Wallpaper. - I Got Soul, I'm So Wasted Lyrics

You wanna go to a party tonight?
It's supposed to be the jam
It's supposed to be really nice.

We'll take the bus or a taxi cab
We can get faded then go to the club
Started off with a glass of red wine
Cheap champagne it trickles down my spine.

I gotta say I'm lookin' good
I'd hit on myself if I could
I could use another round
So I could really get on down

I got soul, I'm so wasted.
I'm in the middle of the floor,
Everybody is lookin' at me
I've got soul, I'm so wasted.

Droppin' down to the VIP
Drinkin' what you want
Tonight it's all on me
I'm throwin' up in the bathroom stall
I feel so much and feel nothing at all.

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Wallpaper. I Got Soul, I'm So Wasted Comments
  1. Radio Nerd Hollywood

    I'd like to see everyone's reaction when I play this song at a cook out in 2020.

  2. Never was cooL

    What happened to my boi? Why did he never blow up?

  3. j sue

    ...still here 10 years later and this song is a fkn BOP!

  4. T'keyah Brown

    I’m so mad they got rid of tap tap revenge

  5. Scott H

    this is where it started, oh em gee... THE RICKY REED!! sooo dam good

  6. Andrew Lomas

    I still play this at parties and I do not care.

  7. Paul Bartolomey

    Heard this on tap tap revenge 3 in 2010 and still my jam till today

  8. Jordan Hernly

    Yo I will make sure 1 way or another that this song will catch on, Idc if it's in 50 years, this song deserves that respect.....

  9. usernamegold

    Guys, where did tap tap go?

  10. Anor Londo Productions

    Tap Tap Revenge 3 nostalgia.

  11. Kaos Experiment

    RIP tap tap

  12. CourtKawaii

    This song brings back so many memories! I remember playing it over and over on Tap Tap Revenge 3 on my iPod touch lmao

    spicy memes with spicy noodles

    +CourtneyLovesMakeup me too , and that was almost 6 years ago

  13. Grace Bayan

    5 gallons at a time.


    Why wasn't this a hit... Yeah tap tap 3 Los

  15. David Amaya

    F'ing sweet. Just way better than anything on the radio right now. And i spelled sweet correctly, common...three dots

  16. Jerald Morgan

    hand=face lmao

  17. Lei Ann Perez

    The $#!T

  18. Byle

    Tap tap revenge 3 lol

  19. Jason Shade

    0_0 ... RIP English Language....

  20. SuperSwaqqedOut

    Anyone know where I can get his sequin cardigan/blazer/letterman ?? Really feelin it

  21. Tiffany Kim

    Grown ups

  22. Sharif Ma

    oh no I meant as opposed to if he hadn't used autotune
    it allows him to add some really weird tremolo (cuz he's wasted remember)

  23. quististrent

    Ricky Reed intentionally exaggerates the use of auto tune in all his songs. Its a little weird, but that's his thing. Some people like it and more power to Ricky. And some people don't.

  24. quististrent

    the bad auto tune is kinda the point

  25. rebel32degrees

    Go check out the Wallpaper Party Playlist Challenge. You make a sick mix ft. Good 4 It and then Ricky Reed picks a winner to receive a killer prize pack. Or don't...and improve my chances!

  26. tamibooty

    he has the best beats

  27. Ferdia Neary

    This is by FAR his best song!

  28. 14K GoldGang

    This song is the shit
    It makes me wanna get drunk

  29. Sam

    Using morse code as part of the song, classic wallpaper.

  30. Sharif Ma

    think the song sounds a lot better this way

  31. Ed Flores

    Did Har Mar write everything for this?

  32. Pookie

    this is offically my drinkin song

  33. gts1067


  34. Taco Bodaco

    Who let this robot sing?

  35. James Ice

    My life in 3 words: ~I'm so wasted~

  36. a non-offensive pseudonym

    tap tap

  37. Briauna Monae

    Freakin* lol

  38. Briauna Monae

    Y is this song sooo freaki catchy!! Lol love it

  39. Nalu Clemons

    this is on tap tap 3 BUT I CANT FIND THE SONG I LOVE THIS SONG

  40. dj massey

    Damn catchy ass hell

  41. FrostyZach

    Lolz, taptaprevenge showed me this song,

  42. Russ

    Reminds me of Sonic for some reason

  43. Kyou_ssi

    Your English is very poor

  44. TheBeastly92

    was that 3 dudes kissing @2:40 O.o

  45. Klonopin Cowboy

    not even google translate can help me read your comment.

  46. Annaliese leopard

    tru dat broskies

  47. zadok23

    apparently only you did :P

  48. Shea Tolbert

    And T-Pain

  49. iRockMusicLover

    31 people have not been Soul Wasted before ;D

  50. jmachitmaker

    wait this is by wallpaper? omg i knew about this song a long ass time ago, then forgot about him then heard stupidfacedd. lol

  51. apollo86

    ill see this fucker at coachella next week while im WASTED!

  52. n1nja5

    Uhh, I think you mean 3 guys :o

  53. Zachary Lafaille

    Im taking notes.

  54. Robert BornInChicago

    i got layed off from work from making stupid faces

  55. S04P94

    Great song

  56. Thackery Saussy

    - 2:37-2:42 definition of pwnage.

  57. Ryan Case


  58. Kalia Harden

    He makes men wearing sequin jackets look epic now

  59. Ng Shi Xiang

    He's drunk.

  60. abbeymags09

    how does this have under one million views? how?!

  61. Shoe0nHead

    dat jason zada directing.<3333

    Saxy Man

    Shoe0nHead die

  62. Big Randy Sweets

    @peelgrapes14 t-pain can use it and sound beast

  63. Tweedylova


  64. John Wolfhide

    @ThePhilipish alright look. im not even gonna do all the "pretend im super smart youtube" crap.. cus im not not, but im glad im smart enough to think of others.. i dont care if you reply to this cus i dont do that. so im only saying this an awesome song and your messed up for saying that.. take it easy

  65. B K

    @NarutoYaoiFa You and me both! :D wallpaper ftw!

  66. blame me

    Wtfuck are these guys talkin about this song is bosss! Haters. Just because one person disapproves the whole crowd has to follow. Stfu.

  67. Yonas_

    I used to be sober, then I took an arrow to the knee...

  68. SoundtrackFanGirlFa

    Don't know why wallpaper is considered a new artist cause I heard this song almost 3 yrs ago :\ (btw I like this song, it was like my fav to play on Tap Tap 3)

  69. ahngination

    @MSkillet Actually it's called "functioning alcoholic".

  70. palinkorn2010

    what the fuck is this?

  71. Myles Poole

    If you can walk down stairs backwards without falling, you're not drunk.

  72. Gavin Murray

    @MastaAzian it's actually a light being reflected in his shades.

  73. MastaAzian

    wtf is that white circle on his shades? what type of camera is that?...


    Sounds like finn the human ahah when he swallowed the autotune shit x)

  75. WillPlaysGames1993

    @HeavyEffect i have TTR4 for iphone is it on there 2

  76. Annie Matusiewicz

    theyre sooo good live!!! no joke. they get the crowd crrrrrazzzzy. i saw them last night. amazing.

  77. Cherabreena

    Jamiroquai inspireid, much?

  78. glavinlh04

    remind me of the same tone of music . not lyric why as. just the tone of music jamiroquai

  79. Terrance Treadwell

    this shit hawt!!!!!!!, i fuxz with it, reminds me of me on a saturday night lol follow me on twitter @RizzyRoyce215

  80. Maytagg

    @peelgrapes14 they are making me wanna stab myself. they are the only people who should not use it

  81. TheLMJVG

    @pepperpathmartin shot gun and stupid facedd are good than there auto tune stuff.

  82. Leveling Up

    u think dis is ur fave song... then u havent eard stupidfacedd! love the beat!

  83. Leveling Up

    i like when ppl wear sun glasses and theres that circle light in them..

  84. tdugamer

    yeah this is my favorite sound in TTR3

  85. K M

    lolz i love how he treats his best friend like shit! :D

  86. TheLMJVG

    His voice is different than stupid facedd

  87. Monicano

    ..and edited by Matt O'Donnell, only one of the greatest video editors in the West Coast..Thank him for all of the visual effects.

  88. mentiras597

    @MacyJackson Yeah, it is

  89. KayJay

    Is that the same guy who does stupidfacedd?

  90. peelgrapes14

    honestly i extremely hated autotune but wallpaper is the only being on this earth who can get away with it

  91. Angie

    Wow the power of autotune!!! Love it!! Hahaha!:)

  92. YeahStu

    he sounds and looks like an alcoholic, feel bad for the kid, he needs some AA

  93. Emily Graves

    @spasticwolf yes. yes they are.

  94. skrizach

    The best part is obviously the chocolate covered strawberry.