Wallflowers, The - God Don't Make Lonely Girls Lyrics

Looks like you ain't done nothing
good women ain't supposed to do
Oh no no no no
I seen her downtown
'Bout an hour ago
Behind the glass at a peep show
I got nervous 'cause I don't know
Can she see me behind that window?

It's almost nine and I'm back in line
I can't get the girl with the Spanish tears
Out of my mind
I've got to make her mine, all mine
But somethin' is wrong
She don't belong
She oughta be back where she's from
Maybe back home is Mexico City
Man, I don't know her
But she sure is pretty

But God don't make lonely girls
Sure didn't want 'em in His world
God don't make lonely girls
Yeah, yeah, doo doo doo doo

Now when I make that girl all mine
I'm gonna stand by her
Once I get inside of
Her barbed wire
Once I get inside
I bet she'd look good in a brand new dress
She never felt good in her fish net
She's got to be this towns best mess
But it ain't nothin' that her face would suggest


I gotta make her see
I'm a guarantee
Oh, if she'd only come along with me
Well I can make her see
Gonna take a walk right through these walls
'Cause she's comin' home with me
I ain't even gonna touch her at all
Man, I'm only gonna lay awake and watch her sleep


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Wallflowers, The God Don't Make Lonely Girls Comments
  1. Xennial Hipster

    Great underrated song. I'd say its the most alternative and guitar rockish song on the album too

  2. walt winslow

    Reminds me of "Old 97's" ...."Champaign, Illinois"

  3. the breadman

    Love the way the harmony vocal joins on the line "I can't get the girl with the Spanish tears out of my mind." 0:53

  4. Juan Luis Hurtado

    Mexico City!

  5. Greg Fox

    I wouldn't call it great. Sort of like the Eagles and Mellencamp, just not up to say Jackson Browne

  6. roosar2001

    Pretty sure The Decemberists ripped this melody off for All Arise

  7. terry waller

    Best song on the record!!!

  8. Thomas Hofheinz

    Kinda reminds me of The Kinks, for some reason

  9. TJ Jordan

    Isa Delgado Correa, are you still there?

  10. led hedded

    Great lyrics to this song. You're missing the best part if you're only listening to the music!

  11. David Lyons

    super album one of the all time greats

  12. Grey Grooms

    thanks for the upload good stuff....