Walker, Scott - Jolson And Jones Lyrics

As the grossness of spring lolls its head against the window
As the grossness of spring lolls its bloodshot head
Curare! Curare! Curare!
Brogue cries from the street
Curare! Curare!
As the grossness of spring rose
A tumor balloon to squeak against the window
With the grossness of spring staining into the walls
The chair had been shifted ever so slightly
Say five feet or two centimeters
The prints of my fingers dusted from doorknobs
A lamp had been dimmed
Some sawdust where a ring had been
Where nice girls were turned into whores
Gardens with fountains where peacocks had strutted
Where deaf children were born
The splendor of tigers turning to gold in the desert
Pale meadows of stranded pyramids
Sonny boy
such a sonny boy
There's a song in the air
Curare! Curare! Curare!
But the fair senorita don't seem to care
Curare! Curare! Curare!
As the grossness of spring lolls its head against the window
As the grossness of spring lolls its bloodshot head
I merely got up so slowly
Shuffled across the floor
Closed the door on the landing
Descending the stairs
Dipping into the street
The paralysed street
Brogue says "Good afternoon!"
I say "Good afternoon!"
"It's a lovely afternoon"
"Yes, it's a lovely afternoon"I
Into pockets unstitching so weighted with pins
Into eyes imploding on mazes of sins
The puddle beneath the cork
Bobbing on a mild chop that rolled in
Off the river Dix and the open water beyond
Brogue says
Then me
Sonny boy
Such a sonny boy
In her voice, there's a flaw
Sonny boy
Such a sonny boy
E-e-aw and e-e-aw

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Walker, Scott Jolson And Jones Comments
  1. Selwyn Cobb

    This owes a lot to Einsturzende Neubauten. I prefer Nick Cave and Paul Amlehn

  2. Someone liked your comment

    2:40 Session donkey: a freelance donkey hired to bray on recording sessions.

  3. Yamil Flores

    This is what being a serial killer tastes like

  4. martin richards

    I'll Punch ad Donkey in the Streets of Galway is the best line ever

  5. 658magnus

    "I'll punch a donkey in the streets of Galway". One of my favorite lines from The Drift. It's so catchy, in an odd and morbid way.

  6. Najdorfa6

    definitely Cue plus Jolson and Jones together...turn off the lights...turn up the volume...ready...set...go!

  7. Najdorfa6

    that frigging donkey...

  8. Lucas Mota

    that donkey tho o_o

  9. John Mordecai


  10. Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls

    Scott Walker must be an absolute madman

  11. joebstarsurfer

    The funniest line ever horray for Galway.

  12. shango02005

    I've been listening to this album for around a year, now. It still scares me, but I also see so much beauty in it and I've gotten to the point where it gives me chills like any other great music I can think of. I can see why it took him so long to complete the album. It's a true masterpiece!

  13. Bertie Brown

    Donkey, you're on notice.

  14. Fazal Miles

    ...Yes the music does say enough. This is great. I'm buying this album today!!!

  15. agreensubstance

    why in fucks name  is this?

  16. Wally Toynbee

    This and Cue (track 5) are brilliant tracks. Always play them after each other.


    +Wally Toynbee Takeyour advice and gonna try it

    Manuel Ramírez

    that's the order of the tracks in the album

    Wally Toynbee

    It is indeed the order, Matt. It's just that people who listen to tracks on You Tube don't always go through every track on an album. They'll tend to pick favourites from a number of albums - and not always even by the same artist.

    Manuel Ramírez

    You're right, the order of the tracks is really important, at least fo me, it sounds like a concept album

  17. Tasin Ishmam

    My girlfriend left me because I played this while we were having sex :(


    then u needed a new girlfriend anyway...


    If she doesn't like Scott Walker, then you're better off without her :D

    Yella Byrd

    You would think she would want to keep someone with such excellent taste


    I hope you left her too. She does not deserve your thoughts,


    Same with me except that I was actually singing along

  18. tenchi586

    What does this song mean to all of you? First off, Jolson and Jones were real singers in the 20s and 30s and so forth. Some of these lyrics were taken from their songs. I see it like this, it's a metaphor for show business. It looks lovely and glossy on the outside, like a dream come true, but it's really toxic and depressing. What are some of your interpretations? 


    I would say there's also an element of identification with formerly famous performers who got well-known for something that has gone out of fashion in a big way and growing old living with that knowledge.


    I don't have a full analysis or anything but all the mention of spring, specifically the grossness of spring, I associate with new/fresh/novelty as spring is the season of beginnings. And calling it the grossness of spring then following with "I got up slowly and closed the door" as if to deny that beginning, curmudgeonly so. That's only like 5 lines of the song but I feel like it holds a lot of weight.

    Andrea Prodan

    Al Jolson. The white singer, painted black, was truly a travesty.
    Jones? It's David Bowie's true surname. Another travesty. All is artifice.

  19. SG Barnard

    oh dear

  20. LoveChipbreak

    This is the most terribly brilliant music, what the fuck. Why is this so good?


    The beauty of ugliness.

  21. ToxicDigital.INC

    i what a beutiful song the them the humm the death its wondeross a true poet of death i think only a madman can understand another

  22. kevon

    That fucking donkey...

  23. angeles melri

    i like it, and that´s scaring me

  24. Santeri Salminen

    2:40 scared the shit out of me

    _- स्नेहा -_

    Exactly x_x

  25. Benito Mussolini

    Not often has a song sent shivers down my spine in such a literal sense.

  26. Evert Kramer

    I don't do drugs and I think this music is insanely good.

    Half Rutter

    Same here. Walker is the absinthe in my tea.

  27. HmsSulaco

    You must be one twisted pothead, to think this is so fucking amazing. Insane..

  28. Steven Wellington

    scrilex is is twice as good as this.

  29. Mitchel Emms

    This album sounds like a classical version of The Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails... this is so fucked up.

  30. Sean Lynch

    Yeah Brogue's a pretty cool guy I punch donkeys in the streets of Galway with him all the time bro.

  31. DavidL999

    What the fuck, so he actually was saying that? Hahaha!

  32. Sean Lynch

    Brogue says
    Then me


  33. UnorthodoxMethod

    Catchy tune.

  34. Sodhats

    The image of two washed-up crooners shouting at each other about punching donkeys is weirdly terrifying

  35. Evert Kramer

    @Sprnklrmn Hehe... You'll love Clara too.

  36. Sprnklrmn

    Fuckin sick.... that's why I can't stop listening!

  37. Jason Walker

    same here... really quite cool.

  38. NWG92

    @raakone It's the feeling you get in your penile shaft when listening to music

  39. raakone

    @NWG92 What is Akerfeldt?

  40. Bernd Karacsony

    noise und stimme gehen hand in hand in diese postapokalyptische schwarze oper! Pflichtalbum!!

  41. SiGhast

    @vrusimov I'm here for that very reason as well. Lol.

    Thanks indeed. This is dark as hell.

  42. dfaband

    I always have to put the light on at 2:44 because it makes my skin crawl with terror.

  43. jik7864

    Well, The Drift is maybe the creepiest album ever, but still I think over all Walker is a bit a upstart in this domain...

  44. unholded

    this is the scariest album ive ever heard

  45. Najdorfa6

    diabolical and depraved...thank you Mikael Akerfeldt !

  46. Najdorfa6

    ...I'm an Opeth fan and it was actually Akerfeldt's interview that turned me on to "The Drift"...I have never heard anything so diabolical before or since...a true gem!

  47. dios bananos

    @NWG92 it is. i always figured he might be a little too out there for Opeth fans. Their music is relatively straight forward--despite al the time changes; not much variety in texture--compared to 'The Drift', especially the acoustic stuff.

  48. NWG92

    @JBT24 Haha it's not a bad thing, but it's crazy to see just how many people Mike has gotten into Scott.

  49. NWG92

    Holy christ, it seems like half of Walker's fans (of his modern stuff, at least) were turned onto him by Opeth fans. Nearly every video I look at has at least one comment mentioning Akerfeldt.

  50. ketsubansama

    A totally piece of art on his most pure state.

  51. Evert Kramer

    @ingear75 Yeah, love that part too!

  52. José Luis Pavón Castro

    @MoonTribe Steven mentioned that it was going to be a very dark album, and that they don´t expect any metal, so I guess it´s going to have a little bit of Scott Walker in its veins

  53. Evert Kramer


    Ah I see! Thanks for letting me know. :-)

  54. Evert Kramer


    Thank you for your reply! I didn't knew yet Mikael was "into" Scott's music, nice to know!

    Next year Mikael and Steven WIlson are coming up with a new album, right? I'm curious how it's gonna be.

  55. bruce powell

    @MoonTribe I have noticed Mikael has mentioned this album alot..about how its more evil and darker than all the metal albums coming out ..and he wanted to make their latest album watershed sound like a metal version of this album but mikael was to in love with melodies to do so. but you can hear direct influences from this in opeths latest album, the intro of heir apparent reminds me alot of this song.

  56. Restayvien

    It is now, I listened to it earlier!

  57. Restayvien

    He was asked if he could work with anyone living or dead who would it be. He said there were too many people in history to choose from that have passed, but of the people that are alive he mentioned two, and Scott was one of them!

  58. Evert Kramer


    What did Mikael said about Scott!? I'm curious. :-)

    Scott worked 7 years on "The Drift" album. He got a lot of inspiration out of his nightmares he had to cope with during his life. I personally love The Drift and Scott's music. It's a new and different dark experience which I was used to. I'm wondering what Scott will come up with the next time (if there will be a "next time").

  59. Restayvien

    Listening to tracks from this album after Michael Akerfeldt mentioned it in an interview. It's creative, and different, but I wonder what dark recesses of the mind you have to explore to truly appreciate it (or create it). I know someone who would probably like it, but I think it's not something I would want to introduce someone to who isn't particularly mentally stable, haha.

  60. Roderick McMillan

    I didn't know there was a limit to how many minutes a video could consist of.
    'Clara' is such a masterwork, scott really showed how far he could take a song structure to the outer limits of music. And make it dark, beautiful and really ironically funny.
    You probably know which bit I mean:
    'The mood soon changed'
    and we hear a solitary kazoo echoing in the piazza!

  61. Evert Kramer


    Thank you for your comment!

    "Clara" is one of my personal favourites too. I wanted to upload Clara already a few months ago, but at that time YouTube didn't let me upload videos which are 10 minutes or longer. Right now I see it is possible to upload 15 minutes max, so time for me to upload Clara! =)

  62. Roderick McMillan

    'Clara' doesn't seem to be on youtube at all. it would be great if you could put it on along with the rest of the album, it's my personal favorite. there's a bit in the middle 'His enormous eyes as he arrives', that scott almost screams, it's like a musical orgasm splatting all over your walls. probably one of scott's greatest pieces.

  63. Bumblebert

    @IReallyKnowBetter hahaha he does seem rather troubles doesnt he? lol

  64. Evert Kramer

    @BlaargZ Haha, great idea! :-D

    I can fix that for you, if you really want to... :)

  65. Brian Hannigan

    who hasnt punched a donkey in the streets of galway??? its one of the only decent wasys to waste a few hours there...........

  66. CrazyPillX

    I'll punch a donkey in the streets of Galway!!!!!!!