War Of Ages - Blood Of The Earth Lyrics

We are forsaken
Blood spilt on the earth
Cries over an open grave
Cursed by God we are cursed by God

Image built on suffering
Feeling all is lost
Gives way to hate
Open wounds still in pain
With the intent to kill
It's human nature

Lies overtaking the mind

This blood is on your hands
Lies fill your head with sorrow
You've lost your way
If you'd find the path of love

Cursed to drink from the blood of the earth
Your redemption your redemption is lost

Rage filled hands
Are covered in jealousy
Marked by God
You are marked by God
Bare the wounds
Of a mind lost in humanity
Marked by God
You are marked by God

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War Of Ages Blood Of The Earth Comments
  1. Lucas Strike

    Wow! Amazing song!

  2. chauntal elcock

    I love this album they are Kings of Christian metal 😍😍 😍😍

  3. Anthony Conn

    Holy cow 1:42.....

  4. Alex Galindo

    another masterpiece you did a great work as usual !!

  5. Jokel

    Awesome!!! Reminds me of "communion for ravens by Phinehas"

  6. Christopher Joy

    So flippin' heavy! Love you guys. <3

  7. Michael Fuller


  8. Aþaulf Daniel

    Wow 🖤