Walker Brothers, The - People Get Ready Lyrics

People get ready
There's a train a-coming
You don't need no baggage
You just get on board
All you need is faith
You can hear the diesels humming
You don't need no ticket
You just thank the Lord

People get ready
For the train to Jordan
It's picking up passengers
From coast to coast
And faith is the key
And the train is now boarded
Heaven is free
Anything most

There's an awesome grace
For the hopeless sinner
Who would hurt all mankind
Even is to save his own
Have pity on those
Whose chances are thinner
Cause there's no hiding place
From the King on his throne

So people get ready
There is a train a comin'
You don't need no baggage
You just get on board
All you need is faith
You can hear the diesels humming
Don't need no ticket
You just thank the Lord

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Walker Brothers, The People Get Ready Comments
  1. theshameofthesun

    you couldn't believe your luck...you couldn't believe how lucky you are..you couldn't believe ever such such A beautiful a song The Walker Brothers

  2. theshameofthesun

    you couldn't have believed or seen this song...you couldn't believe its simple tune its glory...so ever impressed motivated in life sadness with feel alve such A Beautiful Song The Walker Brothers

  3. theshameofthesun

    do you know something do yoy comprehend this song..do you know..do you know...beautiful sung...touching understated heartfelt privileged

  4. Jane Bates

    Now Scott has gone, beautiful voice, I love all their records it's so sad words fail me.

  5. theshameofthesun

    Absolutely A Brilliant Song The Walker Brothers

  6. Jimmyhaflinger

    Best cover of this song

  7. Zev Feldman


  8. Pacemaker Spain

    Musica irrepetible. Cuanta calidad musical manifestaban los Walker Brothers. Felices y maravillosos los años 60's

    Jennifer Whitney

    Don't know what you said but I agree Scott Walker had has best voice ever

  9. Willem van Zuijlen

    de elpee van mijn moeder gehad in 1965 , vind het nog steeds werelds , hun muziek
    ook Take it Like a Man ....moeilijk te vinden , mijn moeder stierf in 1967

  10. les collins

    use to play this in my bedroom before i went out in the 60s the music was so so good rip john x

  11. SimCity24Versace

    I couldn't believe they were white. I love this song though. 

    Christine Cronje

    what do you mean that you “love this song though?”
    Though? THOUGH? You are speaking about the greatest male singer of all time, a man who correctly abhors racism!
    I believe you should apologise to Scott Walker for your racist remarks!

    Jane Bates

    It's now to late to say anything.

  12. Lora Morrison

    makes ya wonder what happened to them

    Christine Cronje

    Lora Morrison It is well documented!