Walker, Stan - Light It Up Lyrics

I’m so attuned, when your body moves close
You are so above me, I’m under you
Like the moon, Oh your energy glows
When you are around me, I revolve with you

When we're feeling in sync
I watch the world go by
Erase the moon and stars
If I could have your sky
Are you feeling me?
The way I'm feeling you?
No coming down this high

Lets light it up tonight
(Whoa whoa whoa)
I wanna feel alive
(Whoa whoa whoa)
Lets light it up Tonight
(Whoa whoa whoa)
Somebody kill the lights
We need to do it right
(Whoa whoa whoa)
I wanna feel alive

You’re so in tune, let the chemistry flow
The way you play a melody, I never knew how it felt to be us
We have it easy, let me take you there

When we're feeling in sync
I watch the world go by
Erase the moon and stars
If I could have your sky
Are you feeling me?
The way I'm feeling you?
No coming down this high

Lets light it up tonight
(Whoa whoa whoa)
I wanna feel alive
(Whoa whoa whoaaa)
Lets light it up Tonight
(Whoa whoa whoa)
Somebody kill the lights
We need to do it right
(Whoa whoa whoa)

Let's light it up tonight
We only get only get one life
If tonight’s the night
I wanna feel alive (I wanna feel your light)
I wanna feel alive

Hey – I wanna feel the light
I wanna feel your light
Lets light it up tonight
Lets light it up, up
Lets light it up tonight

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Walker, Stan Light It Up Comments
  1. Nicky Nustar

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Maori warrior

    Keep that awesome music up

  3. sasha vidal

    Why his music didn't have much view ? 🤔

  4. Joseph The Dumb/Stupid Hedgehog

    Now this is epic.

  5. Sanam Dhillon

    Anyone August 2019 ??? I’ve Golden Memories with this song.... Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

  6. V Biscuts

    Awesome bro one of my favorites

  7. Chelsea Slingers

    I can’t believe it’s been almost 8 years since this came out 😦

  8. Ashlee Duncan

    You Beautiful Stan Walker ❤❤❤

  9. Babatunde's Wife

    I still love this song

  10. Kursa Aislabie

    but his nd 2 dnt yellin

  11. Kursa Aislabie

    this song mean as ow

  12. Tabbijames21

    I would love to add this song to my music library but right now apple music only sells this song as a video. Plz sell this song on iTunes. So awesome, love this song

  13. Helen Tutengaehe

    I love your song stan

  14. Scott Darby

    2018 still one of my favs

  15. Who Cares

    Hope you make it major big Stan. Lots of love x

  16. Elite Services

    Stay strong G

  17. JMK

    So need them gas amp reflector things. Whatever you bloody call 'em, I want. UNREAL!

  18. Brendan Tindall

    Could u believe its been more than 6 since that song came out shocking

  19. Possum

    how come stan walker dosn't have nz on air

  20. Bruna Bittencourt

    Come on Stan..You need to find a good manager man. So you can take over the world

  21. Bruna Bittencourt

    O melhor cantor do pacifico e um dos melhore do mundo. I mean it. He deserves much much more. He needs to find a goood Manager.

  22. XxGaming ChannelxX

    I LOVE STAN WALKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Hamid Sohraby

    i meet this guy when i was 5!

    Vour OG

    Hamid Sohraby I just met him 30 mins ago at the gym I got a pic I'm so happy!!!!!

  24. HartKent

    Love this - reminds a little me of early enrique iglesias

  25. Angel Scott

    This is one of my toughest jazz songs! Then i found it easy to dance to. :D :D
    Luvin It! Keep it up and i'll keep on dancing!

  26. Mandy xoxo

    Stan the Man! You're one the best male artists ever

  27. Bishop Dd

    Ka pai stan

  28. Paradise Saint


  29. Dee MEROITI

    Love your work Stan, keep making the music

  30. Brooke Rinicker

    Haha.. Yepp.. I like Jin Akanishi's Aphrodisiac better..

    Rip-off Rodney

    Personally think Stan's lyrics are more enjoyable though.

    Pierce Barrett

    +KPopRevolution12130 he doesn't even have a real voice though... At least Stan Walker doesn't have to auto-tune his vocals! Natural soul


    LOL. They both use Auto Tune. Walker uses more than Akanishi. I prefer Aphrodisiac too

    Pierce Barrett

    @MusicMaster google Stan Walker live, or even check out his Australian Idol audition (or even live performances), you'll realise that Stan doesn't need to hide behind an auto tune or vocoder. 

  31. TheGaming Bros

    your sing the best song ever

  32. beeweatie

    Stan you are amaaaaazzzzing

  33. bella ourworld

    luv it >33

  34. Mean Pills

    2014 -BodyAttack 77.!!

  35. airini hunter

    Awesome tumeke mauri ora chur

  36. 이은영


    XxGaming ChannelxX

    이은영 what the hell you like his music your Chinese or whatever you are but your not kiwi bitch

    James Courtney

    So much hostility to another race... you must be a racist


    what the fuck lmao

    Mae Rewa

    +Brooker Stoneham Wow... Let people like whatever music they want to. Didn't know music was only for certain ethnicities.. And by the way, she is Korean, you ignorant person.. You make me ashamed to be a Kiwi

  37. Stephanie Moses

    Cool song

  38. gluecube

    Awesome song. Who knew Karen Walkers husband was so talented??? :P

  39. Andy Snadden

    Good voice. The music is crap. It sounds like it's totally copying the pop EDM sound from the USA. There is nothing original in it. In six months no one will even remember that sing existed. 

    Sam B

    Lol dance music has a specific style and his voice suits it perfectly. I get what you mean but don't exactly agree I still revisit his stuff :)


    Hey it's been a year and a half since I last listened to this song. I'm American, Andy. I came back thrice this past week to play this song on PlugDJ and it got rave reviews. Take that and put it in your high horse's saddlebags. :P

    Nobody Special

    Sorry wanker, this was out before EDM. Next statement?

    Andy Snadden

    No, it was out before YOU knew anything about EDM


    Psst it's 2 years since my last comment and I still like Stan Walker. xD

  40. South StarAj

    i love the chorus beat it is so in sync! <3

  41. Paraskevi Papantoniou

    Stan can sing anything and it sounds fantastic, HE IS the best since Elvis Presley . by Eve Anton

  42. Sam Shama

    Stan walker you are a legend.

  43. Gordon Love

    love this song


    he's not coconut, Maori

  45. Martin Milkovič

    It's the best song with greatest beats to have better day.

  46. Bonnie

    actually jin did work personally with them.. I'm a Jin fan but I do prefer stan's version way better haha

  47. jordan major

    love this sing <3

  48. themelia


  49. nicole steel

    Stan walker rocks

  50. Jade Styles

    well then fuck off to his version

  51. Dk Deekay

    it is not either jin or his but the song belong to the creator....

  52. OneEyedLavaRhino

    Are all these comments trolling? You like Jin Akanishi's highly processed bootleg disgrace more than this? Get off the internet.

  53. Kâthēriné Ãimée

    So cute watching him all grown up now from when he had his first audition on Australian Idol.

  54. Victor Liu

    bro i saw u on x factor. ur da man coconut

  55. renben

    No, shut up. This is Static and Stan's song, not this Jin persons, who's remake sound like crap, by the way, and is completely copied from when he starts and stops his lines to the yells in the chorus. Also, I highly doubt this Jin person worked with Static who happened to give him the exact same beat.. Just does not happen.

  56. Tereapii Bola


  57. milkyAn88

    Omg!!! This is Aphrodisiac from Jin Akanishii!! Jin's voice is better, I'm sorry but i'll stay with Jin's version.

  58. MegaUndi

    What a waste of heaters.

  59. Totti J

    It's actually Static Revenger's, hence why he was able to do the song with both Jin Akanishi and Stan Walker

  60. Miguel Cordova

    this song is JIN AKANISHI !!!!

  61. EARGASmickTRON

    top song mate ;) (♥_♥)|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|。◕‿◕

  62. Liv G

    i love this song!!!!

  63. James Stewart

    This video needs more views. I can only see my 300,000 views!

  64. taierimouth123

    Cool bro

  65. Kefir_ San

    it's not his song! this is Jin's song !

  66. AnaiAsane

    This song Akanishi Jin! Jin Stan Walker outswing solved it!

  67. aurelie gandon

    j aime bien :)

  68. MyDearKyoKun

    I like "Aphrodisiac" better too, but Stan Walker didn't steal it. "Aphrodisiac" was released in 2012 and this was released in 2011. Both artists seem to have worked with the DJ Static Revenger.

  69. The Purple Sheep

    the f*ck? he just stole this song from Jin Akanishi, its not his at all. and he ruined it too- jin's 'aphrodisiac' had a WAY better beat than this. :S

  70. midniteshadow01

    I like...but I like Jin Akanishi's Aphrodisiac better

  71. morgan purcher

    Why are there so little views? Some people have no music sense.

  72. Kait Tee

    true!!! theres good about both countries. Why put one country down to make the other look better? enjoy what they both offer. Llove Stans voice he is so talented!

  73. x Nick

    haters look at the red bar then look at your penis..... your penis is still smaller

  74. The Phantom

    Very well said. xD Still, ANZAC pride yo. Don't need the hate.

  75. robmister666

    he wants to feel the light yet he wants to kill the lights?

  76. dylan6480

    cheap ass video

  77. Reece Braithwaite

    The fuck? didn't even know this was Stan Walker, this song needs more views!!!!!!!

  78. Katrin Lillemäe


  79. geromeskeez

    then why hasnt australia beaten abs in auckland in something like 30 years or around there?
    im just saying in every game is a tad over dramatic, and why is it that nz has almost every rugby cup, why is it that australia's nrl champs cant even beat america at a game your best at, and thts league? why is it that australia has a lady from Wales as their prime minister? why is it that anyone cares, both countries are great, both have their flaws so why bother comparing?

  80. NelichXCandii

    lol imaaa vas svugdjeee.

  81. damianpiotrowski619

    needs way more views

  82. Sylwia Łabaj

    to jest zajebiste

  83. gags justforfun

    Hahah im playing with his head with the play button aha...

  84. Gpinchuk26

    I'm Serbian I know nothing. It's just I heard NZ beat AUS in rugby once. I'm an Australian living in Serbia so I don't really know. Australia's singers are too good. "Gotye."

  85. lemonwood100

    You sir need to keep your opinions to yourself....

  86. KaneDoggFan

    /watch?v=7zTqyZx-hF4 stan that kids from Sydney aswell.. check him out.

  87. Emma Miller

    Love This Song

  88. Darkermandeeper

    I fuckin hate Stan Walker's music but this song is good.

  89. impala

    Amazing Stan Walker.

  90. Gpinchuk26

    You can't say that either. We have Gotye: no.1 on the US leader-board!! :) Both NZ and AUS are awesome! We are supportive of each other.

  91. obsgr1

    Shout Conference

  92. gehtschon

    the best song I've ever heard

  93. Luan Pham

    This song deserves way way way way more than that views. Just saying. Come on people.

  94. dpraba7

    go to England, America or any country with a huge population and start makin records there

  95. Jose

    cool school!