Wanda Jackson - Dirt Behind My Years Lyrics

It's over I filled our world with hurt
I cheated and I lied to you and piled up so much dirt
Now I'd lost the only one in life I held so dear
I slowly bury your love in the dirt behind my years

You had every right to leave as far as I'm concerned
You gave all your love to me got nothing in return
You tried and I'll bet you'll cry at least the million tears
But they just couldn't wash away the dirt behind my years

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Wanda Jackson Dirt Behind My Years Comments
  1. TheGarretdeas

    A great song from Wanda which is also a great play on words and proves that she was a queen of country as well as rockabilly.

  2. poopstain565

    Wanda was one of the all time greats. Great post.

  3. William Brisky

    I noticed that the song Stand By Your Man was on this album. I have never heard Wanda sing that song. Maybe you could put it up so we could hear her version of it. Loretta Lynn also sang it if you have that also.

  4. latokatn506

    Thanks For the Pass On this one Shuffle

  5. shuffle877

    Good stuff Jay I appreciate it. :)

  6. i5705b5705j5705j

    I'm going to write an answer song to this. It's called The Dirt Behind My Ears. (Sry for bad taste! Better wash carefully!)