Walker Brothers, The - Stand By Me Lyrics

When the night has come
And the land is dark
And the moon is the only
Light we'll see

No, I won't be afraid
No I won't be afraid
Just as long as you stand
Stand by me

So, darling, darling
Stand by me
Oh, stand by me
Oh, stand, stand by me, stand by me

If the sea that we look upon
Should tumble and fall
Or the mountain
Should crumble in the sea

I won't cry
I won't cry
No I won't shed a tear
Just as long as you stand
Stand by me

So, darling, darling
Stand by me
Oh, stand by me
Oh, stand, stand by me, stand by me

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Walker Brothers, The Stand By Me Comments
  1. Anthony Vann

    Scott Walker was an absolute genius. Amazing version of a song that's rather difficult to cover.

  2. christina færch

    So many great cover versions ;-)<3<3<3

  3. Christine Scott

    best version of this song ... I wish I could have stood by you Scott ... RIP xx

  4. Bigband Pistachio

    RIP Scott Walker. You will be truly missed.

  5. shona goobie

    loved you scott i shed a tear rip

  6. Great Music Never Dies

    I think Scott Walker is one of the best vocalists out there. Easily as good as most who were much more famous...

    And the arrangements of his songs were simply magical!!! His style was called "avant garde"....I would simply say his work was superb...period!!!

    Many don't know that The Walker Brothers are from California!!! They moved to England and never came back!!!

    I have covered him extensively as I do a music thread devoted to old school music called Great Music Never Dies...come visit!!


  7. Melissa Schroeter

    do you think anyone will b e lieve thi s... probably not .... lo v e the song ...

  8. Morris Anderson

    Smooth as silk,, such a fantastic time to be alive as a teenager,, Love the 50s 60s,, such a innocent time,, What's happened to humanity,,

  9. Duff Gordon

    One thing they had going- were the "boss" vocab they throw in stuff- "oh she was fine" The look a likes were great with the ray bans - straight leg Lee Cordss- desert boots. The hunching- hands that "felt it" Real deals

  10. Raymond Morgan

    Nunca llorare nunca tendre miedo si .... estaras conmigo.

  11. Melissa Schroeter

    How dark is a night without the moon shining down on us...... a stand for what...... to be a love or not...... for you... or you a stand by for me........ that will be the one...... I will stand by you.... if you do ... not feel afraid......... to be with me...... do not ask me to if you do not as well stand by me........... I do not stand by any cheating man......... no woman ever should.......... and no man either ... love a one that does not...... love... you..... find a one that will.... belong to only you.....

  12. ann harrison

    wow my man

  13. Lesley Bracey

    We your true fans will always stand by you!

  14. arai hiro


    arai hiro

    ダイナミックに、ドラマチックな仕上がりは、さすが、the walkerbrothers  sound だと思います。


    I wish I could translate 🙂

  15. 金月康子




  16. christina færch

    Sounds DAMN GOOD :-)<3<3<3...... Also love the cover from John Lennon ;-)<3<3<3

  17. Gaetano Preta

    wonderful masterpiece

  18. Zev Feldman

    beautiful cover

  19. Mihályné Halász


  20. René Schippers

    Great band, lovely songs.

  21. Noel Aves

    Love the photo of the boys with the Beverly Sisters

    Marcel Audubon

    Joy, Babs and Teddie ... three gals looking for some free publicity!

  22. Brian Bartholomew

    Not the original.

  23. Tonithenightowl

    While I love Ben E King...... this is awesome !!!!

  24. schweineb


  25. David Walsh

    Fabulous version one of the best groups ever

    Heather Holde

    Lovedthese guys. Scott my favorite. When i was. 16. I d lay in bed at nite listening and dreaming. About these songs. Rest in peace Scott.

  26. Charismaticart

    Oh darling - Please take us back to the good sounds

    Alan Ainsworth

    Fabulas Scott walker

  27. Cynthia's Channel

    Amazing cover from the 1961 Ben E King Classic... The Walker Brothers were fantastic...

  28. Jiji Taka




  29. 憲造横山


    karita take



    @小林正直 様今晩はこちらこそ宜しくお願い致します🎵

    Aviso de Corte

    憲造横山 sí sí,lo que usted diga..

  30. Robert Toto

    This version is Tops, with Scott singing this white boy had major Chops! And what about that Wall of sound Orchestra! And lush VIOLINS!


    If you have orchestrations and violins I'm in. This song is lovely. Thank goodness we can still hear these older memories.

  31. Tonithenightowl

    We are used to hearing Ben E.King but this version is premo.

  32. Jiji Taka




  33. terrence gurnee

    this is how this song should sound

  34. michael berry

    I had never heard this song by the Walker Brothers before. what a very good arrangement and I would agree with other comments that it is John's voice that makes it so good. Thank you for the upload.


    michael berry it is Scott singing this lead, not John

    Jenny Bruford

    I loved them

    Jenny Bruford

    My idols when i was in my teens

  35. David Evans

    Memories xxx

  36. Waddersssss

    A good arrangement of a classic.

  37. ptkjryan

    Used to work in fairground during summer school hols. in late 60s.
    Juke box around which all the teens collected every evening.
    Heard hundreds of favourites that have now faded from memory.
    And the girls!!
    WOW! those were days to remember.

    Thanks guidofski!!!

  38. sheila english


  39. deb l.

    Really enjoying this; a beautiful voice singing a beautiful song. Thanks so much for sharing! :-)

  40. Susan Hargreaves

    beautiful version.Better than the original ( In my opinion)

  41. veadlsteak

    or Guidofski, is.

  42. veadlsteak

    r u a smart allec??no I wouldn't know who those guys are o more than you would know who Lonnie Donegan or charlie drake are.

    Janice Winning

    veadlsteak yes I know all of them. So your point is???

  43. veadlsteak

    there our guys! American!!

    Elo Escriva p

    Preciosa elloo todo lo hacen bello besosxx

  44. lyn turner

    you must be really young, only excuse for not knowing and getting them confused! and you do realise don't you that not knowing the lead singer is one of the deadly sins!

    Christine Cronje

    lyn turner agreed 100%

  45. Hiro2110able

    @kgradwelll Left: Gary, Center: Jhon, Right: Scott. Scott Wlaker is the lead singer.
    Sadly, Jhon passed away May last year.

  46. Keith Gradwell

    From .12 to .28 who is who from left to right. I keep getting them confused. Which one is John?
    Who is the lead singer with the lower voice?

  47. Quixote010

    Whatever happened to these guys?

  48. gino light

    Very Cool !

  49. srmf2010

    Splendid version. Thanks

  50. Linda Jane Manser

    Great song I met Ben E King in Michigan USA
    and the Walker Bros when they lived in Chelsea London England 60s

  51. Christer Björk

    If you "stand by me", the hold life true, I can surely give you lot of love!
    I wish it was real but it isn`t. I have been missing so much love than i can`t remember, because i am an idiot! Lovely girls, true girls, sweet girls, and I missing them all!! My english is not so good, but I learn every day. Kisses!!!

  52. KerryGrl

    Gorgeous! Soulful and excellent version of one of my favs. Thanks for posting!

  53. Hiro2110able

    I love this version better than other singers' version. The first time I listened to this version was 42 years ago, but I still love this song, especiall sung by the Walker Brothers.

  54. EDM5

    John's harmonies adding emotional impact make this track what it is.

  55. veadlsteak

    And but another beautiful song from Scott. I have
    learned to like this better by them, than the Drifters
    & Ben E King. I didn't think that was possible!!
    With Scott around,,,, it is.