Wallpaper. - STUPiDFACEDD Lyrics

That's all you got?
That's all you got?
That's all you got?

I don't put glue sticks in my nose and um
Get my face pasted to linoleum
Kitchen floor shit
Some college dorm shit

Face down in a bloodstained carpet
Get chicks at the farmers' market
White girls buy produce
Take them home, make them drink grey Goose

White boy wasted
Glue stick pasted
White boy wasted
Glue stick pasted


I drink a can of Sparks and try to freestyle
Ex-girlfriend's on speed dial
Oh that's a drunk dial, drunk sexting
Drunk stagger, drunk swagger

I don't rap good, it don't matter
Can't sing good, it don't matter
Cause I'm whacked-out sleepwalking
On a quest for God at my friend's apartment

White boy wasted
Glue stick pasted
White boy wasted
Glue stick pasted


When I say "awkward", y'all say "silence"

Super Soaker filled with Four Loko
Plus SoCo, real gross yo
I go ham and cheese on rolls
That's a metaphor.

Another metaphor: Like icing on a Cinnabon
Like a hot chick that ain't no fun
Listen, imma teach you a lesson
Let's start at number
One: Sleep is the best way to save money
Two: Money is the best way to have sex
Three: Sex is the best way to feel nothing
Four: Nothing happens if you're asleep
So stay up until you wake up



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Wallpaper. STUPiDFACEDD Comments
  1. Toxin

    I wanna meet that guy.

  2. S4DP0W3R

    22 jump street)))

  3. Robot Alien

    😎 song.

  4. MalevolentMee Productions

    Heard this in a Characters As Songs compilation and Ive been listening to it on and off for like 4 years now I swear jfc it SLAPS

  5. Matthew Francis

    This guy fell of da map

  6. Ozexi.

    Damn im barely seeing this since 2012 words cant explain the feelin.

  7. Norah Starr

    Here because this is probably one of the worst songs made by a band I like. Shotgun is better than this in my opinion

  8. RainwingPlays

    came here from sassy owl. Anyone else?

  9. Chrissie Julien

    Lol is this Jessie in breaking bad??

  10. Rare Dzzz

    C’mon quote of 2010 PaaRTY HARd N nEVA go home

  11. Jamal Freeman

    Used to listen to this all the time in 8th grade.

  12. Bradley Smith

    It’s one of those it’s so bad it good songs

  13. Boston B 96

    I came back to this after hearing it in Jersey Shore when I was in middle school and I'm not ashamed to say that lmao.

  14. Khalil’s Diary

    That looks like the dopest house party ever

  15. Marvin Rivera

    I’ve been looking for this song for the past 2 years. Remember it when it first came out on mtv but didn’t remember the name

  16. Sirzechs Quasar

    Ive put in thousands of views from different people's devices. This man is a proper dickhead doe lol

  17. Lady Genesis

    I'm still here for this song

  18. schlayyyter

    My entire 20s wrapped up in 3 minutes

  19. isabel

    what scene of 22 jump st is this from

  20. High key High key

    Skam anyone..?

  21. avoidantbehavior

    This shit just popped in my head 8 years later



  22. Андрей Кузнецов


  23. Alexandra Read Artwork

    Adventure Time: Dancing Bug

    Sounds eerily similar 🤔 slowed down

  24. taroo

    anybody else here in 2019 🥵🤪

  25. Natasha N.

    Come back to us, you magnificent bastard

  26. tthirdmember trans rights

    i adore how utterly fuckin stupid this whole thing

  27. Bryan Jandres

    Who remembers this song playing every morning while getting ready for school

  28. Swindle Rushmore

    I've written an entire film based off hearing this song, what an inspiration

  29. Justin Andrew

    It's currently 2019 & I'm still playing this song 😎

  30. mariah knox

    This song made middle school LIT

  31. morty

    My Gamer tag use to be Whiteboy Wasted

  32. Jonas Butler

    Can I buy some molly from you?

  33. Brenden Puich

    This song always been hard af

  34. Kevo

    in case anyone was wondering, this video is a pretty good visual representation of what its like to do LSD or shrooms at a party. this is what you see.

  35. CJ Carpenter

    Frat anthem

  36. Wolf Kevin 99

    Wtfock anyone??? 🥰

  37. christian ortega

    I hate this song cause cause I always thought this is what parties would be like when I was younger

  38. Dane Ellis

    still hard af

  39. Howie Snickers

    I came here because of jersey shore

  40. be_b47anced

    Listened to this a loooong time ago, then watched jersey shore and found it again, now i must listen to it more and party

  41. Noobdewd

    It geeks me that this is what I used to be into... thanks for bringing me here Jersey Shore!

  42. S I G N I A

    I want to actually see what I feels like to go to a party like that and be stupidfacedd

  43. hellooow

    1:22 what name?!

  44. jacob murphy

    Its been 8 years and yall still dont know the name of the bad bitch in the white shirt???


    What 2019 remembered this song lmao

  46. Ty Sully

    This song SLAPS it rly didn’t blow up like it should have

  47. sarah e

    2019 :O

  48. Anthony Flames

    Why does so many people have a problem with those people who are brought to a banger song because of a movie, show or youtuber? Like it makes the song more popular.
    Sure i get annoyed with people who keep making comments like "this brought me here" but why all the hatred?

  49. Devin Howard

    Hands up or like if you heard this on MTV back in 2011!

  50. Rachey -

    2019 anyone

  51. Den4ik Pr



    Stfu with that already

  52. davinatordawg

    Im here because your mothers asshole

  53. ess tee eye

    Glad I came back to this song after five years

  54. darkerXTV

    Good old fucking classic. I came here to remember this song. Knew about this song when it released on MTV Hits. Holy hell I miss watching MTV Hits

  55. Jaime F

    Jersey Shore!

  56. XO. TESUS

    Just recently binge watched jersey shore .... they played this at the club 😭

  57. s h o w e r t h o u g h t s

    yo this song has been stuck in my head for a full 4 years wtf

  58. AGR19 HQ

    this is real music

  59. See What I Did There?

    This guy is gay and in the closet.

  60. Fergiegirl4ever

    wtFock (Skam Belgium) Season 1 Episode 4 brought me here :)

  61. no sir

    This always fucking hurt my ears

  62. grave makarove

    I came here
    no 22 jump st dint made me come here


  63. Captain Wreckdum

    I heard this on the radio years ago on their test department and I've loved it ever since

  64. Liberty Johnson

    Best party song of any generation tbh

  65. Lala Eats

    Still bumping in 2018 💀

  66. Son Death Uzumaki

    I missed this song

  67. Steezy Taylor

    Still here 😁

  68. Anders Anders

    dame... I Really want to get drunk now 😂

  69. Dom Wessel

    2018 because this song claps

  70. Eugene Jacob

    The darn owl.

  71. Pau Gil

    Did anybody else come here because of Da Sassy Owl?

  72. kitkat1595

    approximately every two weeks for the last seven years this song gets re-stuck in my head until i either give in and listen to it or suppress it until it crops up again in another two weeks

  73. Shbduukuy Nostradomus

    i don't see anyone else commenting it so, Da Sassy Owl anyone?

  74. Why You Trippin' Deebo

    Kitchen floor shit, some college dorm shit..

  75. Jamie

    2018🙋🏽‍♀️ lmao

  76. Nine-Necked Giraffe

    Most people:22 jump street brought them here
    Me:da sassy owl

  77. Hey demons, it’s me, ya bitch

    Bruh I’ve loved this song for 7 years holy hell.

  78. JG Garcia

    who else is listening in 2018 doe?

  79. M a r i c h a n

    quem esta aki por causa da Casa Do Cais? xD

  80. Belafonte Life

    Found this song on triple C's in a war zone. Good times.

  81. John Wolfstein

    Aye this song is Legendary! #banger

  82. Chris Gomez


  83. mariah knox

    Middle school was lit cuz of this song lmao

  84. Simmy h

    2018 what’s up

  85. GregR462

    Thought about this in 2018 lol

  86. Sven 420

    Why is wallpaper so catchy? Im only here cause I just heard 1234 on BMS : rise of thadland and came back to listen to some of my favorite songs

  87. Jayce Polaris

    its my birthday tonight and you better know imma be blastin this all night #STUPiDFACEDD

  88. saifullah kamarul

    Whos here from da owl squad

  89. wells comedy

    Sign me up daddy i need a money blessing among other things golden boi chickin ittn in out lmfao oakdale bud furure viral video in the pipes on de wae

  90. Joneewars2

    2:13 great logic

  91. Akarui


  92. streaker sloth

    This song screams MTV lmao

  93. B K

    Still a brilliant satire

  94. Dirk

    those lesbians tho