Wariner, Steve - Holes In The Floor Of Heaven Lyrics

One day shy of eight years old, my grandma passed away
I was a broken hearted little boy, blowing out that birthday cake
How I cried when the sky let go, with a cold and lonesome rain,
Mamma smiled, said don't be sad child, grandma's watching you today

Cause there's holes in the floor of heaven
And her tears are pouring down,
That's how you know she's watching,
Wishing she could be here now,
And sometimes if your lonely,
Just remember she can see,
There's holes in the floor of heaven,
And she's watching over you and me,

Seasons come, and seasons go, nothing stays the same
I grew up, fell in love, met a girl who took my name
Year by year, we made a life, in this sleepy little town
I thought we'd grow old together, Lord, I sure do miss her now

But there's holes in the floor of heaven,
And her tears are pouring down,
That's how I know she's watching,
Wishing she could be here now,
And sometimes when I'm lonely,
I remember she can see,
There's holes in the floor of heaven,
And she's, watching over you and me,

Well my little girl is twenty three, I walk her down the aisle
It's a shame her mom can't be here now, to see her lovely smile
They throw the rice, I catch her eye, as the rain starts coming down
She takes my hand, says daddy don't be sad,
Cause I know mamma's watching now

And there's holes in the floor of heaven,
And her tears are pouring down,
That's how you know she's watching,
Wishing she could be here now,
And sometimes when I'm lonely,
I remember she can see,
Yes, there's holes in the floor of heaven,
And she's, watching over you and me

Watching over you and me
Watching over you and me

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Wariner, Steve Holes In The Floor Of Heaven Comments
  1. shawn nestor

    My grandpa Nestor died when I was 7 years old

  2. Åse Nord

    need to hear this song now, my mother passed away yesterday morning and i am so sad crying all the time

  3. Katherine Dupoise

    My guy friend’s grandfather just passed away at 7pm this evening. He is very sad.

  4. Jodi McDaniel

    I lost my dad when I was 3 I remember as he was leaving for work one of my sisters was begging my dad not to go he said daddy's got to go to work and he walked out the door and was heading to work as he was driving to work he ended up in a car accident and was hit head on by a drunk driver the EMTs tried for an hour to resuscitate him but they couldn't and when they got him to the hospital the coroner pronounced him dead at the doors of the emergency room. That was the day our lives changed

  5. DelGloTa

    Monday January 27 2020 will make 1 year since I lost my dad. Came back across this song at the right time. Cause God knows I need all the pick me up I can get...

  6. Travis Mullins

    I lost my grandma earlier this year in July, and it absolutely shattered me.. the woman helped raise me and lived with me for my whole life... I miss her terribly and this song brings back so many good memories and I can’t help but cry as well... Love you grandma

  7. LegenDusty

    This song has always hit hard ever since mid 90s when I lost my mom at only 5 years old.

  8. anna goodoak


  9. Wendy Cain

    My grandmother passed away in Oct 10 , it still hard to pass her house , the home where her and papa lived at. Christmas and Thanksgiving won't be the same , I still see her and papa holding hands swinging on the porch swing , I'm sorry but that is a piece that will never get back agian !

  10. Rae Gibson

    This reminds me of Tonight I Wanna Cry by Keith Urban. That sound came out when my Grandpa was dying and all of these remind me of him. My Baba loved Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle. We played that song at my sister's wedding for the Dad and Daughter dance. My Baba was still alive for a few more years but I printed it out for her funeral two years ago along with a letter that I wrote to her. My Mom and sister each wrote a speech. At the end of the funeral we put all of them in this blue bag and put it with her in the coffin. It was comforting being able to see her one last time as it was open casket and she was wearing red her favorite color. The hardest by far was the grave side ceremony at the end. Kissed her casket and we walked back to the cars. I've only been to the cemetery a few times since but I still have trouble talking about her or driving by her house. I know it gets easier but it's still sad. I lost my other Grandma in December 2018. It's still surreal because sometimes it feels like I could still go and visit each of them like I used to. Praying for all of you and them today...

  11. hottforsixx

    This song has always made me cry. Even more so now since my grandma just passed.

  12. RuneThePageMaster

    I just lost my grandma three days ago and I heard this song the other day for the first time in a while and I just lost it. I’ll miss you Grandma Bobbi.

  13. conrailman

    Today as I post this, it marks 7 years since my grandma died in 2013 and when I got up that morning, I saw it was raining and thought immediately of this song and broke down crying. But I have lived the rest of this song as well. When I got married in April 2016, it rained on my wedding day and that's how I knew my late grandma and adopted mom were watching me that day and wishing they could be there to see it. Then two years ago in 2018, after my wife unexpectedly died, I played this song at her funeral and while it didn't rain, I saw a couple flower petals fall to the floor as if it were her sign letting me know she was watching that day. So yes I cry when I hear this song as I have basically lived out all 3 verses in one way or another.

  14. Erik Novak

    My fiancée Brittany’s uncle just past away yesterday

  15. Tara Hatfield

    i still cant listen to this without crying it played all day when we had my granddads funreal.

  16. Jonathan Chmiel

    Rip flo chmiel 2006 I lost 2009 I lost grandpa I hope y'all are so proud of me

  17. Latesha Jude

    REST in SWEET PEACE GRANDMA OPHELIA HUDSON!  I sure do miss you!!!!  Merry Christmas!!!!

    Serenity Reilman

    So sorry I lost my grandma 2018 grams 1991

  18. Carl Evans

    this song is so good Iwould do anything to see my grandma one more time

  19. Brian Ginn

    My sister passed 3 yrs ago and along with other love ones, she watches over ALL the Chassereau clan. We love and miss you Scarlette Hobbs. Give grandpa and grandma hugs and kisses

  20. Ryne Zuzi

    My grandma just passed away today

  21. Erik Novak

    I have 6 family members who died

  22. Nikki Matthews

    This is my grandmas account and I am 12 and before my 6 birthday she died of cancer

  23. Taylor Doimer

    My nana passed away in 2014 when I was 17. She was 58. Me and my nana were really close when I was growing up. I was her first grandchild. When she passed it was the worst feeling ever. Everytime I hear this song I think of her. I know she's always watching over me and the family.

  24. chris martinez

    True music with true meanings

  25. James Lovell

    I love you nana... forever and always...

  26. Chris Allen

    I lost my grandmother three years ago in may everyday single day I miss her I wish she was still here I miss you Grandma

  27. DiveDeep

    RIP Grandmother. We do miss you.

  28. Steve Crow


  29. Emily Harvey

    10/19/19 I love you mama. Please be happy and safe. I love you more than anything. Hope your dancing and not suffering.

  30. Andy King

    My grandma/momma passed away a few years ago.. Her and my papa raised me bc my daddy was a alcoholic... My papa passed away 3 years after my brother was killed.... My grandma I can remember use to cook and bake all the time. But when my papa and brother passed within a couple years, she stopped doin a lot of her cooking.... My papa was 63 yrs old when he passed. That was in 96... My grandma lived to be 84 so that tells you how many years she lived after her husband of 40 years passed away... When she passed I knew she was ready to see them again, bc thats all she talked about weeks up till she passed.... I will always love and miss you grandma😘😘😘

  31. Katrina Earhart

    I love this song but it makes me cry so much, I lost my father's dad in 2008, lost my dad in 2016, lost my dad's mom last year in may and then I lost my favorite grandpa this year in april

  32. Erik Novak

    I wish I could have my dad back for my 40th birthday this Saturday

  33. Lilly Errthum

    My moms grandpa passed away February 26 2016

  34. Laura Peterson

    Gets me every time.

  35. Francis Rain

    I lost my father before I was born and my mom I still have my mom but I'm sorry for anyone who has lost someone I just recently lost my aunty so I pray every night for my family friends and I will pray for anyone who has lost someone who means to you remember the creator has a plan for everyone but you all are in my heart

  36. memelord77_

    My grandma passed in a house fire and we recovered a note book that had this song in it as she said she wanted this to play at her funeral.... we found it after the funeral.

  37. Cody M

    The music video was directed by Michael Salomon, who directed Toby Keith and Sawyer Brown's music videos. The video consisted of Wariner singing in a living room, intercut with shadows portraying the song's storyline, and he sat throughout the whole time. During the last scene of the video, "holes in the floor of heaven" appear, each one giving off a blue light.

  38. Rachael Stephens

    Ok so my face is soaking wet. I think about my little sweet grandbabies. 😢😢😢

  39. Al Burke

    This is for margret burke all of us miss you so much we will all meet you when our time is ready and give you all the hugs an xoxo we love you so much

  40. rene kackline

    Makes me cry EVERYTIME💐

  41. Katelyn Croonquist

    My grandma passed away when I was 8 for the longest time I couldn’t listen to this song without crying I miss you Grandma

  42. Vickie Millwood


  43. Laura Robbins

    My mother passed in December 1996. My daughter was born the night of the 1998 CMA's. Had the t.v in my labor room tuned to the CMA's, and this song came on. I really then could feel Mom with me. Told my labor nurse about the connection. She was so sweet about it.

  44. Int Enforcer

    My wife passed away 6-5-19 leaving behind two daughters 10 and 12 years old. We will forever miss her fly high and be free Nicole.

  45. Erik Novak

    My dad just passed away 3 years ago yesterday

  46. Michael Webb

    I thought people didn't cry in heaven--that is would be a joyous place.  I hope so, cause life on earth really SUCKS!

    Terri Bellush

    I just had to play this song, because, we had our sweet cat, tang euthanized and he just passed away, i miss him, so much.

  47. Little Wolfie

    This song reminds me of my grandma I use to sing this to my grandma all time be for she passed I miss my best friend we went ever wayer rip grandma and grandpa

  48. Cynthia Jones

    My mother passed away on my mother's day in 2012. I look at a picture of her everyday. I miss her so much. Mother's day isn't something I don't celebrate anymore. RIP mommy 💔 😭 I love and miss you so much. I know you're in a better place now you are with God!!! 😘😇✌️🙏

  49. Ethel Hoose

    My mother died before my daughter was born and this song makes me think of her my dad also died before she was born so this makes me think of him to

  50. Morgan Ely

    My grandma died July 1st 2015 and then 5 months later my great grandma died December 14th 2015. I think of them often. And wish they were both here.

  51. Johnna Watts

    My Mawmaw passed away June 8,2019 and my son was what kept her going she left behind five children 9 grandchildren 11 great grandchildren and one great great grandchild Mawmaw has been my rock for many years and tonight this song came to mind I love u mawmaw

  52. Kylie Parker

    My grandma died July 9 2019 today was her funnural and this song was on I just had to listen to it

  53. The roller Skate critic

    Rip dad I miss u hope you can see me love u so much 3-19-1976 to 7-2-2019

  54. Katie May

    I miss my grandma and grandpa so much.

  55. Charles Dukes, III

    Rest in peace grandma. I will always miss and love you.

  56. Nadea Norman

    I am 11 am I have losed both of my grandma's and miny more people I love god bless everyone😭😭😢

  57. NOPC20161535

    Damn this is a sad song

  58. Brittany mcdaniel

    This is my granny song my mom dedicated it to her

  59. Sassy girl A

    I lost my grandma that was very important to me in 2012 and I was 6 years old and then I lost my Grandpa when I was 7 Then I lost my step dad that was dear too me in 2015 and I was only 9 this song makes me cry 😢 every time I here it

  60. Suzanne Horn

    My Mom Passed in 1996 and my daughters were 11 and 7 and its been hard on us all!!!! Miss her so damn much!!!!

  61. John Mears

    Granny died day before my 40th birthday Jan 5 2010 an momma died 2002 god I miss em

  62. A T

    I lost my grandmother when I was 18 and she loved Steve Wariner. Especially this song and the entire Two Teardrops album. Thank you for making great music Steve that talk about real life that move our hearts.

  63. pro plays

    i miss my grandma and my grandpa too i couldt eaven meet him

  64. Russell Ozzyking

    I lost my Nan in 1980. I was 20, im 59 now and I miss her every day and im crying as I type. I wish I had wrote this as it says everything I wanted to say.

  65. Ccub09 M

    My cat dide 2 weeks ago and i'm sad man my mom remembers her mom wich is my grandmother

  66. Ya boy Jbonez

    I love you Grandma and miss you so so much 😞❤️

  67. Jerry Mayfield

    I lost my grandma in 2011 while I was in prison. But I know she is watching over me daily. right along side jesus

  68. wicket princess

    Most sad song ever heard I miss my grandma so much makes me cry here in this song 💔😭 💔😭😭😭👍

  69. Walter Hale

    My mother was not there for me when is was little. So my Grandmother and Grandfather became my parents. She was taken from me and her husband on April 1, 2017. This song brings back a lot of great memories. I love and miss her so much. If there are holes in the fall of heaven. She is watching over me.

  70. Jean Mclain

    I think about my grandma Sue and my best friend

  71. Melissa Harding

    My Grandma died yesterday and this song makes me think of her.❤❤I love you Grandma R.I.P


    Sorry for your loss. ❤️

  72. Charles Dukes, III

    I miss you grandma.

  73. Brigitte Thomer

    My Grandmom was my best friend, i really missing you so much I remember when we would sit around my aunt kathys back yard an we would have family partys we always had a great time gave my grandmom sitting there i would hug her i always loved u so much. My mommy she's in heaven with u watch down on us all my mommy was my hero. My daddys still with us an he is my every thing mommy watch over him too amen hugs too u both 5 mounts a part they both are holding hands

  74. Stephen Morehead

    i know how it felt to lose somebody i lost my grandparents and my uncle's and cousin and best friend so this song makes me sad and always remember them for really long time just think about the bright side of you just be you. And the oust side of you then they be always be watching you up there in heaven watching you so you can be happy not sad

  75. emmie01100

    This was my Grandma favorite song before she passed away this song makes me cry 😭

  76. Elsie McMillan

    Gramma McMillan is always watching over you And Yours Shawn & Kelly. I can only imagine the smile on her beautiful face as she watches you and your children.

  77. samueller58

    This song came out at the same time that the mother of my three beautiful children passed away. She was only 28 years old. The words to the song truly speak to my heart ❤️

    Liz Welker

    How heartbreaking! :'( <3 I'm so sorry!

  78. Spiritual Christine

    R.I.P grandma> Rutkowski💜 I LOVE YOU!!!

  79. Erin Keimig

    My mamaw died 11/27/18 and I miss her every day

  80. Lonely Wolf

    I love my grandma and mother there in heaven now now all I have left is my aunt Darlene when she gone there want be any more women like that I can count on . Thank you God .!

  81. Chris Thomas

    I'm not much for crying , but this song makes me cry like a baby every time I hear it. Beautiful lyrics and Steve wariner has a beautiful voice.

  82. Ashlie Plowden

    I lost my granny October 4th 2018. I held her hand during her last breath.......it's not Valentine's Day and I've always bought her flowers ever since I was 16.....the holidays in 2018 without her weren't the same and this song hits me hard especially since she won't meet her first great grandchild. It's difficult to not be selfish.....

  83. Glenn Morris

    The one song... That makes me lose it every time.

  84. Tina Wilson

    My mother and my unborn nephew passed away in 2002 man I do missed them both and I would love see him so bad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  85. Kelli Kelly

    Im so sorry i never got to say goodbye grandma i love you so much

  86. BriAnna Shupe

    For my aunt CC 😞

  87. Elsie McMillan

    Shawn, your Grandma will always watch over you and your babies. She so loved you!

  88. Bill Taylor

    My dog rubble died it broke my heart

  89. Juanita Buron

    I want holes in the floor of heaven to help me be happy again 2/1/19 1:(41) 21:22 3/28/19

  90. 90’s Pusheen In the house

    I lost my grandma 7 months ago to dementia her birthday just passed she would have been 85 it’s so hard not having her here it’s always been us together

  91. Ernestine Dingle

    Son don't think that I have shifted, a daddy can be gone, but his love protects his home. He covers your every need. Karma loves you from your Dad! Peace Son!

  92. Ernestine Dingle


  93. Michael Webb

    I thought nobody would ever cry or be sad in heaven. What gives?

  94. Brittanie Young

    I want to play this on my wedding day (my grandmas bday) but I don't want to cry. I miss her so much. I would rather it have been my mom so I could get a few more years with my grandma. I'm not sorry for saying that.

  95. ieshia G


  96. Fayth Reyna

    My grandma passed away on March 5th of 2008

  97. gary gene Bolton

    Love this song.

  98. laith 123

    My grandma past 5 years ago i mis her so much

  99. Johnny Pereira

    My Vava (Grandma in Portuguese) passed away and this song came on the radio and I started crying like crazy but I do know now there really are holes in the floor of Heaven.

  100. Breanna Hicks

    I cry every time i hear this song