Wallpaper. - Puke My Brains Out Lyrics

I wanna puke my brains out...

Bases loaded, I'm up to bat
Based and loaded, imagine that
Still up and coming, haven't came yet
Cus I'm a zombie, brain dead

Take adderall to study
Adderall to party, pharmaceuti-call me
Puke my proverbial brains out, zombie
Captain and cola tsunami in Bali

Nope! I'm in my apartmente
No AC, muy caliente
Late on rent-e, but always on time
I got 5 on it: high five!

I wanna puke my brains out

Na na na na
Puke my brains out

Man I can't think straight
Gotta get my brains outside of my face
Like white girls on Cinco de Mayo
College girls on day after finals

If you wanna wanna party, party
If you wanna wanna feel your heartbeat
Get your guts out, on the outside
Touch your tonsils and open up wide

I wanna puke my brains out

Na na na na
Puke my brains out

Ass up brains down
Hold your hair back and listen to the sound
Broke boys, geek squad
On your knees just praying to God

Prescription addiction to internet porn
Generation of the living dead trying a get born out the
Inbox vagina, the zombie inside ya
Clawing at the walls of your stomach in light of the
Stimulation overload, boring boring boring boring
Filled up on soda, and sunblock, and chlorine
Cus life is a race, it's a fight to the death
So drop it to the floor, touch your tonsils and clear your head!

Na na na na
Puke my brains out

So I can hear my heart beat

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Wallpaper. Puke My Brains Out Comments
  1. The Lonely Eagle

    Nanananna puke my brains out

  2. Zoinks!

    i m still here

  3. Julez Valencia

    I feel high as shit after watching this lol

  4. Ross Knodel

    the style of the video is almost satirical, like a bad 80's MV but with a ton of extra detail that looks like it took a lot of effort to look so 80's

    Ced Gee

    Ross Knodel basically the point.

  5. Kris Owens

    Millennials Unhinged

  6. summerella

    don't do drugs please

    Ross Knodel

    Just give them to me


    hell, which ones

  7. M. Greene

    dat bass tho...

  8. Maddie Hags

    Gotta get my brains outside of my face! love this shit

  9. galaxyellie

    aw i miss when novena's hair was like this

    Damion Huggins

    @galaxyellie Still is!


    @codemister99 codemistef on her instagram she has braids now

  10. Mitchell Kerr

    Awesome beat need better lyrics like every one els is saying the comments

  11. Aviation Unlimited

    Huge fan from f the style, but the video ruined the song for me. I can do better animation in Google sketch up.. Which almost looks like it was the case in this video as well

    Prodigal Manifest

    It was supposed to be like that.

  12. Mckenna Atkinson

    white girls on cinco de mayo
    college girls on day after finals

  13. Macie Love


  14. D̸у̨́l͞a̢и́͟ B̸͜ґ̸a̷ц̀̕͞п̧́

    ugly animations :D

  15. TheMajesticTaco

    Man I love that beat.

  16. Andrew Grey

    Lyrical Genius, Wallpaper lyfe.: 1:03

  17. vixxen

    Love him.

  18. Lilly Jimenez

    This is so trippy

  19. Jezzi Herron

    Nope. Fucking best song ever (I had to)

  20. Stoke

    Your face is awful ;)

  21. Alexis Timpe

    Pukeeeeeeeeeee mah brains out. Ner ner ner ner. Puke my BBBBBBUUUUUTTTTTSSSSSS outtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

  22. Luke Berti

    Disgusting...Miley Cyrus and that abomination of a song, we own the night, bit off your style hard dude.

  23. angelwithin91

    I'm am emetophob, but I most certainly approve this song and dude!

  24. Brookie Bailey

    Met them at warped y

  25. Transcendentalweather

    I met them at Warped yesterday, some of the coolest people I've ever met haha

  26. Zarek AQ

    Found out about you when at Kansas City Warped Tour! Glad I decided to check you guys out! You're awesome!

  27. Kenyon Anderson

    Ricky Reed has been my favorite artist forever. :D Soul wasted!

  28. Kenyon Anderson

    Awfully good ;)

  29. Sylvia Badokadonkey

    Omg. Why do I like this song.....

  30. Abigayle Merritt

    no but seriously when can i buy this on iTunes? because i want all of your music. i love Wallpaper

  31. sayitshay


  32. T Banta

    this is awful

  33. jahziel espinoza

    Friday's set at warped was too down!

  34. Erica Bellmaster

    Just saw them Thursday and Friday on warped tour they perform do good live they were crazy turnt up!!!!

  35. Angel Zinner

    Summer Jam in rochester was epic loved it and this song!

  36. Brandi Maxwell

    Summer jam in Rochester!!!! Fuckin kicked ass!!!!!!

  37. Juke the Kid

    i saw them on the list for vans warped tour so you might see them on the est coast

  38. tehmysterybox

    pastel grungiest shit i have ever seen

  39. Sam Seidel

    Muy caliente! Means very hot

  40. subwayeatfrisch

    Gonna hit warped tour just for you mayne

  41. Vaughn Campbell

    Been listening to this the whole senior college year! (Sorry RICKY, i ripped it from youtube) But everyone fucking loves it!

  42. marchal charcharr

    fucking BFD man, i can't wait.

  43. gangstalishis

    this is bad but for some reason i love it

  44. rebel32degrees

    Just made my party playlist for the Good 4 It challenge on Spotify! Makes me wish it was Friday. Wait...I'm in college. Every day is a Friday.

  45. Heather Ellis

    Wallpaper. is all I want to listen to ever. I'm OBSESSED with the playlist I made for the Wallpaper. Good 4 It Spotify party playlist challenge. Sorry I'm not sorry. It's awesome.

  46. afwwaef wfaerfaerf

    so excited for warped!!!

  47. Megan Roberts

    warped tour

  48. Austin Boyd


  49. smash8979

    this is such a fucking solid track, and totally innova9tive.
    i love the windows 98 aesthetic!

  50. mr 347 dale


  51. Dixon Damico

    This is Alice we did this in computers in my school

  52. Evan Wilson

    This is the coolest thing I've ever seen

  53. Ibleedketchup

    they're playing warped xD

  54. StandardToaster123

    This is so perfectly strange, I absolutely love it.

  55. Monty Totten

    You're retarded.

  56. Seth Whisnant

    this is retarded

  57. Caroline Elsey

    adderall <333

  58. RobBroad4th

    This song grows on you like a tumor. Fucking awesome.

  59. Spencer Sanders

    Great animating

  60. tylerzettler92

    Wanna hear a good mashup with this song?
    Wiz khalifa, Mac Miller, and Busta
    soundcloud. com /dj-solarskies/wallpaper-vs-wiz-khalifa-vs

  61. Dee Ray

    Best song yet

  62. Cassandra McDowell

    Replay. Replay. Replay. & Replay.

  63. Jordan Garvey

    ricky, novena, derek, tom, arjun

  64. MatthewSunlife

    List as many members of wallpaper. as you can

  65. bulletman04


  66. mick maus

    I see that David Oreilly disney head!

  67. chris greer

    Me too bro lmao but I like this shit, good music dude

  68. BestAtNothing

    I'm high as fuck.

  69. pomarf


  70. Neuro Surge

    the beat to this song is dope as shiz!! that bass is just to much swagbombness

  71. MarahVee


  72. rotatingcats

    I like the song but I disliked it because some one pointed out their was no dislikes :p

  73. devbby goonfan

    dope ass fuck!!!!!!

  74. Chika Martinez

    i only like the beat but what it is no so i gave it a 8 ha.

  75. AmandaTheStampede

    Yesss. it would make my life if wallpaper. would come to the cincinnati area

  76. Dizzi aquirtle

    I wish I saw them at coachella

  77. Dizzi aquirtle

    0 dislikes YESS!

  78. thebrad

    AOL 2.0 DAT HOE

  79. Ed Gallo

    3ds max swag

  80. Jack Curran

    weird fucking video but love the song :D!!!!!!

  81. Scott Pastor


  82. sotch673

    Love the word art look to it

  83. Infusica

    tell em how it is.

  84. uptownsean

    Ricky Reed is BACKKKKK!!!!

  85. BR Davis

    Nice Ricky!!!!! Old school!!

  86. Adam12pm

    i love wallpaper i have 45 listens on my iTunes already ahahaha please play a show on the east coast