Wariner, Steve - Longer Letter Later Lyrics

Dear Annie I'm sorry it's been a long long time
There's so much on my mind
I want to call you I'm dropping you this line
Lieu of walls I can't climb.

Thought I'd let you know since I let you go
I've come to rue the day
A silly card I guess but I must confess
There's so much more to say.
Longer letter later.

I blew it I know it and all I have to show
Is this heartache I feel
I may be crazy
But everything I know tells me try and appeal.

Are you having fun have you found someone
To shed new light on you
Maybe pen and ink will make you stop and think
Of all that we've been thru.
Longer letter later.

If only you could see this brand new me
I know you'd change your plan
Here's the postscript now meant to show you how
I'm a different man.
Longer letter later.

Longer letter later...

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