Wallpaper. - Shotgun Lyrics

Tonight I'm riding shotgun
I won't be cool to drive when it's time to go
Tonight I'm riding shotgun
I can feel it tonight, I am gonna let go

Wet shorts wet green paper
I drink rum with Capri Sun chaser
Wet pockets wet Abe Lincolns
Hey buddy, tell me what you drinkin'

Hey, champagnin'
Got no place in the mornin'

Tonight I'm riding shotgun
I won't be cool to drive when it's time to go
Tonight I'm riding shotgun
I can feel it tonight, I am gonna let go

Hot pants, flip-flop Pradas
She's hot man, hot lava
Marco, Polo, Marco, Polo
Marco, Polo, yeah, hot lava

Hey, champagnin'
Got no place in the mornin'

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Wallpaper. Shotgun Comments
  1. King Booshay

    Member listening to this shit in 7th grade life was so much better everyone seemed happier and less bitchy

  2. TheQuadSquad 5890

    bitch no you not I'm already in the seat

  3. Justin Goldman

    Omfg :D #amazingness

  4. Адиль Байтемир

    Шотган блять)

  5. Dahlia Ali

    23 people are not ridin shotgun

    Michelle Gordon

    Now on days 33

    skinny legend


  6. Jack J

    Seeing them live tomorrow! So pumped

    Michael Moore

    Jack J how'd it go. LMAO

  7. Cailyn Clark

    "Heyyy champagnein',got no plans in the mornin'"

  8. Jordan Goldman

    This song deserves more then like 200,000 views.

  9. Matt Perez

    Live doesn't compare to listening to it on youtube off my iPhone speakers

  10. livybear

    this song was amazing live

  11. Guido Mista


  12. Cannibisdreams


  13. Aaron Chisolm

    Saw them live today....Amazing

  14. JacobJawbreak

    This is so dope live like it doesnt compare #Warped-NC

  15. Tiffany Kim

    love this

  16. Matt Endicott

    dude they are i saw them today also

  17. Lizzie Dupre

    Saw them live at warped today and oh my goodness they are amazing live

  18. brendan7730

    happened to be walking past the Spotify stage at warped today while they played. Stopped in my tracks and listened to their whole set, knowing nothing about them before. absolutely amazing

  19. Origin777

    Where's Trayvon?

  20. Danielle Smith

    So Fucking sick live. so much energy

  21. Brian Allen

    i got them to sighn my Fin & Jake backpack while i was soooooooooooooo gone at warped...love this song cuz i drove there...but not back


    They. Where fucking epic at warped!!!

  23. David Owen

    i love this song omggg

  24. DevynShea9


  25. DevynShea9

    Amazing at Warped tour

  26. devan wooduff

    I like all of your soings

  27. marneyzj

    Psyched for the new record on Tuesday!

  28. Danny Alves

    The bass drop isn't THAT crazy but dammit it makes me want to dance

  29. AGirlWithAName

    Just saw them at Warped Tour today & they were kick ass got pictures & autographs

  30. Confettipeachpie

    Saw them at warped and met them <33 nicest fucking band ever :)

  31. xxgear412xx

    I love this song. I saw it at warped last week. I loovve this song XD. and I meet everyone from wallpaper. They are mad chill CX

  32. Dan Tiesi

    saw this live today at camden warped I FUCKING LOVE WALLPAPER.

  33. Higgledy Piggledy

    nothing compares to this song live omg my body hurts from going so hard to the edm shows at warped yesterday

  34. Bmagikarp

    get new speakers

  35. ZWIl56

    Pretty awesome song. Saw this live waiting at the Big Chocolate merch tent in Colombia and they killed it!

  36. michael pierce

    Saw these guys at warped tour in indianapolis they were fucking awesome

  37. MrsAwesomedude

    I seen these guys yesterday, their songs are amazing live. The bass vibrates your whole body, it's amazing

  38. H Salinas

    The bass for this song is crazy....

  39. Devon Williams

    stupidfacedd is my favorite but love the group overall my favorite while working the tour

  40. Lulu Chan

    also saw them in warped. it was such a great show. totally fell in love w this song.

  41. Brenda Morales

    Warped Tour 2013 SAN DIEGOOOOOOO

  42. MikeEckesBeatzzz

    Such a great show! Saw them at warped mountain view. Such a high energy mix!

  43. Jelissa King

    They were the most amusing at WarpedTour2013

  44. gingram2

    Just saw them live today at Warped Tour SD. Oh man, they're great live! I loved their energy level! They look like they love being up there. You've made a fan out of me.

  45. TheMaroonMango

    Warped Tour at the gorge!! These guys rocked the stage

  46. alyssamarie313

    Seen him on warped tour 2013 in seattle!! So amazingggg !

  47. Jacob Petersen


  48. Mithriel Games

    yupppp i was Front Row

  49. brenden ashworth

    @omgbabealert I was there too! The base was seriously dope! And they tore up the stage too!! They impressed me haha. I've never heard the before!

  50. Emily VanBuren

    starts a chain tonight in ridin' shotgun tonigt in ridein" shotgun..

  51. Pigeon Lord

    This was awesome at the Summer Jam concert!

  52. \Enthusiasm/

    Why wet shorts...

  53. rebel32degrees

    Go over to the Wallpaper Challenge website and enter your ultimate party playlist from Spotify. Thee's a sweet prize pack for the winner (who I believe is selected by Ricky Reed himself).

  54. kazuki phoenix

    oh shit

  55. kazuki phoenix

    wallpaper new orleans lousisiana

  56. Chelsea

    Their songs always have good beats

  57. Emy Chinen


  58. musicalman1995

    hey champanging, got no plans in the morning! <3

  59. Liam De Backer

    Fuck dudes I like this Fucking good song!!!!

  60. Sabrina Robinson

    Can't wait for warped!

  61. Hanamichi sakuragi

    they're were in houston summer fest 2012

  62. Pookie

    i got a spanish ad.....

  63. Emma Durham

    9 people sit in the back seat

  64. James D

    Well this will be playing in my car before the end of today. Love me some Wallpaper.

  65. Kiya Johnson

    Lol do they ever have like REAL music videos or do they only have Clips and.. well you get me >.>

  66. Max Gomez


  67. Nickolas Tijerina

    Do these guys ever come to Texas?

  68. Elliot Thomas

    Fuck now I have to go to another Wallpaper show.

  69. ptawadros1

    The bass in this video is now way near how it sounds live

  70. ptawadros1

    I agree, watching them at Outside Lands really got me pumped up. I enjoyed the entire show!

  71. Jeremiah Williams

    i was there too!!! Wallpaper. was sick!!

  72. Nashota Darling

    this song is soooo much better live . THAT BASS DROP

  73. kittykatBflat

    Thank you StarTrekAbridged for introducing me to this awesome group pew pew!!

  74. James Ortega

    People are realy missing out this needs more views

  75. percy clark

    atleast they can spell correctly. trololol.

  76. IceOnMyTaurus

    This song gives me flash backs from the time i saw them live.... i wasn't even on drugs that night. O.o

  77. Glazed-God Gaming

    6 people have no taste in music and are mentel retarted and gay.... ^-.:.-^

  78. Kelsey Harris

    Saw them at summer jam! Shit was cray! In love3

  79. TheFishyTiger

    WALLPAPER... crazy hardcore

  80. Cameron Webb

    They were fucking crazy at FPSF

  81. Remi Kay

    They kicked ass at BFD.

  82. Josh Emery

    Saw this band live at valley caliente at the camerica theater in phoenix they put on a good show

  83. singingkiki

    Saw them live at fpsf, freaking fantastic. From the energy, the drummers, the dancing....I loved every second.

  84. ohcrapitsandrew

    saw them and they're great live. He can actually sing live!

  85. Raphiboyzz1998

    0:50 IS FRESH AS FUCK.

  86. David Colford

    Saw them in concert on Sunday, they are wicked funny too they dance like they don't care.

  87. wackywinkgirl24

    i know thay were great or better than great thay were amazing i saw them too! lol

  88. wackywinkgirl24

    i saw them at kiss concert 2012 on saterday they were beast! lol

  89. Sarah McConn

    The bass at Kiss Concert made this song 10x more amazing, you literary could feel it through your body. It was amazing :D


    Just saw them at bamboozle! They're amazing :D

  91. nicole cummings

    they seriously had so much energy performing at the kiss 108 concert it was amazing!

  92. Kcheer0977

    They were soo good at kiss concert

  93. Evan Wilson

    5 people aren't riding shotgun.

  94. Felix

    Thank god for Kiss Concert. I swear these people are amazing.


    i saw them yesturday they were awsome i want to see them again