Walker Brothers, The - Stay With Me Baby Lyrics

Where did you go
When things went wrong, baby?
Who did you run to and find the shoulder
To lay your head upon?

Baby, wasn't I there?
Didn't I take good care of you?
No, no, I can't believe
You'd really leave

Stay with me, baby
Stay with me, baby
Stay with me, baby
I can't go on, no, no, no

Who did you touch
When you needed tenderness?
I gave you so much
And in return I found happiness

Baby, what did I do?
Maybe I was too good, just too good for you
No, no, I can't believe
You'd really leave

Stay with me, baby
Stay with me, baby
Stay with me, baby

You said, you'd always call and need me
You said, you'd never ever leave me

Remember, remember
I'm asking you, begging you
Oh, oh, please

Stay with me, baby
Stay with me, baby
Stay with me, baby
I can't go on, no, no, no

Stay with me, stay with me, baby
Stay with me, stay with me, baby
Stay with me, stay with me, baby
Stay with me, stay with me, baby

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Walker Brothers, The Stay With Me Baby Comments
  1. Denise Jones

    Loved The Walker Bros

  2. Fronny Moore

    BG love you big time and forever xx

  3. sylvia wingard

    If this song just deeply tears at your heart ..A song my First Love sent me in messenger a few years ago to listen to, I broke up with him in 69. First Love Never Dies , and the pain of it never subsides. I love the Walker Bros,.. their music reflects the relationship with my First Love.

  4. Laura Peace Stafford


  5. Denise Burke

    Sends shivers down the spine

  6. jonathan stewart

    Bonnie, The Walker Brothers sent me to Seeking  a friend for the end of the world. When I was younger all I heard was The Sun ain't gonna shine, so I thought just another boy group. But I was so wrong.

  7. henry willoughby

    The walker brothers brought me here

  8. henry willoughby

    The waiter brothers brought me here

  9. Matteo M.

    Bloedstollend mooi en zo treurig dat Scott in maart dit jaar overleed. Sterkte aan zijn nabestaanden. Een troost, misschien, zijn stem en van zijn 'broers' zal altijd gehoord worden. Wat een prachtige stemmen, wat een mooie teksten.

  10. jonathan stewart

    Bonnie, I'm kicking myself for not at least giving a listen back then. I thought they were just another boy group, I remember the Sun Ain't  Gonna Shine,but didn't bother to hear the rest of their songs. Just love Stay With Me Baby,even Janis's version, but I love theirs.

  11. John Anthony

    Yes Scott was the very best male voice in popular music. And what a songwriter and performer,His solo albums rank with the very highest out there. Scott 4 is amazing.

  12. Colum Rogers

    Wish you could have stayed with us Scott... RIP

  13. Alun Smith

    Wonderful singer, wonderful song, deserves more than Steve's pathetic ensign....

  14. Christopher L


  15. quinn Coco

    Beautiful song beautiful mam R.I.P

  16. Danny Willis

    Just awesome. What a great voice. You left us some wonderful songs.


    One of the best voices from the mid 1960 and many years from then thank you the walker brothers

  18. linda schofield

    Love you always x


    RIP SCOT they were great in there day great to be able there songs


    Yes the walker brothers fabulous listen to them all day RIP Scot one of the great voices of the past years

  21. Linda Cox

    Lots of tears today. R.I.P. Scott xxx

  22. Margaret Gaskell

    Amazing voice thank you Scot Walker ….One of the best ….amen RIP...

  23. helen chorley

    R.I.P. Scott fond memories of Caerphilly.

  24. Jack Kubrick

    Rip scott walker

  25. Jack Kubrick

    Chris cornell brought me here

  26. eddy mclain

    R.I.P. Scott Walker...that voice will never be forgotten...so rich, so deep and such a great song!

  27. kathleenfriley

    Great song Rip Scott.

  28. Stiil Standiing

    Blue-eyed soul at its best. Nice work Bros.

  29. henry willoughby

    Classic walker brothers

  30. Stiil Standiing

    Powerful R&B effort. Good work fellas.

  31. Stiil Standiing

    Blue-I'd-Soul at its best.


    Eu acho bela essa versão, mas da Bety middler é melhor

  33. David Noon

    Fantastic group amazing

  34. Il mondo è rosa

    I love it❤

  35. henry willoughby

    This song is just brilliant

  36. usachapwife

    John (Maus) Walker and Scott (Engel) Walker... voices of the 1960’s.

  37. Liz Price

    just love the temo beat the ronettes version is nothing like this one . .

  38. Ricardo Ricardo

    Grande voz

  39. Rochelle Navarro

    His voice is so smooth. I miss voices like this with a full band on the radio.

  40. Pauline Delaney

    Great song you can beat the Walker brothers xxcc

  41. usachapwife

    Scott (Engel) Walker.... SO FINE!!!

  42. cockneyrebel calveley

    Scott Walkers voice is such an amazing haunting sound

  43. terrence gurnee

    better then bette midler

  44. tricky dick

    Great arrangement. Of course, knowing he can't hold a candle to Ellison vocally, the singer not even tries. And that makes this probably the best version after the (unreachable) original.


    Seeking A Friend For the End Of The World got me here.

  46. Sandra Hanagan

    Just wonderful I remember them so well I had a crush on Scott 😍

  47. ann harrison

    oh stop my beating my heart

  48. June Williams

    Was lucky enough to see these LIVE in UK in 1965 ... AWESOME .. the memory lives on .. !!!

  49. margaret green

    one amazing voice, and a terrific song, could listen to it all day long.

  50. shadapakap

    "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" brought me here.

    Marcel Audubon

    Who cares?

  51. Alun Smith

    Jon . Yes.

  52. Wally Toynbee

    I wonder how many people watching that advert will know it's the Walker Brothers.

  53. woerdl1

    Scott Walker is like Karen Carpenter

  54. DonYuJuana

    Vocals are phenomenal, as usual, with Scott—but this version doesn't hold a candle to the emotional charge of Terry Reid's cover.

  55. NS Steampunk

    Seeking A Friend for the End of the World brought me here

    Marcel Audubon

    nobody gives a rat's ass what brought you here

  56. kaiserbob123

    50 years ago when I was a boy I used to hate scott and the walker brothers. I couldn't understand why they were in the charts -grown up type music. An ad. brought me here and I love their music now. So I must apologise to the walker bros. Proper grown up music. Brilliant.

  57. frances ward

    Here I am, trying to compare different versions of this song and .......... Walker Bros not available . Scandalous!!!

  58. margaret green

    these guys could certainly sing, could listen to them for ever

  59. Ray Moore

    Scott's vocal is totally phenomenal but superbly augmented by John's magnificent harmony......Got to be perfection in recording technique

  60. Fozzer

    Giffgaff advert bought me here.

  61. Ash D B

    Awesome !! Pure gold !! The emotion in Scotts voice , wow !! #shivers 😎

  62. Rob Goldthorpe


  63. andrew charles

    giff gaff. Whose scott walker?

    Linda Watson

    andrew charles Scott Walker one of the brothers one the greatest groups ever

  64. steve durbin

    elvis would have loved this song.

  65. DickTurpin

    Melody....yes it did exist once!

  66. salsageordie

    Lorraine Ellison owns this song but Scott gives it his full treatment . Class .

  67. stephen wrangles


  68. margaret green

    fantastic track

  69. Laura Jones

    makes me cry everytime this music rocks my soul

    barbara palmer

    Very nice comment laura.

  70. coltsuperocean10

    .....spiritualized, stay with me.........bought me here.

  71. bayana bread

    here from the giffgaff ad

  72. i Palaver

    I'm a puddle...

  73. Man Dingo

    Here in 2017 from the GiffGaff advert where the woman swims into space lol

  74. Yolanda Duffey

    Walker Brothers Forever. I was13 when I fell in love with the music. Man, what a Voice.

  75. studio7

    ho ho...what a song...what a voice...brilliant!!!!!!!!!

  76. trulylovelylady

    By far the very best version of this song by Scott Walker - what a voice he had I play this over and over again

  77. missbitch67

    Great version but the version by David Essex is by far the best of anyone who has ever sung this.


    missbitch67 you crazy... This is the clearly the best


    Christopher Burdge no not crazy,listen to it. Scott is a great singer but his voice is too deep for this song.

  78. Charismaticart

    The absolute best sound of the 60's/70's

  79. Baskerville22

    The original version by Lorraine Ellison is worth a listen.

  80. richard obbard

    Never bettered ...

  81. Gillian Hurdle

    Brings back so many happy memories of teenage years long gone...!!


    ah the 60s what a lovely time especially when you were teenager in that era.and what GREAT music the stones beatles who kinks hollies ect

    Valerie Deuchars

    bolton3131 They were great years love be back in that era

    Rien Taale

    Indeed Gillian, that was long, long ago but what a great time of music we lived in with the walker brothers, the hollies, the kinks and all these fantastic musicians in that time
    We were very lucky and happy then

  82. david McGarry

    A class act. Brilliant .:)

  83. Jon Weiss

    There's music and then there's something deeper. Beyond melody, arrangements, rhythm, voices, instruments and lyrics. Where you're just alone w/ the truth. It's brutal. It's beautiful. Scott Walker takes me there.

    June Williams

    You are SO right Mr Weiss ... I've not heard ANYTHING to compare to this. Scott's voice is UNIQUE.

    Alun Smith

    Let me know when you need to get back Jon.I'll meet you half way.I'll have Jacques Brel with me.

    June Bermingham

    @June Williams I so agree with you june" nothing compares to Scott's voice" . :-):-)


    Me too !! There is a haunting melancholy about his voice. The finest male voice in music. Very powerful and poignant.

    barbara palmer

    Beautiful comment.Jon.
    .so sad our golden boy has left his body...shine on beautiful scott

  84. D J

    Love The Walker Bros best trio group of the 60's, soulful, meaningful, sweetness, regret, love, you name it, it's all in the words.

  85. richard obbard

    Handsome and very talented .Unlike todays offerings ...

  86. nemorable1

    Terry Reid.

  87. Fudjanita

    Love their songs, always have.  However, it seemed they were not that popular here in the states as they were in Germany.  I had an album with their best songs but someone hawked it ...  :-(  many years ago!

    sylvia wingard

    Yes I too was in France and Germany and bought their albums there, it was about 64 or 65 that they left the states and made it big in England where they were loved.

  88. Pauline Arrowsmith

    loved him then,love him now ,love him always.

    Pat Webb

    Me too!

    Philip Mayer

    Me three!

  89. jadejupiter

    All the Walker Brothers songs are beautiful


    i agree, so beautiful, but john & Gary are not given enough credit for this wonderful sound.

    Valerie Deuchars

    I no don.t think they have made any bad songs love them

  90. Phaedra Ovid

    Scott Walker is a phenomenon...

  91. trulylovelylady

    wow they don't make music like this today!    Brilliant Scott Walker.............

  92. hippie dylan

    wow ! what an amazing single !

  93. Manuela Costa


  94. Handy Man


  95. terrence gurnee

    yes this is better then bette midler!

    Ted cox

    I have to say, I haven't heard a cover of this song that I don't enjoy.  It's hard for me to pick the one I like best, but the original by Ellison comes close.  Each performer brings a different interpretation.  


    @Ted cox I still find Lorraine Ellison's version definitive, as it sounds like the only anguished performance where it sounds like her heart's being ripped from her chest.   (And it was recorded in one take!)   I guess I find other versions just 'performances' instead of voicing an open wound.  Too bad there aren't any video performances of Lorraine Ellison performing the song.  

    At least, there's this excellent lip-synced performance -- /watch?v=BLFjoKm7QlQ

    I was hoping Janis Joplin's version would have topped it, but even she can't match Ellison's performance.   It too bad early James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Jeff Buckley (or maybe even Patty Waters) didn't record the song.    Who would you like to hear (or have heard) perform the song?

    Perhaps one of the only other performances that comes close to match the anguish is Jacques Brel's 'Ne Me Quitte Pas' --