Walker Brothers, The - Once Upon A Summertime Lyrics

Once upon a summertime, if you recall
We stopped beside a little flower store
A bunch of bright forget-me-nots
Was all you'd let me buy you

Once upon a summertime, just like today
We laughed the happy afternoon away
And stole a kiss in every street cafe

You were sweeter than the blossums in the trees
I was as proud as any man could be
As if the mayor handed me the key to Paris

Now, another wintertime has come and gone
The pigeons feeding in the square have flown
But I remember when the vespers chimed
You loved me once upon a summertime

Now, another wintertime has come and gone
The pigeons feeding in the square have flown
But I remember when the vespers chimed
You loved me, once
Upon a summertime...

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Walker Brothers, The Once Upon A Summertime Comments
  1. Christine Cronje

    I am sure that Scott had a repertoire of hundreds or even in the thousands of songs. Imagine having to learn and remember as many songs, all note and word perfect - I have never heard a bad note or a wrong word from him.
    I wonder how many notes and words make up those songs, must be in the millions! Genius gentleman. 🌟🎤🎧🎼🎹🎸

  2. wellandtruly joshed

    Beautiful man beautiful voice ❤️ RIP Scott 💔 I loved you Wintertime, Springtime and Autumntime too 😢👏

  3. Patagonia0326


  4. John Anthony

    Scott reminds me of when in 1963 I sent flowers to the home of a lovely girl in our London office. She's still here beside me 56 years later, still lovely still my love. Lucky me,

  5. wellandtruly joshed


  6. Chris Witmer


  7. ruivog

    Absolute n.º 1. Death cannot change that.

  8. john neale

    I saw Scott live on the Shakespeare club in Liverpool during the mid 70s he sang this and told us it was his favourite song at that time

  9. Stephen Whittle

    Quite exquisite.

  10. Erwin Klement

    🐶 love IT

  11. Eliane Pitta

    I'm a brazilian fan of Scott and i dream about him and his magnificent voice singing to me.

  12. Daisy Flowers

    This is when Scott had that Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett thing going on, however, I prefer Scott's anytime. He had such a gifted voice.

    Sadakichi Hartmann

    Tony Bennett never. He always mentioned Jack Jones, who is absolutely brilliant.

  13. John Benn

    WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From a mad keen 74yo Aussie fan.

  14. Gail Humberdross

    Thank you Darling Scott for taking me to other places, your voice touches my soul xxx

  15. Robert Francis

    Another wonderful song from one of the very best singers ever.

  16. Janet Wood

    You should hear What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life.

    Julian Gutierrez

    I just discovered this song and the song you mentioned last week, so glad!

  17. 本沢宏美

    I'm Japanese, and have been one of his fans almost fifty years when his group,Walker Brothers ,released that famous song,'The Sun ain't gonna shine any more' .

    This song was in their album I bought at my 15 age.

    Ever since , for me this is the most favorable song among his solos and WB's others's.

    Ennui, but crisp and fluid different from other sigers singig gravely.

    Jane Long

    Me too, at that age. And still listen and wonder at his voice. No longer young. But WHAT A VOICE. xx

  18. stephen hayes

    Scot Walker touches the soul - I takes me a week to get over a rainy Sunday afternoon listening to him

    Kees van Eekelen

    you too

  19. Lorraine Lock

    Rewind rewind rewind makes me feel so happy and emotional 😊😢

  20. Gaius Julius

    It is entirely true about, quote, "I'm the Orson Welles of music." To add to it myself, also Stanley Kubrick.

  21. Gaius Julius

    I never heard this number before.......HOLY FUCK. WHAT BEAUTY! GREAT SCOTT.

  22. 8733hans

    @lenahjonsson And I remember who gave this lovely 17 year old girl these flowers....41 years ago

  23. Ron Ayer

    This song was on The Walker Bros Images album I believe. Shows what a giant of an artist Scott was even then! One of the greatest singers ever. We used to buy them the day they came out (vynyl in those days) and i still got em all.

  24. Lenah J

    I remember a bunch of lilies of the valley... given to me on a warm spring's day back in 1970... a gift of Love....

  25. KVID1000

    splendid playlist...thankyou

  26. guidofski

    That's quite a compliment to Scott, and I wholeheartedly agree. :)

  27. bebopgirl

    I can't help myself but to reply again...I don't think anyone has ever sung this more beautifully, and I've heard many versions. This takes my breath away.

  28. bebopgirl

    Three words: Ooo la la

  29. guidofski

    Your words are always welcome. Thanks for taking the time to comment, everyone! :)

  30. Tom Clay

    Very nice performance by Scott. 5*****