Walker Brothers, The - Turn Out The Moon Lyrics

When there's no place you can turn to
And your pride is a burden you bear
A beginning with no ending
Time is dying, but nobody cares
Nobody dares

Turn out the moon and the stars in the sky
Cause it is ended too soon
I'm through living a lie, without you

Happy people in black steeples
Make me need you a little bit more
Starless mornings find me older
Waiting for you to walk through that door
Just like before

Turn out the moon and the stars in the sky
Cause it is ended too soon
I'm through living a lie, without you

The torch is dying, I've carried it for too long, baby
I'll tear you from me, anyway I have too, baby

Turn out the moon and the stars in the sky
Cause it is ended too soon
I'm through living a lie, without you

(Turn out the moon, and the stars in the sky)
Gotta turn out the moon
(Turn out the moon, and the stars in the sky)
I tell ya baby, it ended
It ended way too soon

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Walker Brothers, The Turn Out The Moon Comments
  1. jungastein

    I wonder if he borrowed the title from a poem by Auden. I hear allusions to poetry throughout early Eno lyrics, and I think I hear the same in Scott Walker

  2. Divina Joana

    É só perfeita tenho gosto é prazer em ouvir
    Demais Demais Demais

  3. Audrey Bolton

    The talent of scott walker is endless why didn't the queen knight him well then i will i give you all the beautiful amazing sir scott walker love this man x

  4. déraciné

    This was my very first record that I bought by myself more than 50 years ago. This song was A side in Japan though.

  5. wellandtruly joshed

    Beautiful man beautiful voice ❤️ RIP Scott 💔 Now you’re with the moon and stars - ended too soon😢 One of the early songs written by Scott, he was an amazing songwriter and creator of sound 👏

  6. Adam Powell

    Sad loss

  7. Annika Torstensson Lindsjö

    R I P Scott Walker! <3 Your lovely voice will live on down here! May the sun and moon shine wherever uou are! <3

  8. toshiko shimamura

    Scotwalker has diet(;_;)(;_;)(;_;)(>_<)(>_<)Lave this song
    best voice and miesic lrove,Scot sannk you(;_;)(;_;)(;_;)

  9. Laura Peace Stafford

    😣😥😥😥RIP Scott..thank you for the beautiful voice and music🌼🌻💐🌷🥀💔💔💘💘

    Bigband Pistachio

    He is a legend!

  10. Rusty Mackem

    Thank you for a great song beautifully delivered. My all time fave of the walker bros.
    R I P Scott Walker..

  11. funkmasterjee

    Everything sounds like they recorded in a giant warehouse

  12. Mary Ba

    I just start to listen and cannot leave the music.

  13. Boston Ice

    First time hearing this one. OMG. I can’t stop crying 😭. No recent breakup, just a beautiful song and amazing voice!!

  14. Gary Martin

    i can not get enough of this awesome mans talent, from 1965 to now, its that voice you see, that awesome instrument is for me the greatest male voice, with dusty topping as my favourite female singer, they shared producers and were label mates, does anyone know if they performed, work together, it must be so difficult for people at this level to find compatible musical peers, i adore this mans music, particuarly at this point in my life!

    Gail Cottle

    Gary, they both appeared on each others shows. This man's voice can still affect me today, love, love, loved him from the heady 60s, I'm now 72.

    james hitchin

    Yes they did sing together on dustys TV show.

    Maritza Joannou

    Maritza Dusty is also my favourite British female singer and I have spoken about her on Radio London on Duncan Barkes show. She did work with Scott and sang to-gether on her show on BBC1 and she was a guest on his show during the 60's. I have watched them performing on U tube . They both have super distinctive voices which are amazing to-gether!!!! I wish I was there to watch them live.I was a teenager and my father didn't like me watching him on the TV. He would switch it off!! I had a beautiful poster of Scott playing a guitar . It was black and white and I bought it from a store on Regent's Street. Fortunately I have a photograph of it and me when I was doing a singing workshop. It is in my kitchen where I can see it every day and no one can touch it !!!

    Maritza Joannou

    My father threw the original away. I think he was jealous and a.very cruel man.

  15. Liz Cravin

    WHAT A VOICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Taino726

    They're Awesome!

  17. truemansparks

    wow this is fantastic should never had been a b-side

  18. 金月康子


  19. 楠戸敏正


  20. Pistol Star Paul Kimble

    Anyone that likes Scott Walker, and The Zombies, is ok in my book.

  21. Jean Fitzhugh

    Best group of all time

  22. Peter Solomon

    I agree with Guidofski that this track deserves better status than it has: Scott Walker is in good form, and it has a terrific arrangement. However, John Maus is off key, and after the final instrumental crescendo a backup singer lisps the lines. Why I wonder?

    Johnny Trash

    In musical terminology it's know as counterpoint, one singer sings against the dominant key in which the main vocal is sung.

  23. Karine Haeck

    te goed voor een B kant


    groot gelijk

  24. Karine Haeck

    nog maal fantastisch


    absolute top  .prettige kerst

  25. Karine Haeck

    had toen zeker een A label verdient!!!!

  26. Unixilandia

    I had never heard of this group till today, & instantly loved their talents & sound! This most definitely is NOT cRAP noise!

    Wally Toynbee

    Perhaps we should blame the parents - but it goes deeper than that I think. Maybe this time next year you should discover Scott Walker. It's a bit of a jump even for males. Try say, My Death, Jackie, Angelica, I still See You and Such a Small Love, for starters.

  27. Dick van Rees

    Big One! Scott Walker What a Voice

  28. Jennifer Whitney

    i just can't get my head round the music he dose now

  29. les collins

    linda rodgers keep playing this song and love minus zero take care x

  30. joebstarsurfer

    My Bowie tune what a day.

  31. les collins

    brilliant song play this song over and over still play there songs today after 50 years such great times summer times girls just having a great time rip john x

  32. Charismaticart

    Was there a man more handsome, more charismatic than John Walker Maus?

    Christine Cronje

    Noel Scott Engel

    Brenda Parry

    He’s got a great voice:))

    Audrey Bolton

    Yes scott

    Maritza Joannou

    Maritza .........YES SCOTT was far more handsome and beautiful and a greater super higher level than John Walker in terms of innate talent and super intelligence and intellect. He deserved more than the GQ lifetime award which Jarvis Cocker had the privilege to give him. It is on U tube and Scott looks so moved and crying. What a sensitive , and so romantic person.

    Maritza Joannou

    An OBE ,MBE or a knighthood for services to music. B.Eno said Scott took music to a level where it has never been or will be!!!!!!

  33. Maureen Staniforth

    What a voice

  34. David Wilde

    The most amazing voice ever and how cool was the man and very naturally so. I was lucky enough to be at Fagins in 1973 at the same time as aca1951(see Comments below) . I was spellbound. Also agree with other comment 'why has no-one ever produced a DVD with live performances' as i'm sure this would sell in thousands to cult following. 

    Maritza Joannou

    How amazing that would be!!! A film of the Walker Brothers

    Maritza Joannou

    The Sun ain't. gonna shine anymore'. Who would play Scott Walker? I think the actor who played the male lead in West Side story opposite Natalie Wood who looks like Scott could play him at some stage in his life.

    Maritza Joannou

    I would love to bein it or produce it whith the support of others!!!

    Audrey Bolton

    @Maritza Joannou i was in there fan club love scott xx

    Maritza Joannou

    @Audrey Bolton MARITZA JOANNOU A MESSAGE TO ALL SCOTT WALKER FANS - There must be many thousands and Walker Brother fans in London. There is a major event on Saturday ,November 23 at Kingston University Music department- the Tony Visconti studio.10am to 10pm.10or 20pounds. The event is about Scott's work ,the latter years, Bish-Bosh-avante gard- etc. Lea Kardos is the person organizing the event. Peter Walsh ,Scott's producer for many years will be there to talk about his work. P.Phaphides the music journalist and other individuals he worked with. It would be great if Gary Walker could do an event so we can meet him 😊 I am looking forward to this so much!! Can't wait as I am sure it will be excellent day for everyone. I would love to organise a day for all Scott's fans and sing all the wonderful songs. I love so many.I listen to them nearly every day on U tube and sing as my background is in the Performing Arts which I taught in Secondary education.I would love to meet some of you there!!!Tap on a clip to paste it in the text box.

  35. ilfordianuk

    Could you also post "Old Folks" and "Just For A Thrill"

  36. Charismaticart

    Don't forget John's sweet harmonising in the background - who I was so happy to meet in person. His beautiful appearance matched his voice.

    Eliane Pitta

    que inveja! também adoro a voz dele... que a alma dele esteja em paz.

  37. jim smith

    and they look like simple kids without talent besides a hair cut. oh no.... not at all.

  38. charlotte hill

    this should have been a single instead of a b side really love this song played it all the time !!!!!!!!!!!


    Brilliant track .. have played it to death. Scott was THE voice of his day! Thank you so much for sharing.

  40. sylvia hill

    wish someone would make a dvd of all there live songs it would be great watching love walker brothers since they started

  41. sylvia hill

    one of the best songs ever wish they still had songs like this now

  42. SUGAYARON111

    I love this song. I love Scott's sweet voice. I love their beautiful harmony.

  43. Manuela Costa

    Nice, very nice song, music and voices (Scott dear you were a beautiful voice!)

  44. emarcam

    walker br. forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Makoto Yoshioka

    I like this song very much! from Japan, and I like ' Joanna '.

  46. guidofski

    Thanks to each and everyone of you. I just wish Scott knew how many ardent fans he still has - old and new. :)

  47. neo robertson

    Thank you for all these memories. I love Scott's voice! I was living in Tokyo in the 60's

  48. Bumblebert

    never heard this! Thank you! New Scott is always good!x

  49. Jackie Joyce

    Hubby always comes and has a lovely slow dance with me when I play this...takes me back years! absolutely wonderful...no-one has and never will have a voice like his..it's a one off.

  50. guidofski

    Wonderful words. Thank you so very much!

  51. guidofski

    oo, I really like the Scott-o-theque term!
    Well, let's just say that if you have the time and patience, the Internet can be an endless source of wonder... ;)

  52. guidofski

    My pleasure. :)

  53. adleschott beck

    wonderful...you are so right guidofski, I'e been telling anyone who will listen that this song is up there with the very best of Scott Walker's output. Thanks for posting this.

  54. guidofski

    He belongs right there with the very best of them, doesn't he? ;)

    Audrey Bolton

    He is the best xx

  55. Robert Bergland

    Dang! Walker Bros!. When does Scott get indoctrinated into the wall of sound hall of fame?

  56. guidofski

    hahaha, addictive right? ;)

  57. guidofski

    Thank you,Gabriela! So glad you like it.
    I thought people should know about this beautiful rarity... :)

    Love, Guida.