Wariner, Steve - Love Me Like You Love Me Lyrics

Back when we let the good times roll
You held on to me heart and soul
It wasen't really very long ago
Let's go back again

Reach out and turn the tv off
Slow down and let the world get lost
Slip into something nice and soft
And lie here in my arms

Love me like you love me
Do it like you mean it one more time tonight
Hold me close and love me like you love me

Take all your dreams and shattered hopes
Every angry word we ever spoke
And trade 'em for a couple cherry cokes
Lay here for a while

There are no questions that we need to ask
Every precious kiss could be our last
There is no future and there is no past
All we've got is now

[Repeat Chorus]

Don't you know that I'll always love you
So show me that you feel it too

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