Wallpaper. - Hesher Lyrics

Forty ounce of green death
Hella bottle mickeys
Slow mode patio Emerald City
Heavy metal parking lot, whip cream cans
I slap that bass, she drop her pants.
Long hair, don't care, jeans chain swangin'
Thumbs out, crooked teeth, rock head bangin'
Steel toe docs tracking mud in the club
Red carpet, don't give a fuck!

Cause I'm druuunker than ever!
Turned uuuuper and fresher
I'm doooown for whatever
I'm going, I'm going, I'm going
I'm going, I'm going, I'm going

I might sleep barefoot on the beach
I might really sleep barefoot on the beach
I might hmmm hitchhike to Coachella
Share my eatables and fill up your Corolla!
I'm the second hand designer
Type of alcohol to minors
Kinda slurring of the cider with a gas station lighter, homie!
You don't know me, less you know
And if you do, you should no better
Stay away from me, I'm fucking Hesher!

I'm going, I'm going, I'm going

Trojan horse in the VIP
One brown bag full of Texas tea
Bathroom line too long
I'm filling up that Avion

Cause I'm druuunker than ever!
Turned uuuuper and fresher
I'm doooown for whatever
I'm going, I'm going, I'm going!
I'm going, I'm going, I'm going!
I'm going, I'm going, I'm going
I'm going, I'm going, I'm going
I'm going, I'm going, I'm going

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Wallpaper. Hesher Comments
  1. JP Laurent

    The beat drops harder than my happiness in the winter

  2. Elektrik v0m!T D3ath Gate

    I'm just listening in 2019 to celebrate the end of the decade.

  3. Nic Johnson

    What is the sample saying? "let me see 'em." Thoughts anyone?

  4. RagynStepz

    Only here because I made a status 6 years ago on Facebook saying I'm going, I'm going, I'm going Hesher and couldnt remember what the hell it meant

  5. Bob The king

    These were better times

  6. Kyller Look

    2019? 🇧🇷

  7. Nathan Sornsovan

    2019? ANYONE?

  8. Patrick Tervo

    4th grade memories

  9. Alexander Rooney

    It's 2019 and I'm still going... hesher

    I Adapted Anyways

    Literally nobody:

    Like 8 of us: *Quietly goes hesher*

  10. Dilly Pat

    Ricky Reed is R E A L

  11. Kucharski

    This still bangs in 2019 though

  12. Joey Andrews

    who is here from redneck pudding?

  13. Frank is not triggered

    What happened to this guy

  14. Dylan Cunniffe

    2019, song still goes

  15. Murat Cemcir

    Faaaaak maaakk caaak

  16. Bass Mania

    What style of rap I'd this?

  17. ihop 4sale

    This use to be such a bop fyee shit

  18. Bruno Garcia

    Ho still listen in 2018

  19. GoldenSeven


  20. Canì!

    2018 ? LOL

  21. KMHGamer_HD

    Enjoying the drop at 2018 🔥

  22. James B

    My god....... cheesiest smile when I just had this song pop in my head and I listened to it for the first time since it came out...... 🤑🤙👌🖕🏻

  23. Daniel Watkins

    ok never seen the video till now

  24. Marco Mena

    It's funny watchin this in 2018 and seein' how half of y'all think you can rap.

  25. Maroš V.

    The drop should be remixed, but the rest is great

  26. gus nabro

    too lit for soundcloud

  27. Stock

    I have been looking for this song for years

  28. Scott H

    still one of the dopest songs ever made, Wallpaper, you made my life in college everything up to RRIR, saw you once in New Port with the lady friend. Memory of a life time, loved the performance. God bless you.

  29. SymbolxOfxPeace

    whos listening in 2018!!!!!!

  30. tyler fisher

    Still rockin his song in 2018

  31. Lucas S. Karau

    bem macio bem macio bem macio

  32. T Bush

    Who still here in 2018?

  33. Mister Pooky

    Still so sick🔥🔥

  34. Stickplay

    This song brings back so many memories

  35. Casper Gauti

    this is probably the best “fuck it its a after midnight and im really fucked up” party song

  36. Артём Я

    тут есть русские ?!

  37. Silva

    I used to like this song so much

  38. Tiffany Larson

    I see a bunch of people saying he's rapping off beat, but he's technically very much on beat. He's just hitting on the off beats instead of the one's you're expecting a rap to typically hit. To be honest it makes it a lot more interesting to listen to and it's a lot harder to do because it requires a little more thinking about the beat than an easy beat. I'm impressed and happily surprised tbh

    Yellur Bandana

    Its not that deep

  39. First name Last name

    aaand im drunk...

  40. Connor Fratz

    Listened to this as a freshman without vine bringing me. Just a kid who listened to random shit, just got reminded of it today and spent 30 minutes looking for it. Holt shit this song was lit.

  41. DannySlime

    why don't people like this and or only like it for its beat or drop I think it's a lit song like damn new generation is fucked.

  42. i love lemons

    these drops are freaking horrible 🙁

  43. i love lemons


  44. Misogynistic porn is a WMD

    My mama dropped me here

  45. Big Baby Brand


  46. TheShadowkrab

    I love the movie Hesher, but other than being drunk this song has nothing to do with ol' dude

  47. Damjan Stefkovski

    4 years the this song

  48. REFT

    The only good song Wallpaper. made lol

  49. Rena locker

    I'm going I'm going I'm going Deez Nuts

  50. iiKxylaii

    They stopped making songs nooo

  51. Stanley Matute

    Who else came for the beat drop

  52. LongMeatRalph

    Found my old phone and saw this song. Aha, anyone listening in 2017?

  53. Jad Beydoun

    Drop is amazing but the rap is shit

  54. Jeddak John

    He rhymes the word edibles with the word Corolla...Sweet beat though.

  55. adam hatzindinas

    this drop tho

  56. ᠲᠢᠮᠣᠲᠢ ᠠᠮᠤᠷᠣᠺ

    His fucking rapping SUCKS.

    The beat's the real VIP

  57. Dizanch S.

    Speed 1.25 <3

  58. GlitterPixi3

    Is the reason Wallpaper is no longer relevant because the dude wears fedoras?

  59. ryan r

    Good song; bad video

  60. 7BitTrip

    Get the funk back

  61. JustSillvrr

    Wtf hesher means u listen to heavy metal music😂 boi u a rapper or nah?😂

  62. Ka̶r̶l̶ Noquiera

    The drop, dope af

  63. lyrica gunnarsen

    hesher not thats what i here

  64. lyrica gunnarsen

    ayye hesher ye a boii dis hella dope doe

  65. Bazzi Boi

    The best drop is harder than my dick

  66. Connor S

    3.1M only came here for the beat drop

  67. Red Fox the Undead

    "I like the song, but it's cool to complain about shit"

  68. The Average Gamer101

    Beat Drops Vines anyone?

  69. Dávid Balogh

    Who listening at 2017 ? <3

  70. Mason Smelcer

    the beat dropped harder than harmbae

  71. xJosh N

    Yo my neighbor thought this song was so lit he threw a brick in my window so he could hear it better

  72. ふぃえlThenろ

    2017 Poland! d*.*b

  73. FlashHoe

    i used to jam to this shit all day and night holy shit hahaha

  74. Recent

    Sponsored by T-Mobile

  75. Z01NK3D

    Comment or like if your watching in 2017

    Tramp trickz

    Odd Gamer11 me

    Shade Polarz

    Odd Gamer11 me

  76. Nick Berriman

    you cool man

  77. lol bengal

    this song is good for beat drops

  78. Alejo Perdomo

    the begining of the song sucks then it settles in

  79. dallas royal

    i was high and this was in my memory idk wht

  80. Kent Heckel

    Still my fav song

  81. Billy_Bob_12

    rapping : D
    Drop : A+++++++-+


    PANDAS_ARE_SAVAGE its more like rapping:D-

  82. Ivan Nolasco

    100 likes for me if u like this song

    Spooke G

    fuck off

    Ivan Nolasco

    Spooke G I see how it is

    Caleb Purdy

    Spooke G I'm with u


    damn guys chill 😂

  83. Annabelle Mortem

    I can't believe this is 3 years old already

  84. toucan

    What happened to him

  85. AbsoluteAcehole

    0:44 Your welcome.

  86. Samantha G

    this song live was the best!

  87. Dario Ogawa

    I'm only stealing I mean using this song for vine. Hahaha

  88. taygan cleo

    I should name my kid Hesher...


    Taygan Krebs 😂

  89. XxslendermanXx 36

    after he say hesher dat beat tho

  90. Jayden Miller

    Roses are red violets are blue when the beat dropped the twin towers did too.I'm sorry XD

  91. Hendy Marcotte

    this beat drop is harder than m'y Dick when am whit some kid hahah

  92. Ace Milan

    this beat drops harder than my grandma falling down the stairs

  93. Tristan Fleming

    Here only for the drop

  94. S-H Performance

    i smell

  95. KevEvan

    This man has accomplished so much in a short time, producing blurryface, and I didn't even know about that until after I got into wallpaper my freshman year,