Wanda Jackson - Right Or Wrong (I'll Be With You) Lyrics

Right or wrong I'll be with you
I'll do what you want me to
I believe that I belong
By your side, right or wrong

Right or wrong, it's gotta be
Always you, always me
Won't you take me along
To be with you right or wrong

If it's wrong to love you
It can't be wrong for me to care
If you say you love me
My life with you I'll share

Right or wrong, day by day
All my love, all the way
I believe that I belong
By your side, right or wrong
Right or wrong!

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Wanda Jackson Right Or Wrong (I'll Be With You) Comments
  1. Andrea Carol Taylor Blood

    Lovely what a beautiful voice and woman

  2. Patrick Bennett

    Somehow, Never saw these pictures of Wanda.
    I certainly see why Elvis wanted her.
    She's beautiful, and so talented.
    Her voice has always been strong, and her poise unsurpassed.
    She is a perfect voice on love songs.

  3. Joe Davis

    ... And we are on this Earth...

  4. Wade Raney

    Still the best ever version 😍

  5. Ted Howard

    A unique voice way ahead of her time...great voice

  6. Jim Garcia

    Have not ever been into this lady before,but she is great!

  7. Faith Mordal

    Lol noobies you are all stupid

  8. Mary Emmons

    Love all the songs. Thanks for sharing 😁

  9. Daniel Montanez

    I love my grandpa so much love you rip

  10. Daniel Montanez

    This will forever be my grandparents song love u wela and welo

    Rip-welo Raymond you will forever missed and alwAyz loved

    Daniel Montanez

    From yours truly hilly

  11. Mark Clark

    When jean Sheppard died, that was the end of country music.

  12. maxine craven

    great  song   great  voice

  13. Ronnie Bishop

    Well they’ve got Brenda Lees name in this song on you tube too. I don’t get it?

  14. Ronnie Bishop

    What a classic sound in every way great great great hall of fame. Wanda wrote this and Brenda Lee covered it too I guess, they have her singing it, I guess.

  15. Wayne Baker

    What a lovely fantasic ballad this is

  16. Dennis Ruby

    This reminds me of hanging out at Renjo’s Bar and Albanstown Inn back in the day. We would drink beer, shoot pool and play songs like this on the jukebox. They were glorious days and the music was great!

  17. ian monk

    it breaks my heart to know there will never be another woman like her

  18. rolandquinlan

    The way live should be ?

  19. Romulien B

    Covered in french by Cesar et les Romains-Toi et moi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ak8nf4xfT-k&list=PUESFh-4LvFkRJ_t8yuqH2nA

  20. Brittney Brisbin

    This is beautiful❤

  21. Mike Jackman

    great singer

  22. Jennifer Zamora

    Giusto o sbagliato sarò con te
    Farò quello che mi chiedi
    Perché credo di appartenere
    Al tuo fianco, giusto o sbagliato
    Giusto o sbagliato deve essere
    Sempre tu, sempre me
    Non mi porti con te
    Essere con te giusto o sbagliato?
    Se è giusto per me amarti
    Non può essere sbagliato per me interessarmi
    Se dirai che mi ami
    La mia vita con te condividerò
    Giusto o sbagliato, giorno per giorno
    Tutto il mio amore, fino in fondo
    Perché credo di appartenere
    Al tuo fianco, giusto o sbagliato

  23. anthony belcher

    Lovely song

  24. Caroline Meech

    Agree county music has changed , the oldies are far better ♥️

  25. Russell Crawford

    My mother, Lewis Johnson pace had this record here in Dallas Texas when we were children. And this would be one of the record she would play at our bedtime. Nowadays women are covered in tattoos and they put on Pantera right before their children go to bed.

  26. Berit Samuelsson


  27. Jenny W

    Been listening to Dwight Yoakum's Bakersfield Beat all weekend on Sirius. Dwight said Wanda was a huge influence on him, and it's been great to hear him playing all her hits.

  28. John Jurkewicz

    So beautiful to listening to and I love it

  29. Gerard Larkin Haverstock

    A great song from one of America’s greatest singers R.I.P.

  30. Nataliya. Chorna

    Soul touching song

  31. gilles Roussel

    en francais ces chanter pat CESAR ET LES ROMAINS ET LE TITRE EST TOI ET MOI

  32. Don Hawkins

    Flip side ''Funnel Of Love''

  33. Julie Caudill

    Great country classic 2018 👍

  34. Darlene Young

    I love the country classics!

  35. sharen ladner

    Right Or Wromg

  36. Terry Gilchrest

    Abreast song by a very pretty Lady

  37. Tim Kilby

    my favorite wanda jackson song of all time!!!!

  38. Milton Moore

    Had to quit reading through all the great comments before
    I'd go blind! Right
    or wrong, one of
    my favorite recordings, the "wrong" part being
    that her voice badly cracked twice during this
    recording, and I
    have always wondered why they didn't do more takes to get
    it right. Regardless, this hit put this beloved country diva "on the map."

  39. Jim McConnell

    Wanda has the voice of a angel

  40. patrick ryan

    How fortunate was I to have both this and "In the Middle of a Heartache" on the same 45 rpm -- It could have been a promotional disc as my brother who went by the name of Bud Clayton was a D.J. -- try Radio Station WEEE if it still exists and is still country (Hello D.J. Barry Frank). Larry (Bud's) brother - Pat 1/2018

  41. Bill Markle

    One of her best songs ... Right Or Wrong & In The Middle Of A Heartache (both in 1961) were her top two sellers ... classic country voice.

  42. John Armstrong

    Right or Wrong...for the ages.

  43. Edyon

    I first heard this song while visiting my uncle in Pecos, TX. I think it was in 1961. I thought , who is that ? It was Wanda. I'll never forget that moment, etched in my mind forever. My uncle used to see this country and western show on TV ,never missed it. I later heard it in San Antonio on KONO and KTSA.Beautiful voice for a beautiful lady.

  44. Edyon

    what a voice! She certainly was right up there with the best.

  45. rolandquinlan

    Love the w

  46. Gregory Miller

    To add to the description below, the folks playing the instruments were known as Studio Musicians, highly talented in their fields, and on demand. If the Vocalist could tape in one take, usually the musicians could get through the take with no errors. A great many country artists were backed by these musicians, as well as rock and roll, it depended on what Owen Bradley wanted for the sound!

  47. Gregory Miller

    You can hear the drive of the vibra phone and it's tremolo. All the instruments can be heard, along with the lead vocal Wanda, and the back-up singers. Keep in mind they were all in a large room separated by only sound walls to record. Wanda standing at the lead mic, the Singers at another and each instrument at theirs, all patched to a mixing board, then to speakers.

  48. David Barnett

    Back in the long ago when there was Top 40 radio, country and western songs and artists like Wanda Jackson crossed over and had great success with the rock 'n roll/pop teens. I know I danced to this song at the local high school dances.

  49. bitch lasagna

    sounds like Brenda Lee,,,,,oops,,

  50. Mike Treadwell

    Wanda was great! one of a kind= THANKS

  51. alex arolas garcia

    Esta bonita canción la canto WANDA JACKSON en el año 1961

  52. Samuel Lee

    I love u my my husband this song is for u Samuel

  53. Samuel Lee

    Listen to the words myloved ones this means all of u😳😜😳

  54. Samuel Lee

    Love u Rena

  55. Samuel Lee

    My sisters and I sang this all the time ,she taped it for me on cassette😍😜😍

  56. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1961 {June 29th} Wanda Jackson performed "Right Or Wrong" on the Dick Clark ABC-TV network weekday-afternoon program 'American Bandstand'...
    At the time the song was at #97 on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart, and on August 21st it would peak at #29 {1 week}, it spent 11 non-consecutive weeks on the Top 100...
    It reached #9 on both Billboard's Hot Country Singles chart and Adult Contemporary Tracks chart...
    Between 1954 and 1973, she had twenty-nine records on the Hot Country Singles chart, three* made the Top 10, her other two Top 10 records were "You Can't Have My Love" {#8 in 1954} and "In the Middle of A Heartache" {#6 in 1961}...
    * She just missed having a fourth Top 10 record when "Tears Will Be the Chaser For Your Wine" peaked at #11 in 1966...

  57. John Harwood

    pop country or the best of them all who knows

  58. Carson Edwards

    That's my great great aunt

  59. Allan Nickerson

    I heard that Elvis asked her to marry him ????

  60. Francesc Josep Castí

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  61. алнксандр грачев

    fantastic voice. = alex. ukraine.

  62. justkat555

    Music my momma would listen to 50 years ago.

    Milton Moore

    So you don't?
    That's the implication.

  63. алнксандр грачев

    super track . alex. ukraine.

  64. Sara Erbayri

    So many memories of young love.

  65. belisario guerra

    Original: Wanda Jackson ( U.S. ) - Right or wrong ( Wanda Jackson ) ( 10/1961 ). Cover: César et Les Romains - Toi et moi ( 1966 ).

  66. Sandra Ellis

    Saw her when I was 18 in Navasota Texas. She was beautiful and sung Right or wrong. She was with Ernest Tubb the real great giant of country music.

  67. Janet Edwards

    Love this song.Reminds me of some great times.I sing it karaoke sometimes.More in Patsy Cline style. Young ppl have even complimented. what a pretty song it is.

  68. Sara Erbayri

    Lovely so many memories.....

    Don Bachelder

    My brother and I and our dates attended a concert with her in Ft. Dodge Iowa around mid to late 60's

  69. Chance Watkins

    Great song. Thanks for sharing; Jesus Christ Bless

  70. Barbara Brown Swinney

    Lovely song...so many memories ...

  71. fish doctor

    First heard this song on the drive inn theater car speaker. Sounds just as good today, 55 years later.

  72. MyBlackvelvet

    What happened to country music......this is country not the crap today!

  73. McCurtain County

    WOW!! what a talent!!

  74. Lisa GolfPro

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  75. International Guitar Mania by Dutch Connection

    nice tune grtz ben

  76. Foster Glantz

    queenof  rockabilly

  77. howard gooding

    wanda wrote this gem and it was a big hit, she could sing ballads and out and out rockers like mean, mean man, what a talent

  78. sprky44

    country music isn't the same as it was back then, it has changed and not for the better in my opinion. the oldies are the best

    Gerechtsdeurwaarder Peter

    I know man, i know. I miss someone like Johnny Cash.


    I mean country music was still great long after this song was released.

  79. Lester Diamond

    Awesome voice. To hear a current female vocalist with enormous vocal tone and style check out Neko Case "I'll Be Around". Her debut record "The Virginian" is a great album, heavily influenced by classic female vocalists like Wanda Jackson.

  80. Greenwolfe Green

    Wanda Jackson is ONE OF A KIND. There ain't no more like her a comin folks.

    christopher dawson

    +Greenwolfe Green U can say that again ! And again! and again! Ain't no woman like Wanda!

    debbie green

    +Greenwolfe Green You are so "right" there! She is my mom's cousin. I wanted to grow up and be just like her. A lovely lady that tours even today in her 80's.

    christopher dawson

    Wow lucky you. One of my favorite songs, period I like Ronnie Dove's as well, I must admit, but he ain't no Wanda!!

    Vince Arnone

    debbie green ilight

  81. manoel luiz teixeira

    Uma das maravilhas do r`r. maneco - RGS -Brasil.

  82. kemmererkid

    Can we say The Wanda Jackson Sound. She was making hits in the middle 50s when a girl singer couldn't buy a hit Wanda Jackson stood high among all the boy singers. She was a great singer.

  83. Beatrice Mitchell


    Patty Pierce

    Brenda wasn't that far behind Wanda..

  84. ltcajh

    The Brenda Lee sound.

  85. Rene J. Kirchheimer

    Tune sounds a lot like: "Make the world go away"

  86. Frank Welch

    Wanda was HOT.

    Milton Moore

    ok....but what about the song?!!!

    Laura Zumbrun

    I had that same album wish I still had it

    Idiotic Tirades

    @Milton Moore
    Well, her singing sure helps.

  87. cvueguy

    Charted 6/05/61 for 11 weeks reaching #29 on the Billboard Hot100

    ClassicRetro24/7 cvue.ca

  88. Kay Boyer

    Here's one of the most beautiful songs of all time zzz.

  89. Foster Glantz

    1billon puregold

  90. DJ The DJ

    Is it right or wrong, a big decision when young and old alike, Got my first GE six transistor Portable radio when this was big. Still got it. Big man back then in the neighborhood with a Portable radio. Wow"""""""""""""

    Daina Bharrat

    Tht lovely Blessing keep it in gd care

  91. Angela Sanders

    Such a beautiful lady with a beautiful voice...

  92. TheAloweWolf

    Oooh.. Nice.

    Jarica Johnson

    yes you are right country music today dosent sound country it sound pop or god knows what i love the oldies

  93. Garry Arthur


    Gino Muscat

    Great singer all the way thank you Wanda xx rip Gino

  94. enjoy playing

    I love Wanda Jackson!

  95. lw bren

    She does such a good job on this song

  96. David Barnett

    Back in the hey day of Top 40 radio, country songs like this easily crossed over.  Great song.