Walker Brothers, The - Where's The Girl Lyrics

Where's the girl, the canary stopped singing the moment she walked out the door
Where's the girl, the flowers are dying 'cause nobody cares any more
The canary and the poor lonely flowers miss her so very much
You can tell this apartment and I are in need of a woman's touch
On the floor there is one nylon stocking and I'm a leaving it there where it lies
Oh who'd have thought that one nylon stocking could ever bring tears to these eyes
Where's the girl who used to fix me my coffee and butter up my toast
Lord how I miss the coffee taste of her kiss
But lord what I miss the most is the girl...
Here's a dresser drawer that's filled with old hairpins, lipstick and Lord knows what
And here's a photograph taken last summer and a bottle of perfume bought
But where's the girl... Where's the girl... Where's the girl... Oh I need the girl...

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Walker Brothers, The Where's The Girl Comments
  1. Annette Shaw

    Great voice

  2. John Anthony

    Ok so Leiber and Stoller miss their waitress! This song would have been better served by Elvis who sand a lot of their songs. Scott didn't need this track...I'm sure he could do his own toast. Guess they'll have to put a "help wanted" ad in the paper!

  3. Daniel Jones

    Where' the two girls I used to go out with in 1965,Mary Murphy and Jackie Whitam always wondered what happened to them, if anyone can remember them from Bow London E3 please leave a post on this site always come back to listen to this track

  4. John Anthony

    1966...the year we married...here's the girl right here. Unbelievable

  5. wellandtruly joshed

    Beautiful man beautiful voice ❤️ RIP Scott 💔 Miss you more 😢

  6. Pat Webb

    Definitely one of my Scott faves.

  7. Grant G

    Well. What is there to say? Just listen

  8. usachapwife

    Just. Wow.

  9. Daniel Jones

    The first LP that I brought with my own money.Have not played it since I got rid of my record player 10 years ago, after listening to this have decided to by a new one.Great song thanks for posting.

  10. Blake Gildaphish

    he has storybook good looks. like a valiant, blonde prince who possesses mystical power in his singing voice. something like Orpheus. i don't know if i'm making sense.

    Duff Gordon

    there were two one in a hundred million.

    Ana Paula

    I also have the same feeling. A voice that bewitches, as a son of mermaids; Impressive and magnetic as an angel; sophisticated as a duke, some ancient noble lost in the 20th century.

    Norma Williams

    Oh never tire of this Scott best male voice EVER

  11. liquidsoul

    I would love to butter up his toast or anything else he needed buttered lol

    Jennifer Whitney

    after me

  12. Charismaticart

    Wonder why Scott thinks this is less than the tripe he turns out today. This is so beautiful.

  13. Ian Rawson

    With C A Green. at Scott park Burnley 1967. so sweet.

  14. Ian Rawson

    Likely to be my Fav Walkers number , Lord how i miss the "coffee taste of her Kiss"    before i went to Scott Park and met STAREROO.   C.A.G.  1967.

  15. Manuela Costa

    Real poets are like this! I adore him. He had one of the most beautiful voices and he was an handsome man. Thank you for posting all these wonderful regrets to remember. Best regards

    Blake Gildaphish

    +Manuela Costa 🤔regrets?

    Manuela Costa

    +Blake Gildaphish, yes I suppose, because when he was here healthy, with too much talent for poetry and music having beautiful voice, young, handsome man, romance... normal life! . - Today, those memories are sweet and very good for us all...and what were regrets at those times of youth? God bless you!


    Manuela Costa

    Duff Gordon

    To have their voices- sophisticated- in their only 20's??

    Ana Paula

    he was too beautiful, the voice more beautiful. Lovely.

  16. sally-ann holford

    Hi, I have all the original lp's ep's and 45's. A true fan. Thanks for posting

  17. honest4sure

    Jay Black covers this as well. Two of the greatest vocalists of the 60's and of all time.

  18. Arthur Fleischman, J.Art.

    Guidofski, why is it that you like Scott so much? I didnt know him until a couple of weeks ago and I think he is great.

  19. John Crawford

    Awesome collection, grew up digging these guys .Scott Walker did define the group. Thanks so much for throwing this all out there !

  20. beryl mckee

    i like all the songs that u put on they r me .. seen scott and the walker bros so many times thanx x ..guidofski...

  21. beryl mckee

    i have listened so many times 2 this never fails again and again need i say any more .

  22. Ian Rawson

    Super song, happy memories for me, and yes i did love "the coffee taste of Her kiss"
    HFB you know. Cats Whiskers Burnley 1975

  23. Ian Rawson

    Super song, happy memories for me, and yes i did love "the coffee taste of Her kiss"
    HFB you know. Cats Whiskers Burnley

  24. Glenn Alexander

    What a great line!!
    What a great singer!

  25. guidofski

    @MARKYMARK2222 You're right, I just wanted to emphasize the fact that John does not sing on this one. It should read The Walker Brothers - vocals by Scott only. Thanks for your comments. :)

  26. Mark Shipham

    if this is the walker brothers why is it labelled scott walker? there were three of them!!

  27. guidofski

    @leoryan99 Thank you and you're very welcome indeed! :)

  28. king robbo

    @guidofski you have posted some amazing songs from scott and the boys and i thank you for doing so

  29. guidofski

    Yes, this is from the 1966 Walker Brothers' album "Portrait".
    Thank you for your interest! :)

  30. Anthony Mead

    Is this the original track featuring the brothers? Or is it one of Scott Engels later releases? Either ways, it's brilliant and i remember listening to the LP way back in the early seventies. Your memory fades!

  31. guidofski

    *hugs* :))

  32. Pipkin Hopkins

    And thank God she is : )

  33. guidofski

    hahaha, well I can only hope the 'girl' is still around to provide the much needed Scott fix! :D

    Ana Paula

    What a lucky girl! haha