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Hávamál vers 43-47

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  1. James Raney

    I feel that we are not living the way the gods intend for us to live !

    Philipp Koopsta

    yeah reality has its way of coming bakck around biting humanity in the ass, wait for it sooner or later people will be forced to rely on nature again and be connected to it or simply die off. its not the smartest species that survives, but those who can adapt to nature, as natural law cant be bent.

  2. García Garcia

    Increíble 😍

  3. Ekrem Sari

    Love the old norse language! Greetings from turkey

  4. Максим Кондаков

    Русские тут есть?

  5. Mephilis 78

    Not only is it good but it is true.

  6. francesco italia

    Thank you for the translations from the Havamal

  7. stephan hasenberg

    Gibu X is the rune for partnership an gift offerings from the gods or from chiefs to loyal followers

  8. Erin Noble

    giving and recieving. as if it is inevitable. a very karmic rune.

  9. łosiu 69

    Greets from valhalla

  10. Mariusz Szymanski

    ma być mąż przyjacielem
    Im samym i ich przyjaciołom;
    Lecz przyjaciołom wrogów
    Nie wolno
    być druhem.

    Jeżeli masz przyjaciela,
    któremu wierzysz
    I życzliwości się spodziewasz,
    otwórz mu swą duszę,
    i dary wymieniaj,
    i często spotykaj.

    Jeśli masz innego,
    któremu nie wierzysz
    Lecz chcesz mieć z niego korzyść,
    układaj piękne słowa,
    lecz myśli kryj zdradliwe
    i fałsz płać zdradą.

    Tak samo z owym,
    któremu nie wierzysz
    i wątpisz w jego szczerość:
    uśmiechaj się do niego,
    mów inaczej niż myślisz,
    płać pięknym za nadobne.

    Kiedyś gdym młody był,
    jechałem samotny
    i zbłądziłem w drodze;
    poczułem się bogaty,
    gdym spotkał drugiego:
    człowiek jest człowiekowi szczęściem.

    [Hávamál 43-47 w tłumaczeniu Apolonii Załuskiej-Strömberg]

  11. Wyatt Kelley

    Odin er fornoyd!!!

  12. Suando Rego

    The lyrics are kind of wrong.
    it begins in stanza 42

    42. Vin sínum skal maðr vinr vera
    ok gjalda gjöf við gjöf;
    hlátr við hlátri skyli hölðar taka
    en lausung við lygi.

    43. Vin sínum skal maðr vinr vera,
    þeim ok þess vin;
    en óvinar síns skyli engi maðr
    vinar vinr vera.

    44. Veiztu, ef þú vin átt, þann er þú vel trúir,
    ok vill þú af hánum gótt geta,
    geði skaltu við þann blanda
    ok gjöfum skipta, fara at finna oft.

    45. Ef þú átt annan, þanns þú illa trúir,
    vildu af hánum þó gótt geta,
    fagrt skaltu við þann mæla en flátt hyggja
    ok gjalda lausung við lygi.

    46. Það er enn of þann er þú illa trúir
    ok þér er grunr at hans geði,
    hlæja skaltu við þeim ok um hug mæla;
    glík skulu gjöld gjöfum.

    47. Ungr var ek forðum, fór ek einn saman,
    þá varð ek villr vega;
    auðigr þóttumk, er ek annan fann,
    maðr er manns gaman.

  13. Razial

    I don't see the lyrics or translation!

    Galadriel Woods

    They are in the description under the video.

  14. German Ninja

    The left only preaches about Europeans to willingly embrace soft genocide through multiculti but they never do that to non European nations

    Renee Dailey

    Fuck off, lol

    Galadriel Woods

    You hate politics, too? lol

  15. Mason morgan

    I wanna learn to play my talharpa like the beginning of this awesome song

  16. German Ninja

    Defend our people and culture, Go back to the ways of our ancestors

  17. Brit & Patrick & Son Haven & Mullen & Mullen

    This is too amazing to not listen to X 3. 🖤🖤🖤

  18. Morbus Kid

    When any Wardruna song can get you into a fighting spirit even when it's just a song about choosing friends wisely and how to act to those you despise.

  19. Loïc L


  20. Nico Gomez

    This song is about friendship.

  21. North African vandal Lost viking

    Im a lost viking wondering in North Africa.

    I wanna go to my ancestors lands Scandinavia.

    I want believe in oden and thor
    I want to enter Valhalla

    CR Boggs

    I am a lost Dane vikingr trapped in North America, long do I dream to travel to the Danemark and walk the fields that my ancestors walked. I wish to die there, and may the Valkyries unite me with Odin.

  22. Cody Sapp

    Im a school bus driver and i blast this music on the bus

  23. Christopher Delasoupe

    Thank you Wardruna !! Very good voices and musicians !!Be protected by '' Odin '' !!

  24. Christopher Delasoupe

    Waouh 100% viking !! I don't speak '' old scandinav '' , a little bit english ....but it must tell about Life,Death, Love, War,Mother Nature , etc...It's very surprising...very good sound when i think of Vicking's story...I used to listen to a little bit songs from a/ha and Björk (not yet death and heavy metal but i salute them) Well ... Origine vicking music is good for me and my mind ! Thank you ! 👍💙

  25. Berkay Çağdaş Ülger

    Paganism shall prevail! It doesn't matter whether it's Germanic, Tengri, Slavic, Romuva or whatsoever. Pagan religions are parts of the cultures they emerged from. They represent our ancestry, traditions, nations... We are incomplete without them!

    Viviane Canteloup

    @Aram Mad Sasani I heard that its a peaceful religion though? Mainly from my deeply religious muslim teachers and friends. Are there different versions of the book like there is of the bible?

    Viviane Canteloup

    @Aram Mad Sasani .....I live in America. Where no ones beliefs are shut down and we lift one another up (the decent humans anyways). Im genuinely thinking you are a troll, so Im really not feelin the bs today. Where do you get your statistics from? And im just gonna say, I will not convert to any other religion than the one I have right now. If I get killed, oh well, at least I die fighting for what I believe rather than being a coward and bending to other peoples will.

    Viviane Canteloup

    @Aram Mad Sasani i have also done a bit of research, and many sources say it is in fact peaceful. So idk what youre reading my dude, but im done wasting my life with responding
    "Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land - it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely." The Holy Quran 5:32

    Celtic Norse Pagan Green Witch

    Celtic Norse Pagan here and yes thank you

    Galadriel Woods

    Everyone on the planet was "Pagan" relatively not long ago. It's just the natural state of living.

  26. Julimaя Oliveira

    I"m VIKING

  27. Glenn Jonsson


  28. shellz 100

    Yea! What harbrenn said...

  29. Nïk Búrissøn

    Perfect. Einar...
    You... Continue Being...YOU...
    Live Well...
    Fight Hard...
    And SKÅL...

  30. Nikolaos Pizanias

    Powerful song.

  31. Andrey Carvalho

    Stanza 42 is missing.

  32. Hebe Dragon Faerie

    Is this the Viking rules?

  33. Narxes

    Why is there so much nazi fuckers in the comments?


    Can't find a single Nazi, what the fuck are you talking about?

    Galadriel Woods

    Nazis don't exist. How can anyone fuck a Nazi if they don't exist.

  34. Larry Pinkard

    Blood of the Heathen Pagan
    Pumps Hard Upon My

  35. Larry Pinkard


  36. Soknheith

    So deep and true. Odin's wisdom right here!

  37. Burak Caykara


    Linda Maria

    Good for you.

  38. woodsmoke!

    i feel my beard growing listening to this..

  39. Sentinel

    ...but repay treachery with lies

  40. сергей серый

    bravo !!!!!!!

  41. Perun Perun

    Glory to old pagan Gods!

  42. Dave Thiessen

    What instruments are present here? Specifically, what is that that starts at 0:28? Is that also the Tagelharpa or what is that? So cool

  43. Candy Eyed


  44. Jenifer Littlefield

    did I miss the lyrics a.nd translation or something?

  45. Raul Meira

    obrigado por me proporcionar essa musica tão adorável e bela, genuíno



  47. hyetalian1

    Europe has fallen to the muslim invasion, so it doesn't really matter. Everyone can act like this is not true, but truth doesn't care about pseudo-reality. With such mass immigration of populations that don't integrate coupled with very low birthrate of native europeans say good by to the traditional culture of the land. It has happened to many cultures in the past, and is happening now in Europe. Its a natural occurrence, but still sad nonetheless.

    Eric Johnson

    Nature is change, even if it comes to violence, survival is all that matters, everything else is secondary.

    The Comment Sectioner

    hyetalian1 We won, by tongue, not sword ;)

    Brit & Patrick & Son Haven & Mullen & Mullen

    So, even this is true and even if Muslims are actually inherently evil, does that mean we should buckle our knees, abandon and betray our heritage?! Hell No!!! It is each caring individuals hands to keep it alive to one's best ability, no matter what!!!

    Brit & Patrick & Son Haven & Mullen & Mullen

    @Aurourus this is true, I look forward to such.

    F Del

    @The Comment Sectioner supposing your saying muslim won. No you did not won by words. You worn by being good cheap slaves, thats why germany import you., france imported you as england. You won because government are all about giving money to slaves and not for its people having childs.

  48. Tom

    pure gold

  49. Join Cena

    i want to be viking :p



  50. Jarek Widurski

    sky's rim belongs to the nords

  51. Maldit Kacani

    greetings from albania :)

  52. BolasDaGrk

    hvor er tekstene?

  53. Said Emre Şirin

    which instruman plays at the begining?

  54. Glazinski

    zbanują mi lkomnt

  55. Glazinski


  56. Glazinski

    ie ma napisow

  57. Glazinski


  58. Spade

    Sky's rim belongs to the nord!

  59. ACANKU!

    Put this in your Skyrim Battle-Music Folder

  60. Shaman Dave

    Gods damnit, I love how Wardruna's music makes me feel

  61. OKyriosMA

    Can someone explain the 45 and 46 parts?

  62. MrJokee

    0:57 preikestolen! :D i live close to there

  63. HBurak

    trance moodddddddd

  64. Mario Sanchez

    What instrument it this

    Matt G

    Sounds like some old school form of a violin

    Mario Sanchez

    Matt G or harmonica

  65. Hunter Salazar

    The "gift for a gift" rune has never sounded as good as this. A gift for a gift, for anyone that cares, isn't necessarily a trade but equal recognition between friends. This is an exchange which can happen in our psyche between different parts of our mental and spiritual make-up.

  66. David A. Marin

    It's simply disgusting when European and North American right-wingers try to appropriate Norse culture into the entire charade of affirming their so-called cultural superiority. These right-wingers are a disgrace to the northern gods and to the entire pantheon and to everything they stand for. They have clearly not read either of the Edda writings, nor any actual information about Scandinavian mysticism, mythology and spirituality, nothing about the moral system included in these beliefs - it consists of unchaining love, unfettering strength, being compassionate and empathic yet following your code and not being afraid to respond to the things thrown at you, it consists of desire and balance, of enjoyment of life and respect of society, respect of everyone in Asgard and Midgard. It's a belief where the gods are quite mortal too, and in the writings other cultures and beliefs are referenced with only the utmost respect.
    So if you're a fascist, a nazi or a white supremacist and you use those runes as symbols for your fight against your fellow man, then shame on you and may the gods you claim to have the favor of respond to that accordingly.
    This faith is about SPIRIT, not RACE.

    Manly Zoz

    Whatever. I'll give my points,

    a) Interbreeding is healthy, generally, the less related you are the healthier your children are.

    b) Birth rates change, after a few generations in the first world, immigrants and refugees from the third world will have fewer babies, (This has happened throughout any civilization with advanced healthcare, no need for more babies bc not economically viable and all babies survive.

    c) culture is not related to race, otherwise, the Italian, English, and Irish immigrants that immigrated to America would be quite distinguishable. Therefore you can have middle easterners or Africans who identify as Norwegian or Persian. And if immigrants are refusing to integrate with society then their future generations will, once again, think back to the Irish and Italian immigrants.

    d) The "great replacement" should, therefore, not be seen as a threat because of point a) and point c) and due to the fact that a white person and a black person have the same value as conscious, living breathing human beings.

    You are welcome to engage in a healthy debate with me, refute all my points in a clear and concise way and we will talk it out. All screaming does is invoke pointless tribalism and misunderstanding which plagues people on both sides of the argument.

    If you do not understand a point, feel free to ask me to clarify.


    Also, you shouldn't be proud of being Black, Asian, Persian, whatever. That's the same as being proud of the fact that you had curly hair. Your ancestors built this society, try to live up to their expectations instead.

    And since we're all related if you go far enough back, I think it is safe to say that anyone has the blood to worship the gods.

    German Ninja

    David A. Marin Tell it to ISIS

    German Ninja

    It’s simply disgusting when scum like you label us for showing pride and wanting to defend our European people and culture from forced 3rd world Multiculti... we spit on you

    Galadriel Woods

    @Manly Zoz A) Breeding with a first cousin has been scientifically proven to have no negative genetic consequences. We used to live in what is called "clans". You still see this clan behavior today as we do not all get along and have a small clan of friends and family. Tribes are huge in comparison.

    B) True. However, that's not all there is to it. Civilized people are also very busy being willing slaves who end up chasing money and things rather than the most important things in life that give us true happiness: Family.

    C) Culture and race are too overlapping to say they are not related. Yes, there are some variances among groups within a race and this is due to whatever part of (for example) Europe a group was living in...the landscape, the animals, the climate, all influenced some details like names but if you look far back enough in history you see that they root beliefs are all the same. Example: Certain deities are all the same deity but depending on the region and point in time the deity has a different name across Europe. We see some of these deities appear in the near east and that is because of Europeans migrating there, influencing existing people and culture, and this influence still strong today. Humans have always migrated. It takes only one year to walk from one end of Europe to the other.

    D) It is normal for all animals, including the different sub species of humans, to want their groups to survive. The different sub species of "humans" all want their own groups to survive and there is not a dam thing wrong with it.

    If you were a "Pagan" then you would know that it is normal and logical to be proud of one's "race" or sub species or group within it because a "Pagan" knows that we are the sum of our ancestors. We are our ancestors. Odin is our ancestors. In other words: In previous lives we have done great deeds and accomplished much even if we failed and made mistakes. "Paganism" is knowing that reincarnation is the obvious reality. There is no beginning and no end. There is only the infinite circle of life, the four seasons that go around and around. :-)

    Africans have no Neanderthal DNA. DNA that Africans share with Europeans was brought *into* Africa and not the reverse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDUAhrN9F0E

    Manly Zoz

    @Galadriel Woods I apologize that I haven't defined what "race" is, which is critical to the whole debate. Furthermore, I haven't stated what the debate is about.

    The topic is: is ethnonationalism (the protection and isolation of one's race, as well as identifying one's race with one's nationality) necessary?

    Of course, you will have to answer the following question:

    At what point does one race become another? (Basically, how unrelated do you have to be in order for your child to be considered racially mixed. This is also critical to your subspecies argument.)

    Now, the discussion of your points:

    A) Breeding with your first cousin may very well be safe. I'll need to do further research on that. I do not see what clans have to do with this though. It doesn't seem to contribute to the argument.

    B) I do not see how "civilized people" chasing after money contributes to the argument. I also do not see how your disposition toward family life contributes to the argument.

    C) Yes, the environment has a lot to do with the deities of a culture (Such as having a god of skiing, you wouldn't have that in Africa but it exists within certain Germanic religions.). And yes, there are root beliefs that changed the same way that language changed once you go far back enough (though you could go even further and see that the root is part of a bigger system). There was nothing stated about race in this argument, only about how the environment affects the culture.

    "Yes, there are some variances among groups within a race and this is due to whatever part of (for example) Europe a group was living in"

    Based on this environmentalist (environment affecting the culture) approach, if Arabs were placed in scandanavia they would have similar gods.

    D)That is true, but you will need to define at what point one race becomes another.

    I am of the opinion that human definitions are simply that, human definitions, that do not exist anywhere in "real life" (e.g. there is no blue but what we define as blue). So race does not actually exist and is an arbitrary definition provided by humans, prone to being manipulated for one's needs. But I've left it up to you to define at what point one race becomes another.

    I'm glad you put your arguments and rebuttals out in an orderly way. Let's hope we come to a conclusion.

  67. ucha gogichashvili

    RIP Ragnar Lodbrok

  68. FĻäîĻèŔ

    It seems to me but I am not sure that GIBU means The Gift Of Luck or Gifted Luck or some such.
    Anyone out there more learneded than I on this matter?

  69. sithanak -

    the only thing in the sound of wardruna,is the question wether the violin is a traditional instrument...imho it is not.i googled it,and the first violin was created in the 14th century.hopefully somebody tells me i'm wrong :-) cause i love wardruna!

    i dont care

    Hurdy Gurdy


    Its an older type of violin: Lyre, Klavik lyre, and tagelharpe

  70. Never Gonnatell

    No man must be a friend to his foe. I wish my people would remember this.

  71. Luis Itchart


  72. Krishna Ghanta

    Odin second coming is sure Einar Selvik. What a rescue of most olden and beloved Pagan culture. I'm new to this Nordic region but rightly found my beloved music of my whole life.

  73. Anamamma1

    Har högsta volym på mina hörlurar och ändå så hör jag knappt vad dom säger bara instrumenten mest. Måste va min mobil som krånglar :/ tack ändå

  74. Pascal Fauzan

    never thought a song about friendship could be this manly. glad that i found it

  75. Alxur Reneson

    Hail Wardruna!

  76. stian fiskermann

    Please do Hákonarmál and höfuðlausnir!

  77. Ohio Against The World

    there has to be a version of this song out there that's just instrumental, right?

  78. Ion Flavius

    Reading these lyrics is like reading the Old Testament.

  79. Rene Elementos



    The description.

    Rene Elementos

    never mind, sorry about that, i was looking all over the video
    thanks for the translations

  80. Barby Ravaioli

    Musica e immagini meravigliose,grazie :)

  81. Cryyc

    It's not Odin nor Wotan. It is Godin or to be more precise Proto-Germanic "Gʷōðīnaz". The North lost the "G" and "W", the South just lost the "G" but also made a mistake, probably due to Roman scriptors who didn't know shit, to write "ei" as "ai", yet "ei" was pronounced like a long "i" (í) which definately was in his name or else the Norse wouldn't have an "i" in Odin nowadays and started to pronounce "ai" as "ae" because stupid Latin. Later on "ai" was written like it was pronounced, as "ae" and sometime after that the "a" and "e" seperated in different dialects due to pronounciation, creating Woden or Wuotan and so on. Don't believe me? Take a look at the Goths. Placenames like Gotland, Godibuss (Cottbus), Godesberg or Godalming and so on. Places or settlements that were not created by these heathen called christians. Take a look at germanic names: Godmar, Godwin, Godskalk, Goda, Godhard, Godfrid, Godwald etc. And the biggest evidence is a word we all know and say every day in some context: God. We do not say "dear Deus" or "oh my Deus", do we?! The last one is also an evidence that Godín was the widest spread version of his name among Germanic People. His name is hidden in plain sight and yet no one sees it. I saw it and Godíns Sight is with me, I've seen even more. I know that the word "Deutsch" (Dutch, Tysk etc.) comes from the Ans Tíwaz. The very early Deutschen must have created their name before the entire loss of the ending "-az" and just lost the "a" (just like in other words e.g. the word for mountain: "bergz", it lost its "a" but not the "z" yet) and at some point a long time ago the "z" in Tíwaz must have "mutated" to a "th" or maybe falsely written as such. Also they must have still written or known his name as Teiwaz or rather Teiwz. The "ei" must have become a long pronounced "i" later on, just like in the Gothic language. Furthermore the early Deutschen must have named their land Teiwzgawja or something similar. Now it becomes interesting, taking the Gothic language as an example the "iw" became a "iu" since no vowel followed the "iw" since the "a" was lost but not the "z" unlike many other words. This created Teiuz. But the thing is that "iu" was an allophone to "eu" in the Gothic language and if this is true for other early germanic languages it would create Teeuz. Next step is quite simple, merge the two "e"s to a single one, creating Teuz. Germanic People didn't like double consonats or vowels of the same, you find hardly any. I've found just two words so far out of Idk hundreds of words and both of them just had two "p"s. Now keeping in mind that the "z" was most likely either written or spoken as an "s" or "th", it would have created Teus and Teuth. The first one was more prominent in the North and the latter more in the South. It explains the versions of "Tysk" (deutsch) in nordic lands nowadays but at that point the North and South must have pronounced both words the same, there isn't much difference anyway. Now lets count for the "sch" in Deutsch and create Teussk and Teuthsk, but this created a written double "s" in the North and a spoken double "s" in the South. Can't have those in Germanic, I do really love this merging they did. Lets merge again and create Teusk and Teutsk. This is a bit interesting, the South didn't get rid of the entire "th" just of the "h", why? My suspicion is that they took away just the "h" to destroy the sound of "th" (s). But it could also mean something else e.g. that the sound of "th" was once the sound of a "ts", similar to a "z" which is also the reason why I think that it's more likely that they replaced the "z" in Tíwaz with "th" and not "s". So at this point it would be Teutsk for the South. Looks and sounds pretty similar to Deutsch, right? The next thing to do is to apply the horrific Second German Sound Shift and its flaws and false understanding of words and letters. It created quite some different variants of Teutsk, not gonna applying the SGSS now since that would be way too much to read and I'd need to show the mistakes the latin and christian scriptors did since they had either no fucking idea of our language or they spit on it and didn't care because it was a heathen language in their eyes. Oh and btw the word Teutons which was Teutoniz once is the same as the word Deutschen and you can see that the early Deutschen sticked to the skipped "h" and furthermore created the new root word "Teut" or even dialect versions like "Tiut", "Tjud" etc. and also the version "Tjod" of which todays swedish word "tjód" is derived from, it isn't the only one tho. All in all it shows you that the word "Deutsch" must be a really old word or its evolution started a long time ago, like thousands and thousands of years ago. Idk exactly but you can already make that assumption because they created their name from Teiwz when the "ei" was not yet written as an "í" and only the "a" of the ending "-az" was lost. Those two things alone make it a really old word.
    And of course no one will ever fucking tell you this, nor will you ever read this anywhere. Why? Take a good look around the world, that's why. Can't have the Deutschen knowing that their name is derived from the Ans of war Teiwaz, can't have the Deutschen knowing that they are the people of war, can we? Not trying to be a smartass here but I know and I see and I share. Godin be with you.


    Lmao and nope. I don't care if others take me serious or not, I don't worry about that. I'll simply provide a different view on things, not just words/languages but also culture etc. No one is forcing you to read or to like it. I just simply analyse and study and come to conclusions and write my theses. Last time I checked, it isn't against the law to do so.
    You didn't prove anything wrong of what I wrote. Nothing of it. You're just trying really hard to discredit and to discourage me from continuing my work. Doesn't work though. My theses will be published in the end and a guy under a YT video won't prevent that from happening. That's it.

    Vulcan God

    Moritz Dittmer the barbarians only defeat them because the Romans got lazy and we're making the Germanic tribes get food and resources for them so after a while the just went f**k you and the Roman Empire collapsed on it's self


    Yes ofc! It was that simple.

    Vulcan God

    Moritz Dittmer yes so not defeated just starved to destruction

    De hemelse sjamaan

    Vulcan God watch this people. What do you think about? https://youtu.be/9ohNtJGV5uo

  82. stian fiskermann

    missing the first stanza in your text, nr 42.

    Vin sínum
    skal maðr vinr vera
    ok gjalda gjöf við gjöf;
    hlátr við hlátri
    skyli hölðar taka
    en lausung við lygi.

    Vin sínum
    skal maðr vinr vera,
    þeim ok þess vin;
    en óvinar síns
    skyli engi maðr
    vinar vinr vera.

    Veiztu, ef þú vin átt,
    þann er þú vel trúir,
    ok vill þú af hánum gótt geta,
    geði skaltu við þann blanda
    ok gjöfum skipta,
    fara at finna oft.

    Ef þú átt annan,
    þanns þú illa trúir,
    vildu af hánum þó gótt geta,
    fagrt skaltu við þann mæla
    en flátt hyggja
    ok gjalda lausung við lygi.

    Það er enn of þann
    er þú illa trúir
    ok þér er grunr at hans geði,
    hlæja skaltu við þeim
    ok um hug mæla;
    glík skulu gjöld gjöfum.

    Ungr var ek forðum,
    fór ek einn saman,
    þá varð ek villr vega;
    auðigr þóttumk,
    er ek annan fann,
    maðr er manns gaman.

  83. Magnus Kjærgaard

    1168. I know that date! That's the year my ancestors kicked some Wendish ass!

    stian fiskermann

    those guys sucked!

    Magnus Kjærgaard

    @stian fiskermann Yeah, fuck you too, mate.

    Magnus Kjærgaard

    @***** They were a Slavic people who lived in what is today Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Germany. They remained true to their old gods until the Dano-German conquest of the area. They (along with the estonians and curonians) raided around the baltic since the end of the Viking Age. They also had a great temple in Arkona, dedicated the god Svantvit, on the island of Rügen. Following the Danish conquest of Arkona in 1168 the entire island surrendered and submitted to the Danish king, Valdemar the Great. Then the Danes destroyed the sacred temples of the Wends and built churches on top of the ruins.

  84. Hárbrenn

    Basically the best Wardruna piece till now. It's essentially immortal; I can sing to it, drowse to it, drink to it, write to it, contemplate to it. Knowing what wisdom hides behind this song only makes it more universal.
    I've almost learned how to play it on my tagelharpa. Now, to learn old norse... ;)


    They make something bad each time they refuse to play for three days straight. Other than that... no.


    +Anastasia Siyankovsky That'd what I'm saying lol


    +MacQuiston I'd be executed for homosexuality? who the fuck said I'm a gay? I'm agreeing with the fact of who'd want to fuck to a song that has nothing to do with sex, & is about friendship between males. considering I'm an Odinist & of Norwegian/Swedish heritage, I know enough about my Norseman culture.

    Mephilis 78

    It would be easier to learn Icelandic. The only real differences between old norse and Icelandic are the spelling and more modern terms, like technology and sports terms.

    Mephilis 78

    @Stomper The Pirates of the Caribbean theme has nothing to with sex, yet I fucked to it several times.

    A good song to fuck to is determined by rythm not by lyrical content.

  85. Paolo 30

    What are they singing about? Love this song! Praise be to the old Gods of Europa. Its time to cast off the Abrahamic God nonsense. We are not slaves and we will not submit. The hammer of Lord Thor and the Spear and armor of Lord Mars Ultor (the Avenger) are ready. We must take back our nations!

    Matt Affenit

    They weren't. Weak-willed men converted for power, and the rest by the sword.

    Tu Madre

    Baldur's story always reminded me of the Jesus story...🤔

    Flavius Belisarius

    Ragnarok already happened. You wouldn't last 3 seconds in a dark-age society, thank whatever re-animated corpse of a pagan god you believe in that you live in a Christian country.

    Flavius Belisarius

    I think you are delusional. Sacrificing slaves for no reason other than to gain victory is a pagan custom, not a Christian one. In a Christian country you had to have a legitimate beef to challenge someone to a duel, and when you killed or wounded them honour was considered satisfied. In pagan England as well as pagan Scandinavia you could challenge someone to a duel because you wanted their stuff/wives/slaves/land. Christianity outlawed slavery, twice, and the second time it stuck. The bloody pagans even made old men jump off a rock when they were too old to farm or fight. The reason I said that ragnarok already happened is that what Ragnarok is meant to be interpreted symbolically, it means that the gods have to die and be reborn in a new form that is sufficient to help society move forward. This happens when the current form of the gods is insufficient to hold back the serpent of chaos (Jormungandr) and the predatory beast (Fenrir). That's the deeper understanding of christs crucifiction. He is reborn in the same form, meaning he is the last permutation of a line of christs, the master pattern, as it were. Early pre-migration Christians were more philosophical in this regard than medieval ones. They knew that incomplete 'Christs' as it were existed in many religions, so they didn't just accuse people of being demon worshippers at the drop of a hat. The only really decent record of norse religion comes from Snorri Sturleson, a Christian. So you see.. what you neopagans are trying to do is use the parts of Asatru that a Christian thought were worth keeping (ie they were somewhat in tune with Christianity) to criticise and pull away from Christianity, which is kind of silly.

    'Oh, and we don't live in a Christian country - or at least I don't. I live in a secular country of laws and logic that has been nonviolently usurped by Krossmenn'

    - You may want to reflect on the fact that our entire concept of logic comes from the Christian concept of logos, and that all of the early universities were run by monks. Also the Danes that really kicked ass were my ancestors the Normans, i.e. Christians.

    Nico Gomez

    This song is about friendship, guys...


    Thank the gods its THORSDAY

    Charalambos Vasiliou

    It is Thorsday today. Hail!

  87. rumobin

    Thanks alot for your work!
    Great Images, great song!
    Greets from Helvetica :)

  88. james ward


  89. Lucretia Debrev

    Is there somewhere I can find an instrumental version?

  90. Neculta

    Cant wait to move to Scandinavia :D

    Luuk Post

    So .. how do you like it ?

    Skjaldmær W

    I take it he hasn't gone

  91. Kaya Han

    just love it! greetings from turkey

  92. Sam200960

    Wise words...
    We ought to learn from the sagas...

  93. nihil inanis

    The lyrics are wrong, there is still need to add the 42 verse.
    Here it is for those who want to learn how to sing it.
    Syng den song.

    Vin sínum
    skal maðr vinr vera
    ok gjalda gjöf við gjöf
    hlátr við hlátri
    skyli hölðar taka
    en lausung við lygi

    Austin Smith

    þakka þer fyrir!

    nihil inanis

    @Austin Smith you are welcome friend.
    NO i don't know how to say this in icelandic hahaha, i just observed the mistake because I tried to follow the song

    Austin Smith

    @Nelmo Carvalho
    lol it's ok i'm still learning myself and was using this as practice

  94. Vollassi Toni

    Maja elik visir