Wariner, Steve - The Weekend Lyrics

A couple of days, isn't a very long time.
Why can't I just walk away,
I used to be good at goodbye.
But out on the water,
Under the stars,
I let the moonlight play a trick on my heart.

You had some fun for the weekend.
But I'll be in love for the rest of my life.
You took me out to the deep end,
And I fell right over,
I didn't think twice.
I finally got something worth keepin'.
And if I can't have you tonight,
At least I had the weekend.

The radio plays, the sound of the waves rollin' in.
The smell of the night,
Sure can get under your skin.
Just for a moment,
I held you too close.
Now I'm all out of time, and I don't wanna let go.


How much can happen in a night or two?
I guess it's all depending on your point of view.

[Chorus x2]

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Wariner, Steve The Weekend Comments
  1. Juanita Buron

    21:25 2/2/20

  2. Josh Wilson

    Brings back memories of driving the backroads of roane county tennessee years ago and listening to this and many other great country songs. Life can never be what it once was

  3. cherry Cline

    This song takes me back and way back... This song was playing when we was driving way to fast trying to get some where, I think it was a BABY shower, lol. Thank God the trooper let us go... Good memories ✌❤

  4. Brian London

    Country music is so much better without fiddles and steel guitars.

  5. Disco Girl84

    Still listening 2020!!!!!💕💕💕

  6. STEVE Angers

    This song is for Terry Jansheski Larsen. I'm sorry I was such a fool. I hope that your well.

  7. Marie Herrington

    I thought I had something worth keeping and this song takes me right there to that feeling of being in love.

  8. Wayne Edward

    He's probably more known more as a music Ian and a song writer for Garth Brooks

  9. Charles Fish

    Steve Warner was a great singer I will always: miss him

  10. Little baby boy

    This is the good country that I grew up on not the stuff they play today this what country used to be When I was growing up I hate the stuff they stuff they play these days

  11. Donna Price

    Have followed Steve's career since the early 1980's. His music has meant so much to my life! SO TALENTED!!! Never got the recognition he deserved. He has one of the great tenor voices in the country music business. Thanks for your music Steve! God Bless you & your family!

  12. SonnyBurnett1988

    I discovered this song in 2009 when I was 15, and I was just going out with my first girlfriend Annie. Gave me my first kiss and was the only ex-girlfriend I ever had who treated me right. This one's for you Annie VanWinkle. Thank you for 2 great weeks. I'll always love you 💕 9/4/2009-9/16/2009

  13. Cary Elliott

    another great singer that just vanished

  14. matt_man000

    For anyone that gave the thumbs down on this song, you're nothing but a fucking moron !!!

  15. Dave Owen Music

    Wonderful track and vocals!

  16. Adam Crabtree

    GREAT SONG 👌👍❣️

  17. Arturo Romero

    First song I dedicated to my wife in 1987. Got married in September 25th.1988. Lost her on February 14th of 2000. Love her 4 ever !!!

  18. E Go

    I could listen to his voice all night long!!!!

  19. Angie Mitchell

    My fab song ever love it his voice so pretty feels so real.

  20. Matt Beeman

    The best song he ever did

  21. jose avila

    He is underrated but, The Mavericks way underrated.

  22. Ellen Mueller

    I just LOVE this song and can't wait to hear him LIVE on the 9th of November here in Texas. It was my husbands' and my son.

  23. james hunt

    If I can't have you tonight at least I had the weekend

  24. Judy F

    One of my very favorites.....I can listen to it again and again.

  25. First Responder1985

    Released on April 25,1987

  26. Yakini Flanagan

    I love this song

  27. cassi

    I love this song and remember hearing it on the soft rock station as a kid, but it is pure country.

  28. Nino Martinez

    O ya I use to do this 😎😎

  29. Angie Mitchell

    Love this song so much I taped it vhs tape watched video all day .love his voice.

  30. Yonnie Mccullough

    Damn what a great song from one hell of an artist.

  31. Robert Ishomer

    I have been to. His. Concert since the 80s he is still great music sn. Love you steve

  32. corey84douglass

    a tiny segment in the beginning sounds like

    Kashifs'- Are You The Women.

  33. Marshell Scott

    Such a great song from my past.

  34. Steve Lopez

    My dad was a great musician and sang this song back in the early 90s. I don't have a recording of him singing this song but it brings back so many memories of being a kid and watching my dad on that stage....jammin. He was such an awesome guy. Not a day goes by I dont think about him and wish he was here to see his grandkids. Love you pops! Till we meet again!!!✊

  35. lora Schultz

    Steve worked many shows my husband Ken Allen promoted and he is the sweetest person I have had the pleasure to know. Been a fan for years,he was abt 20 when I met him.

  36. Shane Holtzclaw

    Love this song one of favorites from steve takes me back to 1987 everytime i play it

  37. Donnie Vaught

    Steve has been my favorite artist since I was a kid..going in and out of love, his songs always spoke what I was feeling..he's an awesome performer.

  38. Matt Daggett

    Great guitar player

  39. Peter Stawicki

    I don't think I can ever hear this song too much

  40. Christian Kearney

    2019, seems like yesterday. Always with me.


    He’s still playing shows in Texas.

  41. concretechad

    That's a very nice song Shirly

  42. knucklehead0202

    Steve wrote a lot of song for inexplicably more "popular" country artists that had great success throughout the 80s and 90s. Personally, i think he's better than most everyone of the era but i guess that's subjective....

  43. MWDarkAge

    If it wasn't for my ex-wife I never would've known about Steve... Besides my two beautiful children, she gave me Steve :-)

  44. Billy Greer

    Man they dnt make country music like this anymore! This was made just for the situation I’m in right now!

  45. Kevin Darrell

    So beautiful, I remember this song is what made me buy this album. Haven’t heard in years. I’m getting goosebumps 😌

  46. Linda Downs

    Steve Wariner so amazingly talented💯

  47. Larry Correa

    Memories of our younger years and still pumpin it up!

  48. Tj Stewart

    ...."I finally got something worth keeping" at least I had the weekend............thanks Ty...

  49. Ralph Nunziata

    Steve Wariner # 1

  50. Michael Abernathy

    But out on the water....

  51. Jamie crigler

    1988/1989 the beaches in Tampa FL you had fun and took me to the deep end, then you left I had to figure out how to swim, 30 yrs later I still think about u

  52. Maria Taylor

    sometimes life shakes ya... <3

  53. Gloria Co

    Amen to it being REAL country. Beautiful lyrics too.

  54. S Horn

    His voice is like silk...such a talent

  55. First Responder1985

    This song was released on April 25,1987.A pretty special thing happened that day to me and this song reminds me of it.

  56. christheball murf

    I listen to this song so much now. Even though it my fault we aren't together I do miss her

  57. Johnnie Goodwin

    Oh... That weekend that shouldn't have ended! 😏😕

  58. Maggy Yaksic

    I love Steve Wariner! One of his biggest fans!

  59. Judith Kirkpatrick

    Hey Steve, will we ever hear you sing again. ??? We all miss you .Where are you ? What have you been up too? Your fan Judith.Kirkpatrick.

    Ralph Nunziata

    Judith 13 Concerts 🎵 🎸 family & I met Steve 5 times he still does Concerts check his website.

  60. walter robinson

    wanna find the women to sing this to

  61. walter robinson

    gods angel singing.

  62. Danny Perry

    One of my favorite country singers and he is gorgeous to boot

  63. Scott Woodard

    This should have been the guy they got all the recognition instead of Garth Brooks Garth Brooks couldn't even polish Steve Warner shoes

  64. Wayne Hudgins

    I just refound this song and have added 200 views in the last week... Have we all not lived this song?

  65. Michelle Elliott

    Makes me love my husband even more😘

  66. baby girl

    Here I am in 2019 24 years old and this is my favorite song lol

  67. TruthSpeak

    Gotta give it to Eric Church, the line, "Sometimes a Melody sounds like a memory..." Every song by the great Steve Warner is a time machine!

  68. Ellen Mueller

    I have always loved Steve Wariner!

  69. Vanessa Akers

    I have always loved this song. Such a good song.

  70. cody akers

    Great song

  71. William Hill

    I've had a couple of weekends like that

  72. Rita Ybarra

    I LOVE this song!!!!

  73. jscountrygirl85

    This is one of Steve's most iconic songs along with "Small Town Girl," imo. Whenever I want to hear some good 80's country, I instantly go to those two songs or any of Steve's other classics from that decade. Love his smooth style!

  74. Cute Jungkook

    This song brings back memories of my grandma who past away in 2015 from cancer. She had the cd from his album, we’d listen to it in her car. She left so soon, the possibility’s were of her living up to 2 years. But she left in just two days. She passed on her birthday. I miss her very much :(

  75. Laverne Mccabe

    Learn how to 2 step to this song ❤️

  76. Lisa Hammerly


  77. Ellen Mueller

    I do love this song - I love Steve Wariner -

  78. The Gray Ghost

    This song sounds so good.

  79. Connie Abel

    I just love the music of Steve Wariner 🤩❤️🤩❤️🤩❤️🤩❤️🤩❤️🤩❤️🤩❤️🤩❤️🤩❤️🤩❤️🤩❤️🤩❤️🤩❤️🤩❤️🤩❤️🤩❤️🤩

  80. David Fowler

    My favorite Steve wariner song!

  81. Misael Marquez

    Country in my generation "2018" sucks ass why can't country be like this again

  82. Jay Buzz

    And I said that to say this... I'm listening looping it and trolling the comments.😂 funny some of the comments are 4 yrs old and I'm writing back like they are gonna back at me😂oh well I loved Steve's music.

  83. Jay Buzz

    I'm here tonight listening to Steve take me back to a sweet time in my life. By sweet, I mean non stop adrenaline junkie rush...ok maybe a little to much painting. But it was definitely a whole lotta fun...

  84. Jay Buzz

    Yeesss! I thought maybe it was just me!!

  85. t2hookem

    I miss the 80’s country music

  86. Swizzle Sticks

    Great fucking song dude

  87. Jeffie Caroline New

    Love the words

  88. Caden Monier

    Even though this songs older than I am by a little over a year how could not remember finding it
    Caden Monier

  89. Chris

    Steve Wariner. Another all-time favorite country artist of mine. Like King George, he is pure talent and class.

    Jay Buzz

    Your most recent comment, so far. I agree I said in comment earlier They are very similar in the way they deliver a song so smooth and effortless. Soothing to the ❤

  90. dakota seals

    I could put together such a beautiful video to this song if I had the chance

  91. Don Wright

    Favorite Song Ever!!!!!!!

  92. william bellamy

    Indiana boy

  93. Gary Powers


  94. aj koots

    Is he the original artist of this song?

  95. Rena D

    Truly the best of the very best, I can’t love this anymore than I do right now. What a Voice.. Another one who hasn’t been treated right by the “powers that be” in NashV. Hell yes I do know that’s true because I live here. I’ll love him and this song forever 🌹🌹🌹🌹

  96. Kenjoneslee

    I think this is one of the best crossover pop songs

  97. Troy Daigle

    Awesome LYRICS....Can anyone of you relate ???????😃 😃

  98. prutsy ward

    Memories. The best times of my life.