Wallpaper. - T REX Lyrics

9 to 5
All the way live and gettin' paid on the regular
I pay my bills right up on time
You know it turns me way on

And then I go big on the weekends
I go T Rex.
Hey, little girl, I got a job,
You wanna get some dinner?
I'm taking you out tonight, anywhere that you want.

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Wallpaper. T REX Comments
  1. Volvo Brad

    It's almost 2020 and I still haven't adjusted my radio dial

  2. Jus Stone

    this shit is timeless. still jamming this since I saw this shit at SXSW maybe like over 10 years ago

  3. Ced Gee

    Still a classic. Never forget the old Ricky Reed

  4. Michael McKague

    Wish I was smart enough to T-Rex the wknd, but I just do it every day. :( I'll never have my own place. Lol.

  5. Michael McKague

    "... I assume four?!" <3 Phuck yes!

  6. Scott H

    still going T-REX to this day. thanks ricky!

  7. Robert Nolan

    Never have I thought about how useful $4 could be. This is what money should be spent on

  8. The Art of Theatrical Ushery


  9. Jennifer Clark

    0:00 a legend was born

  10. Daniella Wilson

    I go Trex!!

  11. sublimeade

    Blake Anderson?

  12. notmicrowavesafe

    I miss old wallpaper :(

  13. iron buddha

    cool cool cool

  14. GhostMan

    What's is say in reverse?

  15. Gabriel Arellano

    this is hillarious

  16. leebabi26


  17. MuffinMania912

    This is perfect

  18. Destiny Rivera

    def wanna marry him....

  19. Ryan Case


  20. angiecfrmthebay


  21. Grottomacy

    dude that mask is from that 80s show DINOSAURS

  22. Benedikt Klug

    your style is unique and awesome <3

  23. notalentshow

    I have 4 American dollars too!

  24. Blacken111

    I assume four

  25. RayCrayon16

    WTF - I thought this was looking at the 70's bad T REX and I get this LOL

  26. Here Comes Sessions

    WHERE THE FUCK CAN I BUY THIS BITCH!?!!!?????!111one

  27. Andrew Patrick

    This song reminded me to go pay my bills.

  28. bensharkey

    Just found you recently, I LOVE your sound man! Just sent out a tweet about you. Love it!

  29. rblitz7


    well its a clothing company..so he may mean they play it in the retail stores

  30. Sarah

    @DJORRA11 *they're, *you're

  31. schumacherenator

    @DJORRA11 As if any of the meatheads in AE actually appreciate this. They're too busy buying douchy clothes with all their DOLLAR$

  32. starbrite005

    playing in american eagle? this makes me a sad panda.

  33. theMcnegro456

    "i wanna make a videooooooo"

  34. lawlx2

    the first line of this song is my sign off text on my IRC work channel :D

    Jus Stone

    lmfao!!! nice

  35. Jean-Luc Duvall

    fuck american eagle! they better not ruin this song

  36. Chris Redding Music

    this is song is Great! I heard it in American Eagle and rushed home to find it! thanks for posting!

  37. hitch23213

    what type of mic does he have at the beginning?

  38. laxUO

    this is awesome

  39. locinsno

    to bad no one has the live show from rickshaw last december, it was off the hook

  40. gadfas

    I love this.

  41. ThePwnfosho

    Heard this song for the first time on my slacker radio! It is a bad ass song and once I saw this vid for the first time it was a perfect fit!

  42. whereintheworldis

    Send your shit to Ed Banger rec they will love u

  43. mediaman5005

    I heard this song on Saturday at my college's radio station; surprisingly it grew on me very quickly. I thought this was an 80's song at first because it has that nice 80's feel to it and the fact that it doesn't have to make much sense.

  44. GoodFriendsForever

    scrilla just floating around

  45. Giancarlo Memes

    Just saw them with Girl Talk and Dan Deacon in Vegas, and they were the shit. Props Wallpaper!
    Let's get more stuff like this out!

  46. Snuggleumpakis

    Hell yeah!

  47. BaronUnderbite

    This shit owns

  48. Pat

    this dinosaur is from the 80's

  49. chandler smith

    this is cool ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☻☻☻☻2♦♣♠◘•○

  50. Tyrone Slothrop


  51. john

    If I got a chance to have cancer, I would use my make a wish to see a live show, and go big on the weekend with him and that dinosaur.

  52. Carmen Esquer

    I freakin love WALLPAPER!!!! Best band ever!!!!!

  53. gremiseg6

    love this song...