Walkmen, The - Good For You's Good For Me Lyrics

In the fall the air is dry
In the shadow of this town
And the sun is shining out
Pushing shadows down the street

Cross into the sunny side
Her and I am barreling out
And the leaves are coming down
Coverin' up this muddy ground

Good for you is good for me
Maybe I'll stop by
You weren't in the dream I had last night

And the sun was shinin'
Never so invitin'
Yeah, the sun was shinin' out
Underneath the dogwood tree

Rent is always climbin'
Why don't you move in?
What the hell, we might as well try

On some hazy afternoon
Heard a siren in the air
High above this city sky
Over towers, over domes

And the sun was shining out
Cast my shadow on the walk
Another year is goin' 'round
In the shadow on this town

I don't get some people
But I don't really try
What's good for you is good for me
For now

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