Walker Brothers, The - No Regrets Lyrics

I know your leaving is too long overdue
For far too long I've had nothin' new to show to you
Goodbye dry eyes, I watched your plane fade off west of the moon
And it felt so strange to walk away alone

There's no regrets
No tears goodbye
I don't want you back
We'd only cry again
Say goodbye again

The hours that were yours echo like empty rooms
The thoughts we used to share I now keep alone
I woke last night and spoke to you not thinking you were gone
And it felt so strange to lie awake alone

There's no regrets
No tears goodbye
I don't want you back
We'd only cry again
Say goodbye again

Our friends are trying to turn my nights to day
Strange faces, a new place can't keep the ghost away
Now just beyond the darkest hour and just behind the dawn
It still feels so strange to lead my life alone

There's no regrets
No tears goodbye
I don't want you back
We'd only cry again
Say goodbye again

There's no regrets
No tears goodbye
I don't want you back
We'd only cry again
Say goodbye again

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Walker Brothers, The No Regrets Comments
  1. scottsoul64

    Unmistakable voice, so Soulfull

  2. elinopetho

    Thank you for your amazing voice and the music which you created and the deepest of feelings that you were able to stir up in all of us.

    R.I.P. Scott Walker✝️

  3. Yolanda Yolanda

    Qué voz tan grave,tan bonita .....

  4. xzysyndrome

    This ain't doing it for me. Fire your torches...raise your pitchforks...

  5. Peter Bonney

    Be Kind it comes to us all ,xxxx

  6. Peter George

    Great words, great song.

  7. Harry Angel


  8. Stephen Swingler

    Filled to the brim with awesomeness

  9. Marguerite Fischer

    The Walker Brothers should have had more hits. Scott Walker had such a wonderful voice!

  10. jed tattum

    that lead solo...

  11. Christina Huie

    He had the best profile.

  12. Jonnie Martin

    His voice is magically magical

  13. Stephen Thorpe

    One of the best records ever made living on ad others say thanks to youtube


    Who can hear david bowie?

  15. Sammy Scotch

    Sounds alot like Tom Rush (writer of the song)

  16. John Wilson

    This song brings back memories of the nicest person that in my opinion ever lived, my maternal grandmother who died when this was in the charts in 1976....Still miss her more than words can say and still shed a tear on hearing this song. Just wish she was here today to put my arms around her once more. Love the people you love because one day they will not be here

  17. ronald phillips

    My girlfriend said two packets of crisps walking down the road a car pulled up to give them a lift but they said no thanks we are walkers.

  18. Robert Hunter

    Nice song

  19. Harry Loos

    Die oude muziek is toch mooi en blijft mooi.

  20. Henrique Gomes

    You all know we dont know where the humanity is going without rhythms like this when you feel an uncomparable peace. Here in Brazil we suffer A LOT with trash sounds radio and media push to people.

  21. ebaylistentomusic

    Not only the greatest singer, he's the greatest lip-syncer too.

  22. Bill Moss

    Quite stunning.

  23. Pamela Bennett

    Scott Engel, John Maus and Gary Leeds. The Walker Brothers. Saw them live at Portsmouth guildhall many years ago. As good live as they were on disc.

  24. Angela Gatenby

    Another great song

  25. darlene yee

    Miss them..

  26. Alpha Berserk

    Scott Walker had a fantastic Voice Great looks R.I.P Sir.

  27. David Donaghy

    cracking song

  28. Catherine Barber

    And so handsome too!

  29. Tim Robinson


  30. yolanda Phil

    Scott Walker you have gone but never to be forgotten. Today would have been 77th birthday. I am so glad for the 60s. Thank you Scott.

  31. Pam Ware


  32. Neil Steadman


  33. Terry Bowker

    Whenever I listen to songs like this I realise how bad is today's music. The 60's & 70's music scene was so awesome and I feel sorry for today's youth having to listen to the rubbish that they do.

    Pamela Bennett

    Terry Bowker. Your not alone there. I rarely listen to today’s so called music. I’m a 60,s teenager and I loved the music, I had the time of my life and loved every minute of it. No regrets.

    Phill Young

    Check out John Maus, Moses Gold, similar vocal style

  34. Greg Farnham

    Isn't that John singing lead, not Scott?

    Pam Ware

    It's Scott..

  35. Brian Hudson

    Just a great song from a great singer.

  36. Virginia Lea Ross

    yes  Scott  what  a  Lovely  Man.  Miss  you  Scott!!  Ginny Ross

  37. Pamela Bennett

    Amazing voice, saw them live years ago, as good live as on disc.

  38. Marie Smith

    I was introduced to this group when I was doing my medical training at Ft Sam Houston in Texas. A guy walked the halls going to the Red Cross. will never forget him. All you could see was the two holes for his eyes. His whole head was bandaged from burns. He had a transistor radio and evidently loved this group. You learn a lot when you stop to listen. I thanked him for the song.

  39. loopy twat

    If I was ever forced to sing a song in public,this would be the song I would choose

  40. Mikey Mattioni

    This voice may be the equivalent of Barry white.. Lol.. Just heard about him via another song and didn't know who it was, then looked him up and found he was popular for " the sun ain't going to shine"

  41. John O'neil

    What a voice!

  42. Les Wundele

    Say hi to Karen Carpenter in heaven Scott.The best 2 male/female singers of all time.

  43. Les Wundele

    So sad to hear of Scotts passing.One of the best rock voices of all time.I believe his brother also passed..Voice of an angel.Thanks for the memories.

  44. Brian Lee

    Class! What a voice.

  45. Nigel Mckenzie

    One of the greatest voices I think I have ever heard . I'm jealous.

  46. 正弘南

    I didn't know the news. My deepest condolences to his family members.

  47. ElusvOptmst1

    These guys voices are magnificence. Three guys sound this great. Are they in the RnR hall of fame, if not shame?

  48. John LaStrada

    The real lead guitar on this is Alan Parker, not the guitarist you see here. He's imitating the track laid down by Parker. Parker was a studio guitarist, a remarkable studio guitarist. Parker was also the lead guitarist on Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man," not Jimmy Page as everyone would like to believe.

  49. jed tattum

    probably the best description of the end of a relationship.

  50. Jy Jym

    That's my love life, in poetic beauty.

  51. Derek StuartClark

    Classics don't get more classic than this - a perfect song, perfect orchestrations, and oh that voice of his....

  52. mark ewings

    No regrets it's too late

  53. keith stevenson

    3 Dec 2019 Keith Stevenson I loved Walker Brothers, on their first Top of the Pops, with ' Love Her'. Scott's voice: perfect. No video cameras, in those days. Thanks for these 'new' videos. I've waited 55 years for this real singing

    Brian Davis

    keith stevenson sorry to tell you BUT no one ever sing live on TOP Of THE POPS back then 😭

  54. Amanda Share

    Scott Walker, a voice like velvet!

  55. Barbara Cameron-Smith

    Playing catch up, Scott Walker, one of the leading voices of my teenage years, has died? Vale!

  56. Jane Jalis

    Have loved this song for a long time . Posted1/12/2019.

  57. arfer

    I find myself interested in the the guy with the strat.....he looks like he has a story to tell.

  58. Holt Waring

    Brings back so many memories !

  59. seaney53

    Pure class.


    Also johns great guitar and delicate harmony's

  61. Dave Streatfield

    great song written by Tom Rush and released by him in 1968 , but Scott really puts his own stamp on it doesn't he ! As Derek says , one of the most iconic voices in music !
    The music that he really enjoyed playing was very different to this , but he just sings this to perfection in my opinion ! R.I.P. Scott , and good wishes to all who come here , Dave

  62. robin2012ism

    i didnt know he passed 😞

  63. meloncauliflower

    dude sells that fill tho

  64. Mike Ash

    This should have been a much bigger hit than it was. Yet another great song/arrangement by the Walkers!

  65. David Bell

    RIP Scott you were brilliant

  66. william stevenson

    "The Drift, which reflected on Mussolini’s mistress, the Srebrenica massacre, and 9/11.".... that's got .....smash hit .......written all over it :)

  67. Marny Curtis

    Scott, his voice is like satin washes over me x

  68. kevthedynamo

    A friend of mine said this song described the break up of his marriage.

    Alun Smith

    asking for a friend. x

  69. Leslie Collins

    saw them in the 1960s what time we all had then glad i was about then girls music what great times when music was great

  70. pintpot


  71. bruce bradshaw

    poor buggers, coulnt afford disco lights or 4 truckloads of sound gear, just replaced them with natural talent and it worked a treat one of the best ever

  72. David Donaghy

    great song, great voice.

  73. Harry Christopher

    Beautiful to listen to
    Meaningful words

  74. Graham Phoenix

    I love this song, but that drummer looks like he couldn't lift two straws.

  75. Luke Davis

    Garry Shandling was a pretty decent air-drummer!

  76. Billyg215

    REAL music.

  77. Bob

    Beautiful voice

  78. Stephen Conlon

    Amazing voices

  79. christine Byron

    lets keep this record going

  80. Denise Allen

    Love this in Oct 2019 ❤️

  81. Judy Thomas


  82. Rob Harding

    What a wonderful voice ! Scott Walker may have died, But these great songs are right at my fingertips.

  83. John Padgen

    A beautiful voice

  84. Paul Goodier

    I didnt know.........I would like to add my regrets at your passing Scott

  85. Hollys Buddy

    Next to Robin Gibb, the best pop voice ever! Scott is simply magnificent. I have requested this song be played at my funeral.

  86. Sanya Sanada

    💕💕💕 Scott..Miss you so much... :(

  87. John Richardson-dawes

    Tom Rush's beautiful song, stunning performance.

  88. Ken Deren

    A very beautiful sad song sung by a great artist. Unfortunately, i have the tears,and many regrets. Life will never be the same. Saying goodbye,is always the hardest thing to do.

  89. Kaidpro7

    R.I.P.Scott what a singer an artist songwriter just love your songs to this day age less music farewell Scott god bless

  90. henry willoughby

    Still got the 45

  91. Robert Francis

    What a loss. I'm glad I discovered him while he was still alive. I love his deep baritone voice, a nice contrast to most popular male singers who are tenors. It is especially deep and luxuriant here.

  92. Mark Elsey

    Always brings a tear to my eye! Legend! Top top tune!!!!

  93. jamie walker

    One letter away from being wankers😂

  94. Rodney Cooper

    Looking back with great nostalgia when this song was released. A different world.

  95. Terrys New Life

    Best voice ever. RIP Scott.

  96. David Bell

    RIP Scott, you were brilliant

  97. Dougie Roberts

    What a beautiful song. This level of talent just doesn't exist thesedays.

  98. patrick vowles

    Love this song especially th
    e guitar solo

  99. MrPercussionPete

    Because of this absolutely beautiful song, Scott Walker has become immortal. If you can create a gem like this one, your life hasn't been in vain. RIP Scott.

  100. Lord Brett Sinclair

    What a fantastic voice