Wanda Jackson - Window Up Above Lyrics

I've been living a new way of life that I love so
But I can see the clouds're gathering and the storm will wreck our home
But last night you held her tightly and you didn't even shove
This is true for I was watching from the window up above

You must have thought I was sleeping and I wish that I had been
But it's best to get to know you and the way your heart can sin
I thought we belonged together and our hearts fit like a glove
But I was wrong for I was watching from the window up above

From my eyes the teardrops started as I listened on and on
Heard you whisper to her softly that our marriage was all wrong
But I hope she makes you happy and you'll never lose her love
I lost mine while I was watching from the window up above

Yes, I hope she makes you happy...

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Wanda Jackson Window Up Above Comments
  1. Sonny Dave

    Most of the time she is referred to as a "Rockabilly". Wanda Jackson is a classic country singer, as this version of the George Jones song shows. She is as good as any female country singer including those in the CMHOF.

    Michael Brown

    I love here to

  2. Arie Gurion

    Age inspired Dolly & Tammy

  3. Carl Haynes

    Priceless 🌹💕 Hot

  4. Ronnie Bishop

    The most overlooked underrated entertainer in history. Or maybe it’s just me, but she’s incredible. And I’m from Oklahoma too, very proud of her.

  5. Huma Jurnia

    Im indonesia but im likely wanda jackson song n all country song ... GBU n thanks for download

  6. Michael Jackman

    great singer

  7. Milton Moore

    She wasn't tagged "Wonderful Wanda" for nothing! What a gorgeous-toned voice she possessed!

  8. jean-marie Basset

    une voix en sucre

  9. Károlyné Szépvölgyi

    Csodálatosak ezek a dalok, nagyon tetszenek.
    Az énekesnő fantasztikus volt.
    Köszönettel, Budapestről Klára Szépvölgyi