скабичевский


  13. cleiton godoi

    Mulherão em

  14. cleiton godoi

    Dlç de música

  15. delta blue72

    Doro got an ass.

  16. Stu Pidasso

    Headbangers Ball!



  18. Dreia

    so fucking cool Yeahhhhh

  19. PATXI

    GREAT SONG AND GREAT DORO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. David Deribasov

    What year this clip first appeared in the ussr

  21. Kevin Lewis

    Saw Warlock when they supported Dio at the Forum in Birmingham, late 80's. What a gig that was. Security had to hose the crowd down... Hardly surprising with Doro on fine form🤘🤘

  22. Novgskua Osbraxus

    Ohweeah, ohweeahweeah, weeahol, olweenid.

  23. Gwen Lyda

    First time I heard this I thought it was a male singer

  24. Carl Bernroth

    Fanfuckingtastic song but this video is so silly. Shake it Doro!


    I love 80s they f**** rock!!!

  26. Ryan Kirkpatrick

    She has a voice similar to Bonnie Tyler, or am I just hallucinating?

  27. John Mathwin

    0:13 THE WORLD!!! STOP TIME!!

  28. Коля Кук


  29. Bone Jenga

    F**kin 80s. Great music with video technology consistent with the times. Nonetheless, enjoy the presence of the song. Forget everything else. This is a good place to jam. Enjoy.

  30. Любимый Богом

    Отлично! Есть схожесть с "Алисой", "Арией", "Чёрным кофе" и "Августом" так же на тему МЫ!!!

  31. Tas Journey

    I have to watch this video every so often just to admire Doros beauty

    John Collins

    Same here.😎🤘

  32. heavy metal of the world


  33. Jimmy The Clown

    She and Dave Mustaine dated back in the 80s, they met in 1987 because both Warlock and Megadeth were touring in Europe at the time together

  34. Stanimir Ivanov

    Her accent is so sexy

  35. Tomeq79

    piece of shit

  36. David Redford

    I was born in 88 and I only know this was 80s because of the bloody hair. Seriously you’d never see hair like that today

  37. tomfooleryx517x

    I been trying to find this song since 1989.. never knew who sang it ..

  38. Andy N.

    I first saw her on saturday night headbangers ball mtv my kind of woman

  39. Marcelo Oliveira


  40. manny ray

    Based on the likes/dislike 87 people have no taste. Doro forever!

  41. Anthony

    Great band that rarely got mentioned.

  42. Dass e

    I hate gridlock at 10 p.m.

  43. Red

    ah-wee-ah ah-wee-ah-wee-ah wee-ah-ah ah-wee-knee

  44. SGT5105RIP

    She always was and still is......Smoking Hot!!

  45. Zakary Wilson

    I don't know why nobody in her band plays the [email protected]#king song properly.... I'm sort of glad I've never seen her perform this live because I'd be compelled to get up and slap the guitars out of her guitarists hands..... faaaaaaaaa

  46. Marc Veldman

    She would be my poster girl. She should've paired up with Ozzy.

  47. L.J. Sedlet

    Emperor Palpatine knows how to rock! Who knew?

    Sergej Miladinovic

    Check out Turbo Lover by Judas Priest for a young Chancellor Palpatine!

  48. Josh Garrett

    We are all one.

  49. André Luiz da Silva

    Doro gata linda gostosa l love you Rio de janeiro Brasil 2019 metal forever 🤘🤘🤘

  50. Vattens

    Badass then and now. I remember seeing this on the original "Headbanger's Ball" when it debuted. I remember looking over at my best mate going, "Damn, she's hot!" And her voice immediately had us hooked along with the music. All these years later and the music and Doro age like fine wine - a VERY fine wine.

  51. Bruno Pires

    Não se fazem mais bandas como antigamente.

  52. Capri13 D'amico

    Love this song! One cool chick. My goodness I was 17 when this song hit the metal charts. Still rockin!

  53. Chuck Adams

    Dam straight rock on 80’s problem child 🤘🤘🤘

  54. Tas Journey

    i am in love with Doro!

  55. The_Thrasher_ 666

    That moment when people are complaing about gutrals... I can understand Chris Barnes better than Doro Pesch. Seriously it sounds like "Aaaa weee aaaa aweee aaa we aaa we aaa aaaa a wee neee" or "Beuby in a heaa of taaa beee" insted of "There's beauty in the heart of the beast"

  56. Dwayne Bontrager

    I love you Doro!😘

  57. John Rife

    Hair metal was the worst of the worst.

    Alex Lesniewicz

    You are dead wrong. If u don't like it don't listen or comment. We don't care about your opinion which is by the way "WRONG"!!!!

  58. William

    February 2nd 1988 I saw Warlock in San Diego, CA. Club Spirit. Now the club is called, Brick By Brick. Bastille Day and Teazer were supporting bands that night. \m/

  59. GOD

    Anyone who doesnt love warlock is not a real metal fan

  60. Exeron37

    Mit 15 Jahren das erste mal live gesehen und seit dem verfallen. .. Queen of Metal

  61. Klari Music

    You are the Queen😍😍❤❤

  62. Matthew Coffman

    Everytime I hear the heavy riffs of this song I remember why I love 80s rock

    80s rock has so much other music doesn't have. There's so much passion and power. A solid riff can take you places no other music can take you.


    Matthew Coffman 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


    Power and Energy ,this is what 80s rock had. Regardless if we are talking about heavy rock, glam metal, whatever. So much energy.

    Pablo Deuliand

    @GOMEZ yes

  63. Iñaki Etxeberria Labayen

    Doro you are so great i love you

  64. Cutie Cotten Candy

    Nothing but the best 1980's METAL!!!

  65. Oracles Angels Shift All

    Man i loved this from the eighties!!!

  66. MikuPinky

    0:42 music starts here

  67. Scott Keppler

    Shes in in 50s still hot and she can sing true metal queen she has a german accent can still understand her and shes not screaming at the top or her lungs , like most of the so called female metal singers in 2018.

  68. live loud

    Fuck she is hot

  69. DORIS O

    Doro, Du bist einfach genial......super Song!!

  70. whichwitch

    Her hairflips are entrancing, I'm not gonna lie.

  71. Fighter

    Deathless music!!! GREAT!!!

  72. John Batchler

    Radioactive mushroom anyone

  73. John Batchler

    Hollywood studios left a subliminal messages on a nuke war the remaining question is it humans or ai will start the war

  74. John Batchler

    Did u see a nuke fireball going off why Hollywood studios just gave u awarning of the coming final battle this is an 80's music that gave clues to final war that nobody pick up on

  75. Aaron Lucas

    All I wanted was Doro's hair! :)

  76. Mariely Rodríguez


  77. Westernfreedom

    Spank bank full tonight !

  78. King Brilliant

    'Lezget togezah unt lezget sum releef"...

    2:50 wow..amazing trick..

  79. A. A.


  80. Tomasz Zakrzewski

    Doro, Joan Jett *sigh* it went from there for me when it comes to timeless female vocals.

    Otto von Steinberg

    Doro is a million times better than Joan Jett

  81. Jay Brown

    That hair. Those hoop earrings... WOW!!

  82. Kulvis Flabu

    its decent but super repetitive

  83. Abel Souza Leal

    Doro is the Queen of Metal.

  84. Jeff Georgalas

    Damn she had a STRONG voice....

  85. Гаджи Меликов

    All wir sind...

  86. Nicolai Delgado valderrama


  87. schneeschieber

    2:40 Epic...

  88. Ulrich Hartel

    These blond hairs, Doro was a lioness, grrr...

  89. Berserk 81

    Just wish it was in sync.

  90. MrWideballs

    Doro never gets old.

  91. pumpkin boi

    i came here for siyeon

  92. Justin Lawrence

    I always thought that Doro was smoking hot back in the day

  93. Vasilis Kat.

    God damn Doro is smoking hot and AMAZING song

  94. Christina Lannan

    You Rock ❤️❤️❤️

  95. Dimitar Ivanov

    The best hair in the business.