Wardruna - Solringen Lyrics

Sola gjekk i ringen, sumaren sende
Hanar galar rismål for alvar i enga

Avl i bringa - Avl i jordi

Hanar galande, galdrar groande
Nornar spinnande, lagnadar bindande
Gudar gråtande, ulvar ulande
ravnar ropande, risar sovande
Skuggar truande, aksen skinande
ulvar jagande soli flyktande

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Wardruna Solringen Comments
  1. Fenris Lyulf


  2. Robert Campbell

    ekte vikingskit

  3. Will Maxwell

    Roman legionaries be like
    "Dum de dum de dum, I sure can't wait to get back home to my wife and kids in Rome -

  4. XanaX93

    I love Wardruna. That said, all this talk on Youtube about people looking at their genes, how they wish they were scandinavian or nordic, and people praising themselves for being of viking blood, is a bit amusing. According to Einar Selvik himself, Wardruna is not about reenacting romanticized history and trying to be a viking. For him it's about the balance of old and new, the spiritual and universal connection to nature in modern times, where human beings have externalized our evolutionary, biological ancestral home. That kind of spiritual idea doesn't look into ethnicity, genes, culture or the idea that belonging into any of those categories would add some immaterial value to it.
    For Selvik, Wardruna is only about universal spiritual connection to nature and universe, and shedding light into that through old tradition, and everyone and everything is equally entitled to feel that experience and find catharsis in it. The idea ''my culture is better than yours'' is very un-odinist in the first place.

    Soul Giah

    Very, VERY WELL stated indeed! <3


    My wife found me in my undies dancing around some candles i set up.

  6. Vlad Cristian

    The ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. Originating in ancient Egyptian iconography, the ouroboros entered western tradition via Greek magical tradition and was adopted as a symbol in Gnosticism and Hermeticism and most notably in alchemy.The ouroboros is often interpreted as a symbol for eternal cyclic renewal or a cycle of life, death and rebirth. The skin-sloughing process of snakes symbolizes the transmigration of souls, the snake biting its own tail is a fertility symbol. The tail of the snake is a phallic symbol, the mouth is a yonic or womb-like symbol. If any of you were wondering what the spinning dragon was.

    Giraff Gold

    get out of here with your 33rd degree bullshit. Merry yule Levi

  7. Mic Vili

    Whos up for a raid ?

  8. john loures

    The dragon should be going clockwise.

  9. A05 ODST

    Germanic peoples rise up!

  10. Elisabeth Ashley

    Look where the leaf looking thing on the left starts and then ends. It spins.... very slowly

  11. Aera Steele

    Use this for the Elden Ring theme or?

  12. Steven Green

    This kinda reminded me of the opening of the original Conan movie.

  13. Sophia Shakti

    You think it's about the sun, but it's about the moon, aka human mind.

  14. Iruvana

    scandinavian song making me feel like i'm running in a forest with a bow chasing some deer, in a cold sunny day, with a leather outfit, and got a ripped body.

    well at least i can do those in skyrim.

    Jem Dikyol

    Where are you from originally ?

    maloukey M

    Or in Red Dead Redemption

  15. Elizabeth Arbuckle

    All hail all father Odin

  16. Diandra Deeke

    somehow i hear my name???

  17. Britta Scott


  18. Krzysztof Lenart

    Really pleasant listening

  19. BB Writes

    1.put your hand on your chest
    2. Say who u love 4 times
    3.put your hand on your nose
    4.say his/her age 4 times
    5.copy and paste this to 4 other videos
    6.tomorrow he/she will ask you out , say he/she loves you or kiss you on the cheek.

  20. Aleksandar Rašić

    I was putting this on a loop to get my daughter to sleep, when I came to check up on her I found a 6 ft bearded man in a crib. Thanks Wardruna now I have to get me more beer 'coz he drank it all.

  21. Damien Bunting

    What language is this? It's beautiful



  22. dono

    great song for a late night jog

  23. Geoff Destroyer of Realms

    Wardruna's music puts me in the most bizarre state of mind. Like anything that is out of the era the music represents, or dishonors the music in some way, must be removed from my apparent awareness or disposed of so I can enjoy the sound cleanly. I just shut off the computer screen and listen to it on the bed with my eyes closed.

  24. Isaiah Eggert

    I wonder if they chanted in empathy for their enemies?

  25. Tesshin ryū Dojo

    Solringen. Sun Ring.

  26. Chris Hooven

    Glory to Odin

  27. Nanda Paula

    Quem veio escutar a música em dezembro de 2019 ?

    Leonardo Leite

    É sublime o modo que essas músicas tocam a alma... Sempre as apreciarei!!

  28. Just Alicia

    This is amazing!!! I would love an hour long loop to meditate to!!!!

  29. Nero


  30. Wet Stoffels

    When your dna test says you're 1% scandinavian


    @Toastymarket yeah I did? I didnt say I didnt care.. just that there are people that dont care... :)


    @Gurtington I am very aware that there are a myriad of people that don't care, but self contradictory egoists kinda rub me the wrong way. I like to return the favor. (not saying you, more the human that commented prior).

    Matthew Clearwater

    Det er så teit at sånne mennesker snakke så mye om denne 1% eller 3% osv. Vi er alle en blanding, vi. Jeg tipper at sånne mennesker er amerikaner. Det finnes ikke en mangel av amerikaner som klager på andre land men er så glad til å snakke om denne 1%.


    @Toastymarket it just was annoying that you're like dismissing these peoples comments because you're 25% Norwegian. I am as well but nobody really cares and I'm not gonna say others seem "cute", idk. You probably had betterr intent but that shit is annoying

    Call me Sully

    All whites are some admixture Scandinavian but it's a moot point because all Europeans come from singular parent tribes like the Scythians and other ancient Indo-Aryans.

  31. Сэр Ёжа

    В России вас тоже слышат...

  32. Levi Gonzalez

    Cool song

  33. Karla Velasquez

    POV: your running through the forest with wolves trying to outrun your friend and come to a stop at a waterfall and jump into the water seeing all the fish swimming abt in the water, being one with nature. ❤️

  34. theblackemperor

    Only true hint
    is german


    All other is bullshit!

  35. theblackemperor

    True hint is german!

  36. Cédric Gesquière

    Thousand Sons?

  37. Mark Williams

    2:00 love it when that traditional instrument kicks in! Great track, love it.

  38. Aera Steele

    Elden Ring anyone?

  39. gbronzich

    I like this song and this band. They're right up there with the band "Dead Can Dance" in my estimation.

  40. Fenris Lyulf

    This music speaks to my soul, something I do not even believe in.

    Iiro Valtonen

    Me too, it just feels natural, universal and sti8ll yet personal. This is like a type of archetypical music.

  41. Fenris Lyulf

    My next tattoo

  42. Nobody

    My fucking table started to levitate nigga

  43. Cany ON Travel

    wow hear you thefirtst time at alll!!!! love it!!!!!!

  44. Corey Abbs

    I’m getting shivers down my spine every time I listen to this music it’s too amazing

  45. max plank

    Beautiful. The Spirit of The North is awakening once again in Her People. Found what I did not know was waiting for.

  46. Kepe Phiros


  47. Siddhartha

    No one outside the eye can be seen to proclaim sight


    Although eye might

  48. Sun of Jupiter

    Enki our Father We the Draconian spirit stand besides you*

  49. Alex Siko

    Reminds me of Witcher sooo much, I don't know why.

    Ramiz S

    I think of God of War 2018 and Banner Saga

  50. jbelme1

    Jormungandr or the Midgard serpent. When he releases his tail, Ragnarok will begin. I love this song.

  51. Leandro Nunes Cavalcante

    Ouroboros e seu ciclo

  52. Mister

    My Roman senses are tingling...

  53. Твов Вовлу


  54. Michael P

    This is the song I'm looking for.

  55. 2monsterhairuglythe

    This feels like a summer song for me, I can't wait for summer solstice to feel great when hearing this again

  56. Lezti Zarazua

    Thank you, I burry the kitten I rescued but couldn't survive with this song, R.I.P.

  57. BeShop

    Most of beautiful +++

  58. no one

    Got big chills from this :)

  59. Kitty Purrs

    The entire earth and creation buried within it is groaning for your return

  60. Mike DeRemus

    try it on 1.25 speed....you're welcome...

  61. Tim Sørensen

    Dette der, er jo Midgårdsormen....

  62. Vasil Angelov

    I smoke because Christianity is like a blood thirsty insect and in the cigarettes there is Nikotine which is one of the most powerful insecticides around!

  63. Vasil Angelov

    I don't pardon myself neither my interruption of the "grand social experiment" (with Scottish accent), but don't you have more important stuff to do then watching my humble person for example reducing the level of religious propaganda especially Christianity. Burning Bibles for example will be a good start! A little healthy destruction of that bulshit will do a lot of good!

  64. Kamil Krzeszowski

    to have one's face like the elephant's cunt

  65. Pavels Poterjajevs

    I love the fusion between male and female vocals.

  66. philiperipprich

    Like to put bass boost on maximum, seems like there's some vikings war drums in my living room

  67. Germán Sanchez Recoba

    Vikingos temporada 6 llega con toda la fuerza 🍺SKOL!🙏

  68. Zak Jansen

    I forgot the name of this track so I typed "haunting Swedish modern folk music" into Youtube and voila!
    It was either that or spend 3 hours searching through my YT history.

    Friendly Fetus

    ''Swedish'' lmao

  69. Joshua Perry

    "Mah fuckin tail tastes so good!"
    -World Serpent, 2019

  70. Marco Martini

    This brings tears of joy!

  71. Villager Human Rights Council

    okay so i can straight up feel the norse part of my blood coursing through my veins rn

  72. gbronzich

    Wonderful and image-evoking song!

  73. Luke Perrigo

    Beauty just beautiful that's all I can say Hail to the all Father.

  74. Neith Blue

    Sei meraviglioso ogni suono un senso...

  75. jamesangusmcaninch

    Spinning? What ring?

  76. aceholepictures

    1 colourless, tap, add 2 colourless to your mana


    Hahaha mtg solring

    Gina Pasutti

    surpisingly i have not seen this joke yet

  77. William Fitzgerald

    It's just beautiful

  78. Muralha

    Interesting... This has similarities to some of the Caucasus tunes... Especially Georgians

    Fionán Lynch

    Could you recommend any songs from the region?

  79. Sluga Bunny

    the ring of King soloman is calling to a new master
    And the cern turns backwards on the temple of Apolyon

  80. Ömer Faruk Şimşek

    this song not modern norwegian language. song middle age norwegian. this is interesting syntax is very simple. now modern norwegian very complex

  81. Ruben рубен

    I had to dislike this song because I don't like it. Nothing against the artist I'm sure this is talented for the genre of music. I really wish I knew why YouTube would play this for me, it is nothing like the music I was listening to and now I have become distracted from my homework. Fuck you YouTube, do better.


    You are in charge of your own actions, don't blame others for your own shortcomings.

  82. DenisFox

    Это очень круто. Очень.

  83. Workout Motivation Music

    good one

  84. M3lsheR

    Getting strong Witcher 3 Vibes from this

  85. Cicolas Nage

    it looks like it's spinning fast but it makes exactly one turn

  86. Jamel Laghzal

    does someone know what type of ancient instruments there is in this chant


    I think it's the Hurdy-gurdy

  87. The Knave

    In many ancient Indo-European cultures, the sun was a form of 'duality'. Female, but also the 'eye' of the dominant male god. also, refer 'all seeing eye' of Odin, Perun, etc.

  88. Grey Wanderer

    When I go out for a walk (often 5 to 8 hours) this is the song I start with. It is also one of the songs when I need a mental boost while walking or when I’m in particular high spirits.

  89. qaesar09

    What language is this in? The song structure and meter reminds me of my ancient language branch (sanskrit) its very similar

    Adam Sjöberg

    I'm swedish, and I would say it's Norwegian. Because of the spelling of the lyrics: Gjekk(Went), Sumaren(Summer), enga(Meadow). It's similar to Old Swedish aswell but I don't then these spellings are correct for that.


    It's Norwegian, nynorsk.


    @TMR Awesome, it probably shares an Indo European root, probably proto germanic or proto Indo European

  90. NiZzy

    France CelTilque... 2019


    Great production .Deep resonate tribal Thank you

  92. Yakamoz

    Why 1.000 dislikes ?
    Who hates Vikings ?

    Sir John Hammond

    liberal Swedes.

    Mal0 ver1.0.0

    @Sir John Hammond ;-;

  93. Humanity's Greatest Fan

    Dragon's Sin of Wrath?

    Sun of Jupiter

    Enki our Draconian blood tie

  94. enzo142

    L’ouroboros est l’emblème de l’éternel retour et du caractère cyclique du temps. Son symbolisme rejoint celui du phénix qui renaît constamment de ses cendres. Il est un symbole très ancien, attesté en Mésopotamie, en Egypte, en Europe, en extrême Orient.

    (Eternité, continuité de la vie, totalité de l’univers, cercle dynamique, roue.)

  95. Andrew White

    If you want something that’s a similar vibe, but not quite such a slow burn, just listen to the soundtrack from The Witcher 3.

  96. Velvet Acid

    I listened to this music when I was in Iceland. It was full immersion))

  97. Zlodei23

    10 лет с wardruna

  98. JRad

    Is the ring spinning or am I tripping?

    Carissa Faith

    I see it toooo

    PoM MoM

    Stop and start the video in
    1 min increments, if the Dragon DOSEN'T move THEN you're trippin.

    Haydn Turner

    I thought the same dude haha. Yeah it's very slowly spinning wish I was tripping though haha

    Peppy Ankit

    Of you are normal ring is spinning and if you are high ring is fucking spinning


    If you scan slide the scan bar quickly, or just hover over it to see the preview image, you can see that the whole thing also slowly pulses smaller then larger again during the video.
    Edit: i noticed after posting that someone else also mentioned this in a vague way up further in the replies.