Walker Brothers, The - Orpheus Lyrics

Well, I'm back to make your face
So it smiles once again
And harpoon you like a whale
With a bent and rusty nail

If your husband knew, he'd say
That you're living in sin
Well, if grinnin' is a sin
That's the reason I'm here
Back with you, Mrs Blear

Sleep on, dear
Deep and easy, our night man is here
I'll steal your dreams for my shiny gold chain
And you'll wake with your eyes full of rain
Finding I've disappeared

I don't think of yesterday
Merely drum out the sound
But forgetting you was hard
That's why I'm back in town

And you had a loveless week
And the world's let you down
But I'll make it up somehow
There are ways, Mrs Brown
That's why I'm back in town

Sleep on, dear
For the night wouldn't dare interfere
And the ghosts of my cigarette play
On the ceiling, and time drifts away
With the burden it bears

Remember me
I've already forgotten you
And make your beds for me
For the things we ought not to do

Drive us all
'Round the bend

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Walker Brothers, The Orpheus Comments
  1. William Luther

    "Remember me, I've already forgotten you and make your beds for me for the things we ought not to do. Drive us all 'round the bend"

  2. frank burrows

    Fantastic record. Love the orchestration.

  3. Kevin Bill

    Fantastic sound. An echo of things that were yet to come

    William Luther

    Totally a precursor to Scott's solo "sound".

  4. moduslive

    the lyrics are so very poignant

  5. Carlos España

    -- I like this song.  This band has some beautiful songs, and the voice of this singer is nice.