Wallpaper. - ddd Lyrics

My friends are always tellin' me,
"You got gangsta sensibilities,"
I'm like, "Ddd, I don't know what you mean,
But I'm really glad you're feelin' me."

My girlfriend is always sayin' to me,
"You gotta start payin' utilities,"
I'm like, "Ddd, I don't know what you mean,
But I'm really glad you're feelin' me."

Hit Trader Joe's for the 2 buck chuck.
20 some bottles costs 40 some dollars
Bennies for days ain't tryin' to show off
But gonna throw a party at my girlfriend's loft

Can't call her shorty 'cause she's taller than me
6'3" in NYC for Fashion Week
Just skipped a beat to emphasize I date models.
Invite mad neighbors so we don't get rolled

Noise violate courtesy 5.0.
Get my stuff in my room and then lock the door
So dudes in hoodies don't be stealing my cell phone
Wait, I think somebody stole my iPod

Damn, somebody definitely stole my iPod:
Homeless dude on the sofa
Or the rando dude sippin' on wine coola
Somebody cruises up on you.

Try and tell you do some junk you ain't tryin' to do
You just gotta be like whatever mang,
"Ddd ddd ddd"
Like a white trash drug dealer.
Like a white drug dealer.

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Wallpaper. ddd Comments
  1. BonBon3589

    I miss how funny Wallpaper used to be. They never took themselves too seriously - now it's overemphasized party albums

    Daceydoo Too

    @BonBon3589 Pffttttt,

  2. rebel32degrees

    Anyone else doing the Good 4 It party playlist challenge? You make a party playlist over on Spotify and then submit it through the contest's site. It said Ricky Reed from Wallpaper. picks the winner to receive a sick prize pack.

  3. Abigail Moore

    i showed my friend this song and now he sings this song to me every single day

  4. Sutter Kain


  5. Wolfgang-Grimmer

    wallpaper anotherdimension

  6. Kevin Ly

    you're clearly too sober

  7. Mariana chirinos m

    Geniial x3 [&&']

  8. Cassie Journeay

    his music puts me in such a good mood. I hella want to see him live.

  9. 22cohens


  10. mrturdable

    @Silent2BRebel shut up bitch ill kill u i aint playin watch ur back

  11. foreverdnb

    Sounds like dubstep:D

  12. john abbondante

    im like ddddddduh

  13. ilovsonic97

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!! "cant call her shorty cuz shes taller than me, she's 6'3!!!" XD

  14. KayJay

    This song is hella dope. Wallpaper has hella swag.

  15. Ada Watley

    hella hot <3

  16. Boom Pow

    New Obsession <3.
    LoveLOVELOVEEEE this soongg <3
    Wallpaper rocks <3