Wanda Jackson - Soldier's Last Letter Lyrics

The postman delivered a letter it's filled her old heart full of joy
But she didn't know till she read the end sign
It was the last one from her darling boy
Dear mom was the way that it started I miss you so much it went on
I didn't know that I love you so but I'll prove it when this war is won
I'm writing this down in a trench mom don't scold if it isn't so neat
You know as you did when I was a kid and I come home with mud on my feet
The captain just gave us our orders and mom we will carry them through
I'll finish this letter the first chance I get but for now I'll just say I love you
Then the mother's old hands began to tremble
And she fought against tears in her eyes
But they came unashamed for there was no name
And she knew that her darling had died
That night as she knelt by her bedside she prayed Lord above hear my plea
Protect all the boys who are fighting tonight and dear God keep America free

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Wanda Jackson Soldier's Last Letter Comments
  1. Theo Esquivel

    Once upon a time in a land far far away, I was cold,wet,hungry,and scared...😢😢🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. betty stephenson

    tottaly awesome thanks for sharing

  3. Dominique Vandermolen

    Je n ai pas de voie

  4. Oldly Wizard Of The Enchanted Snow Forest

    This song makes me cry.

  5. John Jurkewicz

    So beautiful to listening to and I love it

  6. John Jurkewicz

    So beautiful to listening to and I love it

  7. william adams

    My first experince of knowing Wanda`s singing was a very long time ago. She is a very good singer & is like a lot of C&W singers back then. She is about the same age as I am. Keeping singing that good music, Wanda, we love you.

  8. alex arolas garcia

    Esta bonita canción la compuso ERNEST TUBB y la canto en el año 1944 y la versiono WANDA JACKSON en el año 1966

  9. Joe Defty

    linsey you like

  10. jean-marie Basset

    Gene Vincent l'a chantée sous le titre "black letter",en 1969


    Well today God sure ain´t keeping America free, is he ?

    Roger Dee

    Not wrong there mate.  He's starting to lose his grip on Australia too.  It's got me buggered, the amount of Aussies that want to visit America, when so many people in this world are busting their guts to come here. I'm staying put.


    +INDY OSKARS Times chamge, agree but different attitudes now,then was a time without internet,but then the sad planet is still full of crap as it was then.

    Roger Dee

    I agree.

    Alan Young

    How is God supposed to bless a country that doesn't make Him the Lord of it? That goes against scripture.


    Written by Leon Payne


    +INDY OSKARS Yes, the sme sound!!